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calculator scientific calculadoras calculadoras cientificas Product Details Place of Origin China (Mainland) China (Mainland) Guangdong Model Number FX-991ES Brand Name RONADUO Usage calculate Material Plastic Power Source Battery Max. Digits 10+2 Style Scientific function 403 kinds of function keys plastic keys cover hard protective cover battery refillable battery function2 full dot display color silver Warranty time: 2year logo Can be customized Operation manual english Usage Calculator,Promotion,Stationery ,Currency ConverterWhether a student in school, architect, engineer, or businessperson, find the best 9 digit calculator on Alibaba.com to meet your needs. These are a necessary tool to complete everyday tasks in most professions. These are also good to keep around the house for anytime a need may arise to perform calculations, such as when budgeting. These 9 digit calculator are from reliable brands and last long. They are available in chargeable as well as the more common battery-operated variants. Browse through the site to find 9 digit calculator suitable for both complex and simple tasksMost scientific and graphing calculators can only display possibly up to 10 decimal places of accuracy. While this is enough in most instances of everyday use, it can be fairly limiting for applications where higher standards of accuracy are necessary. Hence the existence of big number calculators such as the one above, that can provide far higher levels of accuracy. Big numbers are more likely to be used in fields such as cosmology, astronomy, mathematics, cryptography, and statistical mechanics. greatly appreciate the accuracy and flexibility of this calculator. It's very nice that I can use variables and nest functions, and the functions never seem to completely "zero out" due to a failure of precision like most calculators that are available for calculating hyperbolic trig functions. Especially since I am working with special relativity, where almost every single "daily life"-scale velocity is unbelievably small compared to the speed of light, so I am usually working with fractions on the order of a few billionths or smaller.

Photo: My newer Casio Calculator, an fx-991ES, has a much larger "natural display" that can show entire equations and even perform calculus! The larger dark gray keys at the bottom are the numbers and the main "operators" (+, −, ×, ÷, = etc). The lighter gray keys above them carry out a whole range of scientific calculations with a single button click. The brown-colored square in the extreme top right is a solar cell that powers the machine along with a small button battery.Our brains are amazingly versatile, but we find it hard to calculate in our heads because they can store only so many numbers. According to a famous bit of 1950s research by psychologist George Miller, we can remember typically 5–9 digits (or, as Miller put it: "the magical number seven, plus or minus two") before our brains start to ache and forget. That's why people have been using aids to help them calculate since ancient times. Indeed, the word calculator comes from the Latin calculare, which means to count up using stones. (Source: www.explainthatstuff.com)



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