Timeshare Calculator App

Timeshare Calculator App

Timeshare Calculator App

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Timeshare Calculator Pro is for the Sales Representative that wants to increase his or her volume in timeshare sales. The App will show the prospect how inflation will increase the hotel price every year. The sales rep could go to the vacation home section and show the prospect that owning a vacation home is too expensive and is better to own a timeshare week or points. The app is a mortgage and inflation calculator at the same time!!! Compare size by size that owning is better than rent. The application includes a game that shows the prospect how they will lose their hard earn money every time they rent a hotel versus owning a deeded real estate at your Resort!!!!With Timeshare Calculator Pro you can:- Demonstrate the ways prospects can go on vacation.- Show all the expenses of owning a vacation home, from initial investment to monthly expenses including Taxes, insurance HOA's etc.- Calculate the cost of vacationing in Hotel rooms including tourism sale Tax!, and project how much they will spend in a given amount of time.- Show the hotel room to acknowledge the problems to travel in such a small room and present a villa room in 3D to sale the Dream. - Explain the concept of Timeshare and the capability to exchange.- Create urgency by explaining the prospect that there is no decision to make, just a simple choice where they want to spend their vacation money, renting or owning!!!- Make the prospect be part of the presentation by using their own "numbers" of vacation expenses, time of vacation and Inflation.- Make the prospect "act" and start getting them in to a "buying mindset" by using the game which requires the prospect to "transfer" their vacation money into a vacation vehicle.- Make the prospect aware of the money the will lose in their vacation years if they keep renting hotels. (Game part II).- Make the first "close" by using the question at the end of the game.- Use the app as a mortgage calculator.- Use the app as a Inflation calculator. Instructions:- To advance to the next screen, tap the right side of the screen, or to go back tap the left side. You can use the arrows as well.- You can expand on vacation home, hotels or timeshare by clicking the picture.- To change the value of the fields you can use the slides or tap the fields and enter the numbers by using the keyboard provided by the app.- You can Jump to different screen by clicking the buttons or using the menu.- For a new presentation, click menu > new presentation, and the old values will be erased.- Before you start you can go to menu > pre enter values, and enter the prospect numbers.Recommendations:- Make a Discovery to get all the values you will enter in the app. Make sure you enter THEIR numbers not Yours!- Just go to the vacation home screen when you have a prospect insisting that buying a vacation home is a better investment, otherwise you will confuse people.- Do the app presentation before showing the model.- When using the game follow this script: "which credit card you used to pay for this vacation?" (They will answer Visa, etc) "We are going to pretend that you will use that card to pre-pay all the next 30 vacations, please transfer the money by clicking the button."- Make the prospect Interact with the app, that way they will understand is their money we are talking about and not somebody else!watch demo at YouTube: http://youtu.be/yHs8cBhYdCk

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