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I recently paid Storeyline Resumes ~$598 to redesign my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I cannot use any of the results they provided, as they are extraordinarily low-quality and blatantly disregarded the promises I was given as a customer. - I asked several times during the vetting process whether they were equipped to manage someone in my career position (school leader transitioning to private sector). The results of the final product prove they were not equipped with understanding my industry sector. - The company promised a 10 business day maximum turnaround for my initial resume draft. I had to send an email to check on the process at 12 business days, pointing out the discrepancy, and what I was given was low-quality and clearly rushed, full of errors and blatant untruths. - I was asked to complete a supplemental document with additional information relevant to my experience to include on my resume draft. The company simply copied+pasted my narrative notes, requiring me to tailor the wording. - The company committed to a cover letter that was not completely copied and pasted from my resume. The product I was given was ENTIRELY copied + pasted. - The company committed to a LinkedIn profile that was not completely copied and pasted from my resume. The product I was given was ENTIRELY copied + pasted. - When I brought up discrepancies in what I was promised vs. the product I received, I did not get any statement of accountability or apology, I was just rushed through a call with my feedback. They did not demonstrate any concern for me as a customer. - The final products I received for my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile were extremely low-quality. I have since hired independent reviewers to look at the product to confirm my intuition that the product I was given would actually be harmful in my job search. I have since had to pay multiple other professionals to correct the work from Storeyline Resumes.

We are always committed to making sure our clients love their resume documents and that their documents help them achieve the next step in their career. All of our resume documents are built using the client's intake call notes and their job targets. Nothing at Storeyline Resumes is ever "copied and pasted." We carefully construct a narrative that appeals to both ATS and hiring managers/recruiters for the job targets the client provides. (For reference, I have provided the BBB with documentation of the client's before and after resume.) This client was provided her resume draft on Oct. 24. She reached out to voice her concerns and we held a review call on Oct. 26. The client worked with us to make her edits and gave her approval to finalize the resume on Nov. 3. (For reference, I have provided the BBB with documentation of the revision process notes and the client's written approval of the resume.) Once the client provided her approval, we finalized the resume and provided the LinkedIn profile content and cover letter that was also part of her package purchase. The final resume package was delivered to the client on Nov. 6, nearly 2 months ago. It is always concerning to me when someone files a complaint after a project has been finalized with their approval. We provide a service and do not place or offer recruitment services to our clients. Our job ends and their job search begins once we deliver the career documents. We have no control over how a client conducts their job search, conducts themselves in interviews, or how "independent reviewers" react to our products. I can assure you that all of our writers are high-level executive writers and we have worked with over 500,000 clients in the course of our 23 years in business. We are very well versed in the client's industry and have provided documents that were specifically built to target the client's next job goal. And, when the client reached out to us on Friday Dec. 10 to ask for a refund for services rendered (we have a no refund policy on work that has already been completed and delivered), we kindly offered to make any additional updates/edits the client wanted (although the project was finalized with the client's approval nearly 2 months ago). Instead of taking us up on our offer, the client instead decided to file a public complaint. We have delivered all items per our agreement and this project was completed and finalized. (Source: www.bbb.org)


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