Stem Leaf Generator

Stem Leaf Generator

Stem Leaf Generator

Many plants may not produce flowers at the end of their stems. You may not want to use this as a problem - after all, a challenge is no problem at all. But what if you know you've got a plant that sets flowers all the way up the stem - can you really use it as decorative trim?



Stem and Leaf Plot Graphing: It is a specific table used to showcase the data in the interesting way. Here each digit in the data is split into a stem (1st digit(s)) and leaf (last digit(s)). It plots data similar to the horizontal bar graph but uses the original data instead of bars. The stem and leaf plot is similar to histogram in displaying the statistical data.To compare the distribution of minutes played by two teams, it is convenient to plot the results alongside each other. One way to do this is to draw another vertical line and place one team's data on the left of the line and the other team's data on the right. The numbers are still sorted from low to high starting with the lowest number closest to the stem. Of course, there are more factors involved in whether a team wins or loses. However, this stem-and-leaf plot suggests the team with balanced scoring amongst fewer players will have a better outcome. Stem-and-leaf plots make it easy to compare and analyze data, so be sure to try this method out in other situations.

A stem-and-leaf plot is a way of organizing data into a form to easily look at the frequency of different types of values. The process will be easiest to follow with sample data, so let's pretend that a sports statistician wants to make a stem-and-leaf plot for a recent game played by the Blues basketball team. The total minutes played by each team member has been recorded.Highlight all the values in columns Stem and Leaf Position by selecting the data cells from Column C then holding down the Control key as you select the data cells from Column E, leaving out the header row cells (C2:C25 and E2:E25). NOTE: You are not selecting Column D at this time. (Source: www.automateexcel.com)



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