September 2020 Calendar

September 2020 Calendar

September 2020 Calendars – Printable Calendar 2020

a-printable-calendar.com)A printable September 2020 calendar in multiple styles and for various use cases. Any of the calendar templates below are suitable for jotting down notes, keeping track of to-dos, and marking down important dates and events like birthdays or anniversaries. 

Free Printable September 2021 Calendars

www.wiki-calendar.com)Tired of buying expensive planners and bulky calendars to keep yourself organized? Just looking for a simple, blank calendar where you can write down your schedule without breaking the bank? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck! You are currently on the page to download our free blank September 2021 Calendar, but that’s not all we have to offer! Here on our website, we allow you to download print as many calendars as you’d like. 

September 2020 Calendar (pdf Word Excel)

The September 2020 monthly calendars are generic, blank, and their week begins on Sunday. The calendars are available in multiple styles. All calendars are easy to customize and print, editable formats are available in Microsoft Word and Excel while print friendly versions are available in Adobe PDF. A single page full-year calendar can be downloaded in our generic yearly calendars page. (Source: www.generalblue.com)

close up top view on white calendar with pencil and month schedule to make appointment meeting or manage timetable each day lay on yellow color background for planning work and life concept close up top view on white calendar with pencil and month schedule to make appointment meeting or manage timetable each day lay on yellow color background for planning work and life concept september 2020 calendar stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

United States edition with federal holidays. Free to download and print. Suitable for appointments and engagements, as a monthly planner (or weekly planner), month overview, monthly events planner, activity planner, desktop calendar, wall calendar, wall planner, blank calendar, school calendar, holiday and vacation planner, trip planner, journey planner, travel planner, company calendar, office planner, college calendar, university planner, school calendar, holiday calendar, holiday chart and leave planner, attendance tracking system, shift calendar, shift planner, employee schedule, workers schedule, custom calendar, family planner, simple project management tool, team collaboration tool, EMM, ERP/MRP, SCM, PLM, CRM, HR, reporting, to do list, task management, appointment calendar, appointment planner, desktop calendar, as time sheet, time management tool or time tracking software, for process management, process optimization, help desk administration, business administration, business intelligence and analytics, automation, forecasting, finance, accounting, financial planning, tax planning, sales & marketing, customer service, customer relationship management, process & supply chain management, data analysis, availability and booking, as a staff planner or for staff/employee scheduling, employee absence tracker, people planner, as a scheduler for workshops, symposiums, conferences and events, as work schedule, wedding planner, for use at home or work, in private life or business situations and many more... The Excel & Word templates are blank, printable, editable, fillable and macro-free and can be changed, amended, saved and printed to suit your exact requirements.

The month of September is the ninth month of the year and the third of four months that have 30 days (the others are April, June, and November). In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first month of fall and contains the autumn equinox (one of the two days of the year when day and night are of approximately equal length) which occurs between September 22 and 24 and marks the astronomical beginning of fall (the date and local time differ from place to place depending on the year and a location's time zone). September's name is derived from the Latin word septem (seven) because September was originally the seventh month of the year in the Roman calendar.

Today, most of the world follows the twelve month Gregorian calendar, however back in ancient times, the widely accepted calendar had a different form. Known as the “Early Roman Calendar,” there were only ten months because January and February did not exist. Additionally, in this format, March was the first month of the year, making September the seventh. So, that is how September got its name after the Latin number seven.

The flowers assigned to the month of September are the morning glory and the forget-me-not. The morning glory flowers can bloom in a variety of colors including purple, blue, white, yellow and pink. Because these flower blossom and die in the same day, they are thought to represent love and mortality. Forget-me-nots come in a light blue color and bloom in dainty clusters. As you can probably tell from the flowers’ quirky name, forget-me-nots symbolize remembering in the name of true love.



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