Scientific Calculator Show Work

Scientific Calculator Show Work

Scientific Calculator Show Work

Start your scientific calculations on the keypad and, with just a click, you'll be able to watch the entire equation on the LCD screen. The scientific calculator is a revolutionary tool, specially designed for school children who are still learning how to calculate.



The log is the inverse function of raising a number by a power. It takes the input number (base) and the output number and calculates which number the base must be raised to the power of to produce the output -- e.g. x^n=y --> logy(x) = n (the y would be given in subscript) and this is stated "Log base y of x equals n." If you have a modern calculator, there should be a log button with two blank rectangles allowing you to input the base and the output to find the power. On an older calculator, however, you will need to use a "log-law" to convert it into an equation involving the log function (meaning log base 10). Do this by typing logy/logx to give answer n. To operate a scientific calculator, locate the primary functions, like square root, sine, and tangent, since you'll be using these frequently. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the secondary functions above the primary keys, which can be accessed by pressing the “Shift” or “2ND” key. When dealing with longer problems, use the answer function to recall the last displayed answer to an equation. If you need to clear the screen, press the “Clear” button near the top of the keyboard. To learn how to switch between degrees and radians on a scientific calculator, keep reading!

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