Real Number Calculator

Real Number Calculator

Real Number Calculator

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The calculator makes basic and advanced operations with real numbers, natural numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers. It also shows detailed step-by-step information about calculation procedure. Solve problems with two, three, or more real numbers in one expression. Add, subtract, and multiply real numbers step-by-step. This calculator performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division for calculations on positive or negative real numbers. This online real number calculator will help you understand how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide real numbers. The mathematical notation of complex numbers uses two operators for separating a complex number into its real and imaginary parts: Re(z) and Im(z). Just as all real numbers can be thought of as points on a number line, a complex number z, which is identified with an ordered pair of real numbers (Re(z), Im(z)), can be represented by a point in a two-dimensional space called the complex plane. The horizontal axis of the complex plane corresponds to the real part of the complex number and the vertical axis corresponds to the imaginary part. We can see that the real number line is the same as the real (horizontal) axis of the complex plane because the imaginary part of real numbers is zero.

When we square an imaginary number, it results in a negative number. A pure imaginary number is in the form of bi, where b is a non-zero real number. Further, an imaginary number can be thought of as the product of a real number and iota (i). Suppose we have a negative number -x. The square root is √−x. This value remains undefined. We represent this number as i√x. Thus, i will be equal to √−1. If we take the square of i we will get -1 (i × i = √−1 × √−1 = -1). 18th century : Square roots from the negative numbers are not equal zero, they are not less than zero, they are not great than zero. The negative number square roots cannot belong to the real numbers, so they are unreal numbers. This circumstance make use to think of the numbers, which are inherently impossible and are usually called imaginary, because they are only in the mind can be imagined. (Source: planetcalc.com)




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