Percentage to Fraction Table from

Percentage to Fraction Table from

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Press the button below (or press the keyboard shortcut) to calculate a percent in fractions and decimal form. You may also use this percentage calculator to find the area of a triangle, and to convert your percentage to a fraction and decimal.


This percent to fraction calculator is used to convert percent to fraction (proper, improper and mixed numbers) corresponding to the given percentages. If the given percent value is greater than 100%, then this tool helps to convert it into mixed numbers. To convert percent to fraction all you need to add the percentage into this percentage to fraction calculator and the tool works best to convert it to the closest simplified fraction. Also, if you want to convert fractions number into percent or percentage, then this calculator by calculator-online will works best for you!In a simple word, the percentage actually means “out of a hundred”. The word is derived from Latin word – ‘per centum’, which means thoroughly a hundred. It is number that is being used to express a fraction of 100. It is denoted by a sign \(\small \left ( \% \right )\) called percentage. In this sense, \( \small 64 \% \) can be written in a fraction as \( \small \frac{64}{100} \). Another example, in a school \( \small 80 \% \) of students are female, which means out of 100 students 80 are female.

As your maths skills develop, you can begin to see other ways of arriving at the same answer. The laptop example above is quite straightforward and with practise, you can use your mental maths skills to think about this problem in a different way to make it easier. In this case, you are trying to find 20%, so instead of finding 1% and then multiplying it by 20, you can find 10% and then simply double it. We know that 10% is the same as 1/10th and we can divide a number by 10 by moving the decimal place one place to left (removing a zero from 500). Therefore 10% of £500 is £50 and 20% is £100. (Source: www.skillsyouneed.com)



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