Negative Log Calculator Online

Negative Log Calculator Online

Negative Log Calculator Online

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Online Negative Log Calculator: Make use of this online logarithmic calculator to find the same with ease. This negative logarithmic calculator tool computes the values by finding the log value for the inverse of 'x' (1/x). Also, we have provided a simple example problem with detailed steps which would help you in understanding the calculation concept with ease.Imagine sailing in the middle of nowhere in the 16th century. Navigators back then relied on the position of stars and a sextant mechanism to pinpoint their exact location. Without modern technology to help you compute great distances, you can use log to simplify your calculations. Accuracy is important, or you risk more days at sea with meager supplies. Fewer equations mean less room for error.

In some problems, the logarithm of $x$ and the base $a$ are known, but $x$ is unknown. An antilogarithm is the inverse function of a logarithm. Since the base of an exponential function cannot be negative, the base of antilog is always a positive real number. Because the inverse of a logarithmic function is an exponential function, then $${\rm antilog}_a ( \log_a(x) ) = x$$ If $\log_a x = b$, then $x$ is called the antilogarithm of $b$ and is written as $$x= {\rm antilog}_a b=a^b$$ The antilogarithm in base $a$ of $b$ is therefore $a^b$. If the base of antilog is not written, ${\rm antilog}b$ is $10^b$, because $\log x$ means logarithm to the base $10$.Inverse log calculator shows the calculation for finding the antilogarithm in base $2$ of $10$. For any other combinations the base and logarithm, just supply the other two numbers as inputs and click on the on the "CALCULATE" button. Have in mind that the value of the base must be positive, not equal to $1$. The grade school students may use this Antilog calculator to generate the work, check an exponent power Also known as an inverse log calculator, this online tool can automatically calculate the antilog value for you. Whether you use it to solve the formula or to check your answer, this tool makes it easier for you. Just follow these steps: (Source: calculators.io)



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