Https Www Calculator

Https Www Calculator

Https Www Calculator

If you have a calculator app, chances are you have a URL that says “wwww”. What’s a calculator app?


Good Calculators is a project that offers a group of 300+ free, high functioning calculators for solving all sort of math and business problems. It features calculators for salary & income tax, retirement, contracts, loans, Forex, 2D and 3D shapes, GPA, logistics, sales & investments, human resource management, and several other calculation categories.

Calculators that display fractions sometimes have a special mode, called Math mode, that you must first select before you can enter fractions. When the calculator is in Math mode, the word "math" appears at the top of the screen. Once you have selected this mode (if necessary), look for a button with two boxes, one black and one white, arranged on top of each other with a horizontal line between them. This is the fraction button. On some models, the button may show x/y or a b/c. Pressing this button enables the fraction feature. (Source: sciencing.com)


Online-Calculator is an online calculator built with the idea that “everybody needs a calculator at some point”. Coupled with its fast loading ability, it offers users different screens for different types of calculations as modules such as a BMI calculator, distance converter, ring size converter, patio calculator, scientific calculator, weight converter, stopwatch, random name picker, etc.

No one likes to do tedious calculations on paper. A basic calculator can solve so many of your problems and ensure that you don’t make any errors. Scientific calculators help students, teachers, and scientists in several ways. When used the right way, percentage calculator and online calculators can enhance learning and thinking. You can browse online and choose from the wide range of options available. The information is updated on 01-Jan-22. (Source: www.flipkart.com)


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