How to Use the Thinkorswim Buy-Sell Volume Indicator

How to Use the Thinkorswim Buy-Sell Volume Indicator


buy sell volume indicator thinkorswim

There are many indicators that can be used to measure the volume of stocks. These include Accumulation and Distribution (ADX), On Balance Volume, Klinger Oscillator, and the Negative Volume Index. These indicators can be used to analyze the volume of stocks and can help you determine when to buy and sell.

On Balance Volume

The On Balance Volume indicator is a volume-based indicator. It uses the concept of volumes to assist traders with trading decisions. First developed by Joe Granville in 1963, the indicator runs a total of both positive and negative volume for a specific period. The volume for the period is considered positive if it is above the previous close, and negative if it is below it.

This indicator is useful for identifying spikes in up and down volume. It can also be helpful for determining the overall trend. The broader trend can be interpreted by looking for spikes in volume, which often accompany a price increase. However, it is possible for a stock's price to rise without a consistent increase in volume. The Thinkorswim On Balance Volume indicator can be helpful for interpreting volume spikes in the context of a trend.

Thinkorswim On Balance Volume is a technical indicator that relies on volume changes to determine a price direction. The volume changes represent a crowd's sentiment toward a stock or currency pair. By interpreting the volume changes, you can use On-Balance Volume to predict market trends and buy/sell decisions.

Another indicator that can be useful in analyzing volume is the Volume Profile indicator. This indicator shows the volume for a certain price level over a period of time, usually a day or month. It also allows you to see which price level has the most volume. It can be plotted on most price charts.

Accumulation and distribution indicator

The Accumulation/Distribution Indicator (A/D) is an important technical indicator used to gauge price trends. It compares price ranges and identifies divergences. A rising A-D line means that the trend is bullish. A falling A/D line, on the other hand, indicates that the trend is bearish. It also gauges the supply and demand for a stock.

Volume accumulation is a cumulative technical indicator that may be useful for uncovering divergences. It uses both price-weighting and volume to determine the degree of conviction behind a trend. If a stock is making a new high and a new low, volume accumulation indicates the strength of the trend. A day with positive volume is a day when the close is higher than the midpoint of its low. A day with negative volume means the price has been slipping lower.

A positive A/D divergence shows a rising price trend. Conversely, a falling A/D divergence signals a falling trend. When the A/D divergence diverges, the stock price may be about to take a downward turn. The money flow multiplier is the main factor that determines the direction of the A/D indicator. The money flow multiplier does not take into account price gaps between periods, so the A/D indicator can be misleading when it comes to predicting future price moves.

The accumulation and distribution indicator (A/D) line is a tool that allows investors to track price trends in real-time and identify imminent reversals. Despite its shortcomings, A/Ds can be a useful tool for trend followers, but it must be used in conjunction with other tools.

Negative Volume Index

The Negative Volume Index (NVI) is a volume indicator that works best in volatile markets. It is a cumulative indicator that uses volume changes to identify trends. Typically, smart money trades on days when volume is lower and not so smart money trades on days when volume is higher. The indicator is considered bullish when NVI is above the 255-day Moving Average (EMA) and bearish when it falls below the EMA.

The indicator is designed to help traders determine when to enter or exit a position. It plots a 9-day exponential moving average, a 255-day exponential moving average, and a one-year moving average. When the 9-day MA crosses above the 255-day MA, it signals the beginning of an uptrend. If it crosses below the 255-day MA, it indicates the start of a strong downtrend.

A combination of price and volume is necessary to get a good indicator. The Negative Volume Index, developed by Paul Dysart in the 1930s, is a good way to spot intelligent money activity. This indicator is based on the assumption that informed traders are active on days with low volume, and that they are not as active on high volumes.

A high positive multiplier coupled with high volume is a bullish sign, while a low negative number indicates strong selling pressure. It can also be used to signal price reversals. This indicator is designed for active traders, because they are most concerned with the performance of a stock during key levels. Long-term investors, on the other hand, are more concerned with the close of the stock, which is why they do not pay as much attention to intraday data.

Another way to spot buying and selling pressure is by using the NVI. The NVI measures the percentage change in a market's price rather than net advances or declines, making it more accurate in determining the strength of market moves. The NVI should be used along with other indicators to help you make better trading decisions.

Klinger Oscillator

The Klinger Oscillator buy-sell volume indicator is calculated using the difference between two EMAs for the price and volume. The shorter the EMA, the stronger the uptrend; the higher the EMA, the stronger the downtrend. The indicator is displayed on the primary plot accompanied by a trigger line, which is the EMA of the Klinger Oscillator. The default period of the indicator is 13 periods. When it reaches a point where it crosses below the trigger line, it is considered a sell signal.

This indicator measures the amount of money flowing in and out of a given currency pair. Its use is more popular with day traders than swing traders, as it reflects both short-term and long-term trends. This indicator also shows short-term fluctuations, which can help traders predict reversals.

The Klinger Oscillator buy sell is a price-volume indicator designed by Stephen Klinger in 1977. It measures the long-term trend in money flow while remaining sensitive to short-term fluctuations. It compares the volume of a security with the price of that same security, and then signals price reversals. It is useful for both short-term and long-term market analysis, and can be used in conjunction with the Stochastic oscillator to increase its effectiveness.

The Klinger Oscillator is a powerful indicator that provides a new perspective on volume. This indicator is a useful tool for analyzing volume in any market. Using this indicator, you will be able to identify new altcoin pumps in seconds or even minutes.

Relative shares per range indicator

There are two ways to get the information you need on relative volume: natively through your broker or using a chartin service. The first option is free. However, this option is not available on all brokers. You can use the thinkorswim volume data tool to calculate the relative volume in real-time. This tool allows you to sort by any column and can be used with any symbol.

The Relative Shares per Range indicator is another way to measure intraday volume. By comparing the volume of individual trades to the average, this indicator can show you how much interest there is at the current price level. In addition, this indicator can be very useful in determining support and resistance levels. Because it uses trade count data on intraday timeframes, it is not a great option for trading with larger time frames.

How to Buy and Sell Video Games Online

buy sell video games


Gameflip is a website that allows you to buy and sell video games online. You can list your games for sale on the website, upload a photo and describe them, and then wait for buyers to buy them. The site will pay you when your item sells, and you'll receive an email with payment details. Creating a listing on Gameflip is free, and you can transfer your credits to another account to make further purchases.

Gameflip has a huge database, making it a great place to buy and sell digital items. You can even set it up to automatically send you a coupon code or free credits for your next purchase. And if you need help finding something, the customer support on Gameflip is top-notch. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact sellers directly from their profile page.

Gameflip is an application you can download for free for iOS and Android. It's simple to use, and there are no ads. You can buy or sell any game you'd like - you can even sell your collectibles and game consoles. There aren't many apps like this in the App Store, so Gameflip offers a great solution to this problem.

Whether you have an old PlayStation or Super Nintendo console that you're not playing anymore, Gameflip is a great way to get rid of it. This site accepts Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, and Sony PSP consoles. You can get paid in a variety of ways, including with PayPal, gift cards, or a business check.


Before you list your video games for sale on eBay, make sure that you know what you are selling. Be sure to answer any questions potential buyers have promptly. It's not a good idea to make promises you can't keep. For example, if a buyer says they'd like a game for Christmas, but you're unable to deliver it, don't make that promise.

Before you list your games on eBay, make sure you have the proper license to sell them. If you don't have the rights to sell your games, you'll probably have a tough time selling them. You might be able to get a better price by selling them locally. However, you'll have a smaller pool of buyers.

In addition to eBay, you can also use Facebook Marketplace to sell video games locally. Make sure you have eye-catching photos of your games to attract potential buyers. It's best to use original images to avoid copyright issues. You can create your listings online or via the Facebook mobile app. Facebook Marketplace also lets you interact with buyers.

In addition to selling video games, you can also sell in-game accounts and talismans. In exchange for your game items, eBay also allows you to accept counteroffers, which can help you get a higher selling price. You may even be able to sell games in bundles, which can help you save money on shipping.

Video games are an excellent investment. Many buyers are motivated by nostalgia, but others buy them based on price. Sometimes, you can even get pennies on the dollar for a video game that is no longer wrapped in its original packaging. You can also sell games to local video game stores for store credit. However, they may not accept video games that are not in good condition or have too many copies.


When using Craigslist for buying and selling video games, it's important not to take the first offer you see. Instead, try to find several offers and spend some time looking for the best deal. It's also important to make sure that your item is worth the price that it is asking. Some items are worth more than you think, while others are simply not worth selling at all.

Craigslist is a staple for people selling unwanted items. Because of this, it's an ideal place to sell your video games. Some sellers have even sold Rock Band instruments and other peripherals for a good price. It's easy to sell old games on Craigslist if you know where to look.

If you want to sell your video games in person, Facebook Marketplace is another great option. This mobile app allows you to list items with photos. Original photos tend to sell much more quickly than photos copied from other sources. You can create your listing online or through the mobile app and meet local buyers.

If you prefer to sell physical video games, Swappa may be a better option. They pay their sellers before shipping the item. Swappa also pays through PayPal and bank deposits. Swappa allows you to list your video games directly, upload pictures, and set a price that's reasonable. You'll get paid via PayPal in a matter of minutes. Swappa also allows you to sell your video games directly to other users. The site also gives you two days to ship your items to the buyer.

Another great option is Decluttr. This site offers free shipping on your purchases and pays via PayPal. Decluttr also offers a unique Tech Price Promise, which guarantees you the first price or you get your money back.


If you're looking for a local marketplace for buying and selling video games, you may want to use OfferUp. It's an app that allows you to browse items in various categories and makes it easy to sell locally. There are no fees, and it allows you to post items for sale locally and arrange a time for pickup.

OfferUp is an alternative to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It works on a mobile application and connects you with both local and national buyers. You can also post pictures right from your phone, so you can easily find buyers who'll pay you cash. The service is free to list items and allows buyers to contact you through the messaging feature.

If you're looking for an online marketplace for buying and selling video games, you have several options. In addition to OfferUp, you can try Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Swappa, and GameFlip. You can also consider using Amazon's trade-in program. This way, you can get cash, gift cards, and other prizes for your unused games.

If you're looking to sell your video games locally, Facebook Marketplace may be the best option. You can generate a listing online or using the Facebook mobile app. Once you've gotten a buyer, you can work out a price and meet up. This can be an easy, stress-free way to sell your video games.

Make sure the seller is reputable and has feedback on the app. New accounts may have zero feedback and few transactions. Also, look for multiple listings of the same item, which could be a red flag. Check if the seller asks for payment outside of OfferUp, as this could be a scam.


GameStop is a retail chain where video game enthusiasts can buy a variety of games. The company tries to keep its inventory low and its prices low by offering used games and systems for sale. The goal is to sell more used games, so GameStop punishes employees who do not sell used games. This negative reinforcement is powerful enough to drive employees to lie.

GameStop has an extensive collection of used games and sells them for cash or store credit. It also offers preorders of new games. The variety of games includes games for all types of gaming systems and consoles, as well as PC and mobile devices. The company also offers a variety of accessories.

GameStop has suffered from a downturn in sales in recent years. In the latest quarter, it reported sales that were down nearly 30 percent from the previous year. The company's sales included pre-owned hardware, software, and accessories, as well as interactive game figures and strategy guides. However, it has not been enough to stem losses at GameStop.

The shift to online retail has impacted GameStop's sales. Over the past decade, the retailer's stock has declined by nearly 40%. The company has experienced a number of leadership changes, including the removal of its former CEO, who has been replaced by interim CEO Shane Kim.

GameStop has also focused on selling higher-margin merchandise. For example, in Australia, the company has opened large format hybrid stores that offer more merchandise based on pop culture and games. These stores have a wide variety of video game-themed merchandise, including Funko Pop figurines.

Buy Sell Trade Websites

buy sell trade websites

If you're looking for a bargain online, you might want to consider using buy sell trade websites. Some of these sites focus on specific types of items, like furniture or electronics. Others offer both products and services. For example, oncewed.com connects brides with sellers of wedding dresses, and you'll pay a one-time fee for each dress sold. Another buy sell trade website that's a great choice for used bridal wear is decluttr.com, which also allows you to sell directly and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

OfferUp is an online community that aims to simplify the process of buying and selling items. Users can upload a picture of the item they want to sell and instantly circulate the item to friends, followers, and people who are local or who share similar interests. The platform also allows users to choose who they want to deal with and avoid the hassles that are often involved in buying and selling.

Once you've created your account, you can start listing your items in a few minutes. First, download the mobile app and sign in. Once signed in, click on the 'Selling' button at the bottom of the screen. You can upload photos of the item, select a category, describe the item, and enter a price. You can also use filters to search nearby items.

OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. You can list your items in as little as 30 seconds and can chat securely with other buyers and sellers. You can also build a reputation on the site by rating others. You can also browse items by category, location, and image.


The first step in selling on Craigslist and other buy sell trade websites is to create a listing. There are a number of different options available, and determining the right one will depend on your location and the type of item you're selling. Try one or more to see which one works best for you.

There are several advantages to using a marketplace to sell items. Online communities will help you broaden your audience, and you'll be able to get more exposure to potential buyers. For example, Facebook Marketplace is a free, large marketplace where people can sell and buy almost anything.

Other similar websites include BooKoo and OLX. These marketplaces feature items for sale from across the globe. They offer a chat feature so buyers and sellers can interact online. These sites also have a "free stuff" section where people can sell stuff they don't need.

Another popular buy sell trade website is LetGo. It's similar to Craigslist, but you can sell anything. There's no charge to list a listing, and it has a mobile app that makes selling secondhand goods easy. You can even sell your items using in-app payments.


If you're interested in selling your books for cash, Cash4Books is a great website to use. Not only does it pay for books with ISBN numbers, but it also covers shipping costs. The website is easy to use on your desktop, too. Simply type in the ISBN number of the book, and Cash4Books will send you a proposed quote. You can even check as many as five ISBN numbers at a time.

The website is free to use and offers a convenient and hassle-free process for selling your textbooks. You can get a price quote directly on their site, print out a shipping label, and then send your books. Once they receive them, you'll receive payment via PayPal or check within 13 days.

Cash4Books also offers a free mobile application for your smartphone that scans and provides instant price quotes for your books. In addition, they also offer swapping and donation services. If you're selling books for cash, the most convenient way to get paid is through PayPal.

You can also sell your used textbooks through a buyback website, such as Chegg. The minimum amount to sell is $10, and you'll get a check or PayPal money once the books have been sold. If the condition is acceptable, you'll receive a check for the book's worth.

Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture is a buy sell trade website that allows users to list used furniture. The site works like an online market, where users can upload photos of their items and receive a buyer within one business day. Once the buyer decides to purchase an item, Route 66 Furniture contacts the seller to arrange for pickup. The company then keeps 50% of the profit from the sale.

If your item doesn't sell after 60 days, Route 66 will either cut its price or unlist it. Alternatively, you can choose to sell the item on other buy sell trade websites, like Chairish, which offers unique, vintage pieces for sale. However, to be successful on these websites, you will need to upload quality pictures of your items to ensure they attract buyers.

Another online buy sell trade website is LetGo. Like Recycler, this site has a specific section for furniture. You'll need to create an account and add your listings, including images. The service is free, although it may charge you depending on your location. Using Route 66 Furniture is easy. You'll receive a buyer within one business day after listing your furniture on the website.

Facebook Marketplace is another place where you can list your items. The social networking site has already gained popularity as a place to meet people. You can even check the profiles of prospective buyers before listing your items on Facebook. If you want to reach a larger audience, Facebook's Marketplace is a great choice.


Geebo is an online community classifieds website that allows you to buy and sell products and services. Geebo offers multiple categories for you to choose from. Some of these categories have further classifications, making it easier to find what you need. You can choose to buy and sell heavy equipment, real estate, services, or even merchandise.

Geebo is free to use and allows you to post a classified ad for any product for sale. You can also see how many times your ad has been viewed. Geebo has been around since 1999 and is available in Canada and the US.

Among the categories you can advertise on Geebo are jobs, real estate, and local artists. These ads can be displayed immediately online, allowing people to find what they are looking for. Geebo also allows you to search for specific items or categories instantly.

Geebo is an online classifieds site that allows people to sell and buy items in over 160 communities. It also allows buyers and sellers to arrange in-person meetings at local police departments to ensure safe trade. In addition, Geebo offers a number of search filters to help you narrow down your search.

Buy Sell Trade Cars Near Me

buy sell trade cars near me

If you are looking for a used car for sale near me, there are a number of options. You can try an online car buying service, such as Carvana or Vroom, and you'll be able to get fast offers with free pick-up and direct deposits. These services also offer the option to negotiate the price of the car as well.


If you are looking to buy a used car, AutoTrader can help you find the right one. Their website includes a payment calculator so you can calculate your monthly payments. It also gives you information about interest rates, terms, and the value of your trade-in. You can also read reviews about sellers to find the one who's right for you. The contact information for each seller is also provided.


Bring-A-Trailer is an online marketplace that allows consumers to purchase trade-in cars and trucks. The site is operated by Mark Hyman, who also runs a high-end brick-and-mortar car dealership. The site has a reputation for being fair and honest, and it does so by providing education to consumers.

Buyers can call and ask questions or schedule a test drive to evaluate the vehicle. Bring-A-Trailer listings typically stay on the site for seven to 21 days. Listings on Bring-A-Trailer do not list a minimum amount, but rather a starting price that the seller is willing to accept.

The site is also popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Auctions on the site are conducted by auction specialists, who prepare listings based on materials supplied by the sellers. Because the site is a free site, buyers can bid on cars for sale without fear of scams. The site's reputation has grown rapidly over the last seven years. Its recent success makes it one of the largest public auctions of enthusiast vehicles. It sells all types of used cars, parts, and accessories.

Unlike many other auction websites, Bring-A-Trailer doesn't offer a Buy it Now option. The entire auction process is conducted in an auction style with a clock that resets every two minutes, making it hard to bid snipe. The website also requires registration, so buyers can verify their financial accounts before bidding. The process can take a while, so it is important to have some patience during the process.


If you're looking to sell your classic or collectible car, Hemmings is a great place to start. The company has been around for decades and has many knowledgeable employees and buyers who understand the car market. The site boasts millions of visitors a month and has a wide selection of vehicles for sale. Its website attracts serious buyers who know what they want.

Hemmings offers an extensive range of vehicles for sale, and the ads run for six months online and one month in print. You can browse the vehicles for sale for free on their website and then contact the seller via an online form. Hemmings also hosts online auctions, but you will need to have a credit card to bid on the vehicle.

You can also subscribe to Hemmings' publications for a monthly fee or sign up for a free trial. Browse the classified ads to see what's available in your area. The company also has an annual car show in West Lebanon, New York, where you can view the vehicles up for sale. The auctions last two weeks and typically have a seventy-five percent sell-through rate.


TrueCar buy sell trade cars near me offers you a great way to get cash for your car. All you need to do is enter your license plate number and answer a few questions about your car to get an offer in minutes. You can then take your True Cash Offer(tm) to a local TrueCar Certified Dealer. From there, you can ask questions and negotiate a final price.

If you're looking to sell your car on eBay, you have a couple of options. First, you can sign up for an account. You can create one by using your first name and last name, as well as a password. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Second, you can use a service that makes buying and selling cars easy. Services like Carvana and Vroom will make you a cash offer, and can even arrange for free pick up and direct deposit of the money. They also work with Certified Dealers, which allows you to sell your car quickly without worrying about delivering it.

You can also try Facebook Marketplace. Although it requires a Facebook account, it allows you to vet potential buyers before showing them your car. After you've sent a message to potential buyers, you'll be able to view their profile. This is a more personalized approach than Craigslist.

Lastly, you can also use Vehicle Purchase Protection. This insurance policy covers you in the event of fraud. It can reimburse up to $100,000 of your purchase. However, you must be sure that the seller is genuine. Otherwise, you may end up losing money. As long as you know what you're doing, buying a car from eBay is a great option. Just make sure you're armed with a few questions before buying.

Apps That Let You Buy, Sell, and Trade Sneakers

buy sell trade sneakers

There are a number of Apps that let you buy, sell, and trade sneakers. These include KicksExchange, Deadstock, and Buy Sell Trade. Each of them has different benefits and drawbacks. You'll want to consider each one before you decide which one's right for you.

Alternatives to Buy Sell Trade

There are a number of other options available for sellers of sneakers besides a marketplace. One of these options is a local selling app. If you have a large collection of sneakers and are looking to sell them for a low price, it may be easier to sell to a person in your local area. Local buyers can speed up the process as well, since they do not need to ship the shoes.

Another option is StockX, a resale marketplace that started out as a marketplace for shoes. The site has since expanded to include other items. The website features a smooth interface and mobile application for easy buying and selling. It also offers simple features for browsing listings, entering bids and viewing data. StockX is an excellent option for those looking for a safe and secure way to sell their sneakers. StockX also allows users to enter bidding wars for sneakers.

Comparison of KicksExchange and Deadstock

In a nutshell, a comparison of KicksExchange and Deadstock is like comparing apples and oranges: Deadstock refers to a shoe that's no longer in production and is no longer available in stores. However, the term is most commonly used to refer to a shoe that's new and unworn, and still has its original tags. This is similar to a shoe's Buy It Now price on eBay.

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