How to Use Percentage Key on Calculator

How to Use Percentage Key on Calculator

How to Use Percentage Key on Calculator


When you’re trying to figure out a percentage, there’s a handy key on a calculator that can be a huge help.


A percentage is a special way of representing a portion of something. A percentage is a number that indicates a fraction made up of 100 parts. Thus, 100% means the whole thing (whatever is being measured), while 50% means one half. If you learn how to write numbers as percentages, it then becomes easy to perform multiplication and other calculations with percentages on a calculator. Some calculators even have a % button that makes the calculation even easier. When you hit the percent key, the answer appears: 25. You could’ve used the minus key, multiplication key, or division key instead of the addition key. It doesn’t matter since all you care about is the percentage, not the combined operation. Once you hit the % key, you get your answer, and then you can hit Clear to start a new calculation.

Subtract percentages in the same manner. Again, because percentages represent fractions with the common denominator of 100, you do not need to do any additional work to subtract percentages. If you are working the the concept of removing some percentage from an original whole item, you should represent the whole item with the number 100 (because the whole means 100%). (Source: www.wikihow.com)


The most inportant thing to remember when calculating percentages is that your calculator works in decimals. Therefore, to find a percentage, you must use either a decimal equivalent or the percentage button to get a correct answer. You could also multiply by 100 if you prefer. This video shows you haw you can calculate percentages using the percentage button or function. This is a second function which you can access by pressing SHIFt and then the left bracket or parentheses "(" .

Let’s have a look at how we can combine these percentage calculations with a real world example. Let’s say we have a bicycle for sale for $1000, it is on sale by 40%, but it also attracts a sales tax of 20%. Working out the final price with calculator is very easy. Enter the original price, here 1000, then minus “40” with the percent button, then you need to add the tax so click the plus key then type 20 and then the percentage sign. Finally click the equals key and you will be given your final cost, here that is $720 – which is correct. You now know how to calculate percentage using Windows calculator. (Source: howtech.tv)



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