How to Measure Tile for Backsplash OR

How to Measure Tile for Backsplash OR

How to Measure Tile for Backsplash


How do you know whether your tile looks great when you’re installing it? What unit of measurement do you use to say whether your measurements are right or not?


To calculate the square inches, simply multiply the height times the width. If there are multiple walls or sections, you can find the area of each separately and add them together for your final number. For our example in the video above we've measured a backsplash area that is 48" W x 24" H. When multiplied you get a total of 1,152 square inches.

A: You’re wise to mull over your tile needs before you go shopping for materials. Whether you’re installing tile on your foyer floor or on your kitchen or bathroom walls, determining how much tile you need is an essential first step. This calculation will help you ensure adequate tile coverage, budget accordingly for the project, and avoid return trips to your local home center. Conveniently, the steps for determining your tile needs are the same regardless of surface, so grab a measuring tape and a calculator and get started! (Source: www.bobvila.com)


For square or rectangular areas, such as a wall or floor, multiply the length by the width to get the area in square feet. If the dimensions aren’t a whole number (i.e., the measurement includes feet and inches), divide the number of inches by 12 to convert it to feet, add that decimal to the number of feet, and complete the rest of the calculation as described above to get the area in square feet. Always round up your total to the nearest foot when the area includes a decimal. Now that you know the area that the tile should cover, figure out how much tile to buy to cover that area. The calculation depends on whether you plan to buy boxes of tile that contain multiple tiles (more common for standard-sized walls or floors) or individual tiles (for small floors or walls, such as those in a half bath).

www.bobvila.com)When buying tile boxes, divide the area’s square footage by the square footage listed on the box. The box will specify the total square footage that all the tiles in the box will cover. There’s no need to factor in the size of the tiles. Round up to the nearest whole number if the figure is a decimal. (Source:



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