How to Input Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

How to Input Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

How to Input Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator offers a large screen that displays a set of overlapping circles, labeled with numbers from 0 to 1. The top number of each ring is the number of decimal places in the output. The bottom number is how many decimal places you need to enter. Enter the input, which includes a decimal point, in the bottom number of the ring. Then press the green 'x' button on the top left-hand corner. The calculator will confirm that the inputs are correct.



Calculators that display fractions sometimes have a special mode, called Math mode, that you must first select before you can enter fractions. When the calculator is in Math mode, the word "math" appears at the top of the screen. Once you have selected this mode (if necessary), look for a button with two boxes, one black and one white, arranged on top of each other with a horizontal line between them. This is the fraction button. On some models, the button may show x/y or a b/c. Pressing this button enables the fraction feature. The course describes some of the main features of a scientific calculator and encourages you to use your calculator, both for everyday arithmetic and for more complicated calculations that use the function keys as well. Key sequences, which describe which keys to press, are included in all the activities, so you can try out the ideas straightaway.

When describing how to use various calculator functions, this guide gives the exact keys that you need to press using the symbols shown on the keys. This is known as a ‘key sequence’. If the key sequence accesses the second function of a key, or a function from a menu, the name of this function will be given in brackets at the appropriate point in the key sequence. Names in brackets are thus not keys that you press but simply describe the function that is accessed using the previous key sequence. For example, to turn off the calculator, press.4. You can calculate the value of a fraction that does not have 1 in the numerator using the division button. Specifically, the formula can be done by entering your numerator value, pressing the division key, and then inputting the denominator value. When you press the equal (=) button, you'll get your fraction value. (Source: www.businessinsider.com)




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