How to Figure Tile for Backsplash

How to Figure Tile for Backsplash

How to Figure Tile for Backsplash


If you are considering tile for your kitchen backsplash and you are on a budget, then choosing a tile color matters. It may seem like picking a tile color is a simple task, but a color can create a mood, evoke a feeling, and be a part of the kitchen aesthetic.


Figuring out how much tile you're going to need for your backsplash project can be confusing. It is important to make sure you're ordering the right amount, and a little bit extra just to be safe. This is especially true with handmade tile because there will always be natural color variation from one batch to the next. Figuring out the amount of tile you'll need for your kitchen backsplash requires just a few simple calculations, and we're here to guide you through the process step-by-step. However, if you have a complicated backsplash project, it is always best to hire a professional.

To calculate the square inches, simply multiply the height times the width. If there are multiple walls or sections, you can find the area of each separately and add them together for your final number. For our example in the video above we've measured a backsplash area that is 48" W x 24" H. When multiplied you get a total of 1,152 square inches. (Source: www.fireclaytile.com)


We see people in the store all the time with little or no idea as to how to calculate how much kitchen backsplash tile they will need to complete their project. Calculating the exact amount is vital for ensuring that you not only have enough, but also don’t spend more than you have to on tile. If you’re wondering how to calculate the amount of tile you will need for your new kitchen backsplash, the experts at Transworld Tile have you covered.

Math: Everyone’s favorite word. While this may sound intimidating, all you will need to calculate is a pencil, measuring tape, and your phone’s calculator. To calculate the square footage of backsplash tile you are going to need, you’re essentially just figuring out the total area of the soon-to-be tiled space. Basically, all you need to do is divide the space up into squares and rectangles, multiply the width by height of each subsection, and add those sections together. (Source: transworldtile.com)



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