How to Do Fractions on an iPhone With a Calculator

How to Do Fractions on an iPhone With a Calculator


Having trouble figuring out fractions? Using the calculator on your iPhone is easy. Just enter the denominator and then press the 1/x button. This app also has a shortcut key called ds, which you can use to make the first number of the fraction into a decimal. This shortcut is located under the Utilities button on your iPhone.


You can use your iPhone calculator to perform fractions. Just input the number and tap the 1/x button to get the fraction value. You can also use 3D Touch to turn the calculator into a scientific calculator. To do fractions on an iPhone, swipe up on the bottom bezel to bring up Control Center. After opening Control Center, tap the Calculator button. If you don't see a shortcut, you can simply hit the 'Utilities' button.

The iPhone calculator has a FRACTION button. You can use this button to divide a fraction by its GCF. The GCF factor will reduce the fraction to its lowest terms. If you don't know how to multiply, divide fractions, the FRACTION BUTTON ON IPHONE is the way to go. The iPhone's scientific calculator is affordable and versatile, which makes it perfect for students, professionals, and others.

A FRACTION BUTTON is located in the top right corner of the calculator. It allows you to make fractions in landscape mode, with the numerator minus the denominator. The iPhone can also add up to nine fractions at a time, which means it's the perfect device for many students. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when using your iPhone to do fractions.

The iPhone's calculator has a FRACTION BUTTON in the top right corner. This will allow you to make fractions in any landscape mode, with a numerator of 1 and a denominator of X. The iPhone can also be used in landscape mode. It has extra functions for making fractions. If you're a student, you can even learn how to do fractions on an iPhone with its calculator.

If you're in a hurry, the iPhone calculator is perfect for fraction calculations. It has a fraction button in the numerator. It also offers other useful features. It can help you add up to nine fractions at a time. You can use the iPhone calculator in landscape mode. If you're in a hurry, it will give you the answer in a split second.

The FRACTION BUTTON on the iPhone calculator is a very convenient shortcut for adding and subtracting fractions. It is a useful function that will save you time and effort when using it. Unlike other calculators, the iPhone's calculator can be used to calculate any digit. You can make any type of calculation on your iPhone. You can change the superscript by long pressing it.

Verne Troyer Net Worth - How Much is Verne Troyer Worth?

verne troyer net worth

Verne Troyer is one of the most talented and unique actors of our time. He was born with a genetic disorder known as carpal-hair hypoplasy. He started his career as a stunt double for a nine-month-old baby in the movie BABY'S DAY OUT. Since then, his career has been nothing short of astounding. As of 2018, he is worth an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Verne Troyer was born with a genetic disorder

Growing up in Sturgis, Michigan, Verne Jay Troyer had to deal with a genetic disorder known as achondroplasia. His small stature and shortened life span did not stop him from achieving the American dream. Despite these limitations, he went on to conquer many challenges and open more doors than he ever dreamed possible. In fact, last year, he even revealed that he suffered from depression.

While growing up on a Michigan farm, Troyer faced the challenge of dealing with achondroplasia, a rare condition that causes people to grow too slowly. Despite this, the actor was never treated any differently than his average-sized siblings. Despite this, Troyer still managed to become famous. Despite his limited height, Troyer enjoyed a life of fame as a musician and an actor.

His affliction left him unable to reach his full height in Hollywood. Despite this handicap, Troyer went on to star in numerous films, including "Austin Powers" and "Bad Boys". The 81-centimeter stunt double began his career as a nine-month-old baby stunt double. In addition to his roles in "Austin Powers," Troyer appeared in dozens of TV shows and films.

It isn't known whether he suffered from alcoholism before or after his death. Troyer's family released a statement on the actor's struggles in life, but it does not mention what caused his death. However, the family ruled that it was a suicide, as a result of alcohol intoxication. Troyer was born with achondroplasia dwarfism, a condition that causes dwarfism and causes extreme short stature.

He was the shortest man in the world

Troyer, who was born two feet, eight inches short, has been the focus of much attention for years. His 2-8 frame was a result of a genetic disorder called achondroplasia dwarfism. Troyer has since appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including "The Surreal Life" in 2006 and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in 2012. He's also had many minor roles in comedy films, including in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The death of the shortest man in the world has been ruled a suicide. Troyer, who starred as Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" films, was found unresponsive in his home in Van Nuys, California, on April 21. He had checked into a rehab program a year ago and was unable to overcome his addiction. Although he was incredibly short, he had a big heart and was known for being a kind and caring person.

Despite being so small, Verne Troyer's achievements are astounding. Not only was he the world's shortest man, he was a champion in his own right. His short stature didn't stop him from touching the hearts of people all over the world. As a stuntman and actor, Verne was the shortest man in the world. Despite his short stature, he was able to open more doors than any person could imagine and was a fighter in his own battles.

However, there were several'short' men in the past. He Pingping, a goalkeeper in a Canadian ice hockey team, was the shortest man for a long time. However, he lost his title to Mafar Hernandez on October 10, 2010. Mafar is a native of Colombia, where he appeared on the TV show Lo show dei. The other shortest man in the world is Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a 21.5 inch dwarf. He was the inspiration for the 'Mini-Me' character in Austin Powers.

He was a stunt performer

Before his career in the entertainment industry, Verne Troyer was a candy wrapper and worked in a women's abuse shelter. He made his debut as a stunt double in 'Baby's Day Out' in 1994. In the years following, Troyer went on to appear in more than 15 films, many of which he doubled in animal costumes. He was the stunt double in 'Dunston Checks In' and 'Pinocchio's Revenge'. He later worked in 'Masked Rider' and 'Mighty Joe' as well as in the films Dunston Checks In' and 'My Giant'.

He began his career as a stunt double in movies for a number of Hollywood productions, including the John Hughes classic Baby's Day Out. He gained further acting work by doubling for John Hughes' character Baby Bink, who died of natural causes. Other small roles in movies during this period included Friends and Tarzan. The stunt doubles he played during this period also helped him land a career as a stunt performer.

In Hollywood, Verne Troyer was best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies. It was rumored that he was a miniature clone of Dr. Evil. His other major film roles include Griphook in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, where he was one of the only non-British actors to appear. Verne Troyer's other works include The Grinch and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

After a brief career as a stunt performer, Troyer went on to become a regular fixture at Playboy Mansion parties. He was a popular guest on TV shows and appeared in photos of the parties. Troyer started a YouTube channel in May 2015. He uploaded his last video on it in March 2018. Verne Troyer also had a legal battle with Ranae Shrider regarding a sex tape. The two eventually settled out of court to prevent the sale of the video.

He was in the Austin Powers film series

Mini-Me is a character played by Verne Troyer. The character has appeared in several Austin Powers films, including Austin Powers and the Spy Who Shagged Me. Mini-Me also appears in Goldmember. Troyer's career is not without controversy. Some critics have questioned his casting, but many fans have defended the actor's choice. The Austin Powers film series is a comedy series that has a wide range of fans.

Although he was no longer in the Austin Powers film series, Troyer has continued to work in the entertainment industry. He made his acting debut in "Run for the Money," and then returned to the Austin Powers franchise in "Goldmember." He also co-starred in the films "The Love Guru" and "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" with Michael Myers. Verne Troyer has also appeared in reality television shows such as "The Surreal Life" (WB/VH1) and "Celebrity Big Brother 6" (Channel 4).

Despite his many successes, Troyer's death is a tragic event for the actor. Although his representatives did not reveal the cause of Troyer's death, they did hint at depression and said they would not comment on his death. Troyer had previously been hospitalized, and the Los Angeles Police Department said he was suffering from a medical emergency. He was not the only one to suffer from depression, however.

Today, a small piece of the Austin Powers family has lost their beloved friend. Verne Troyer struggled with alcoholism and depression for many years. Fans of the Austin Powers film series can remember him by donating to his favorite charity, the Starkey Hearing Foundation. A tribute video will be put together soon. If you're a fan of Verne Troyer, please consider donating to his favorite charities, the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Best Buddies.

He was married to Genevieve Gallen

Genevieve Gallen is a former Playboy Magazine model and former wife of actor Verne Troyer. Born on December 20, 1972 in Detroit, Genevieve started modeling at a young age. She attended Mensa School of Geniuses and then enrolled in the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design. Now, she lives a single life. The marriage to Verne Troyer was annulled in 2007.

Genevieve Gallen started out as a model and eventually moved into the entertainment industry. She later worked as a waitress and secretary at Active Real Estate in Detroit. She was also a greeter at the Detroit Institute of Arts. During her career, she was also a store manager and an artisan at RAWFOOD. She is currently a certified yoga trainer and a couture lingerie designer.

Genevieve Gallen was born on 20 December 1972 in Detroit, Michigan. She did not disclose the details of her parents. Her educational background includes studies in jazz and classical piano. She also attended the Mensa School of Geniuses and the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design. She earned her degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. She continued her studies by studying at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco. She learned breathing exercises and the physiology behind the art form.

A copy of the marriage license circulated by Gowman shows that the two were married in a ceremony presided over by a judge. However, this copy has not been formally verified. While the two were married, they divorced eight days later in Mar 2004. She also had two younger siblings. It is unclear who her parents were. Genevieve Gallen is a former playboy model and is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor.

The Music Producer and Songwriter Rob Fusari

rob fusari

The Grammy award-winning record producer Rob Fusari, aka 8Bit, has worked with a variety of artists and won numerous awards. His hits include Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, and Kelly Rowland. He is also a well-known songwriter and has written songs for Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, and more. This article explores Fusari's career and some of his notable songs.

Lady Gaga's first producer

Many people might not be aware that Rob Fusari is Lady Gaga''s first producer. But in reality, he has helped produce much of her music. The talented producer reportedly worked with Will Smith and Destiny's Child before landing the role. The two of them have collaborated on several albums, including The Fame Monster and The Fame. In addition, they have also worked together on the film A Star is Born.

When Lady Gaga was just 16 years old, Fusari helped her land her first record deal. He was 38 years old and owned Parsippany Recording Studio in New Jersey. At the time of the rape, Fusari was a suspect number one. He has since come to realize the ramifications of his actions, which will help him learn from his mistakes.

Germanotta came to Fusari with an idea. He thought Germanotta's songs were brilliant but lacked commercial appeal. Fusari convinced Germanotta to abandon rock riffs and instead use dance beats. Fusari also proved that the use of drum machines won't damage the integrity of the music. In fact, Fusari is credited with creating the name Lady Gaga.

While it was unknown whether Fusari was a producer of the singer, they were intimate and had an emotional connection. The two began a romantic relationship, and Fusari also socialized with Lady Gaga's family. At the same time, they shopped Gaga's songs around to record labels. Island Def Jam signed her on the spot and released the album within three months. After three months, the label dropped Gaga and the two had to renegotiate the contract terms.

In addition to her producing credit, Fusari was the first producer to discover Lady Gaga. When she was in her early stages, she had a long-term relationship with Fusari. The two worked on songs together for several months. When she met Fusari, she began modifying her musical tastes, leaving her rock-inspired riffs behind. She then signed with Interscope Records and released her debut album.

His relationship with Wendy Starland

The story of Rob Fusari's relationship with Wendy Staprland has caused a lot of controversy. The singer was a talented child who was a talented musician. However, his father was not very encouraging and advised him to give up music. However, this did not stop him from pursuing music and majoring in music management. As a result, he has become a successful music producer.

The story of Lady Gaga's early career is a tragic one, but the woman who first discovered her was not as unfortunate. She was introduced to the singer by a friend, Wendy Starland. They arranged a meeting, and within days, Germanotta was on a bus headed to Parsippany. The two became close friends, and their relationship eventually led to Lady Gaga's rise to fame.

As of August 2016, Starland and Fusari have been living together for almost three years. Since then, Starland and Fusari have been inseparable. She was the first producer of Lady Gaga's album "Halloween." However, her relationship with the singer is much different than that of her former manager, Scott Borchers. The singer's boyfriend was an early fan of Fusari, and the two have remained friends.

After Starland sued Fusari, she won a $7.3 million judgment against him. The jury found in favor of Starland, but the judge ruled that the evidence of a strained relationship with Fusari and Gaga was of no probative value. The case will now go to trial. Despite the harrowing nature of the case, the judge's decision is a great step forward in Starland's legal battle.

Lady Gaga and Fusari reportedly became lovers in 2006, while Gaga was twenty years old and Fusari was 38. While the relationship was private at the time, news of the relationship only came out through court papers later. They were together for seven months, and later broke up. They did not have children. However, Fusari's relationship with Gaga did result in her album Poker Face.

His co-writing of songs with Lady Gaga

The music producer Rob Fusari is being sued by Lady Gaga over his alleged unpaid royalties and other monetary damages. The suit states that Lady Gaga owes Fusari $35 million for unpaid royalties, merchandise fees, and other monetary damages relating to his co-writing of songs with Lady Gaga. The musician's ex-boyfriend Wendy Starland was the first to introduce Lady Gaga to the music producer Rob Fusari. The two subsequently entered into a 50-50 contract and negotiated a mutually acceptable settlement.

Fusari's alleged deal with Lady Gaga began when Germanotta's demo demos lacked commercial appeal. Fusari convinced Germanotta to remove rock riffs and incorporate dance beats. Fusari also proved that adding drum machines would not compromise the integrity of the music. The two subsequently co-wrote four songs for the album and filmed two additional videos.

Although Fusari is credited with the writing and production of Lady Gaga's upcoming album "The Fame," he is also listed as one of the three co-writers of the album. The songwriter met Gaga while working for Brandy in college. They later co-wrote a number of other hit songs for Tony Orlando, including "Tie A Yellow Ribbon."

The four-year court battle halted in November 2010 when a jury ruled that Starland was entitled to 50% of Fusari's Lady Gaga earnings. The jury awarded Starland $900,000 (PS552,000), as well as back interest. Although there is no hard evidence that Fusari paid Starland's legal fees, the lawsuit could lead to a settlement.

His lawsuit against building owner Besencon

The New York Supreme Court will hear the latest chapter in Rob Fusari's case. The building owner has been accused of failing to protect Fusari's interests in the negotiations. Fusari has filed a lawsuit against Besencon, alleging that he didn't properly represent his interests during the negotiations. The suit, filed on Wednesday, is not the first.

In his complaint, Fusari claims that he discussed Gaga's plight with Interscope Records' Vince Herbert, who passed the music to Jimmy Iovine. Iovine signed Gaga, but soon cut off all contact with Fusari. Besencon, who was allegedly aware of the information Fusari had obtained, also shared it with the pop star.

A Closer Look at Gretchen Geraghty

gretchen geraghty

Gretchen Geraghty has made a name for herself on the YouTube world. Her YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular vloggers on the internet. Her videos are fun, humorous, and often include tips and tricks for college life. Geraghty has a twin sister, Lucy, who is a SAR '19. Their video channel, Gretchen and Lucy, has over seven million views and 60,000 subscribers.

Gretchen Geraghty's YouTube channel has amassed 200,000 subscribers

There's no doubt that Gretchen Geraghty's lifestyle and travel videos have made her a household name. Regardless of the reasons, viewers are keen to know more about the star's personal life. While Gretchen has been featured in several Instagram pictures, she has been in a relationship for some time now. Her boyfriend, Max, is not very outgoing but seems to be very supportive of her YouTube channel.

The 25-year-old vlogger began creating YouTube videos on a whim - she wanted to share her love of clothing and makeup. Her videos have more than 200,000 subscribers and 24 million views. The videos are highly popular, earning Geraghty money each time a subscriber views a video. She has reportedly caught the attention of major fashion brands and is now earning fees from advertising their products.

Born in the United States, Gretchen Geraghty is of multi-racial descent. She has not revealed the name of her parents, but her middle name is Lucy, after her twin sister. Growing up, Gretchen has been fascinated with the world. Her hobbies include travelling and eating. The following list of her top five favorites is a quick rundown of her top YouTube videos.

The upbringing of Gretchen Geraghty is one of the main reasons for her success. Her parents raised her in a loving home, showing her plenty of attention and affection. She was able to attend Boston University when she was 18. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, which makes her 1.78 meters tall. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are attractive. Her body figure is slender but curvy.

At the time of writing, her YouTube channel has amassed 200,000 subscribers. In terms of popularity, her videos have gained a lot of popularity, as they are informative and entertaining. Gretchen Geraghty is 25 years old, and is currently in a relationship. The YouTube channel is her primary source of income. She earns between $200,000 and $800k per year from sponsorships and merchandise sales.

She earns money promoting products

As a high school student, Gretchen Geraghty developed an interest in beauty and fashion. She started her YouTube channel GretchenLovesBeauty, posting makeup tutorials and vlogs. The feedback she received from her followers spurred her to make new videos and expand her channel. Today, Gretchen Geraghty is a YouTube associate, earning extra money for promoting products.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Gretchen Geraghty also has a blog. Her blog is devoted to helping other women look their best. She has almost 200,000 subscribers and has received almost 24 million views for her videos. This makes her a high-profile influencer in the fashion and lifestyle world. Her popularity has led to lucrative endorsement deals with major brands and she is earning money from promoting their products.

As of 2022, Gretchen Geraghty's net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million. She earns between $200,000 and $800,000 annually through sponsorships and merchandise sales. Her height is 5 feet nine inches (175 cm), and she shares videos with her dog, Arlin Moore. She resides in Boston, Massachusetts. This YouTube star makes money by promoting products, including clothing, makeup, and accessories.

She has hundreds of YouTube videos that give tips on various topics. She also has several Instagram accounts. She has thousands of followers and follows numerous companies. Her other interests include rowing, travel, and food. Her videos also touch on mental wellness and self-respect. She has become an expert in beauty regimens and also discusses home interior shopping. Gretchen Geraghty makes money promoting products, and she is a great example of the power of social media to spread information.

She climbs one of the highest peaks in the world

It's no small feat to climb one of the world's highest peaks. Gretchen Geraghty is no ordinary climber. She has won numerous medals for her efforts have been recognized and celebrated by mountaineering organizations across the world. She was also the first American woman to climb Everest and has since climbed a number of other mountains.

How to Make Your Own Celebrity Videos

celebrity videos

If you're looking to start making your own celebrity videos, there are plenty of apps to help you do so. From Cameo to FlexClip, Deepfakes, and TikTok, there's an app for everyone. If you're feeling creative, you can even make your own celebrity voice chat app. Simply select a celebrity's voice and start speaking into the microphone to create a video conversation. You can even edit and share the video.


If you want to get the attention of your friends, try uploading Cameo celebrity videos on social media. Not only will you get the attention of your friends and followers, but you will also get the chance to interact with famous people. Cameo allows you to post your videos to their celebrity profiles so that people can watch and comment. The best part is that you can even make your videos public, so that others can see them.

Some of the famous people who have done Cameo celebrity videos are Tom Felton, Lindsay Lohan, and Anthony Scaramucci. They have all made hilarious Cameo celebrity videos. You can even order a video featuring Tom Felton, Lindsay Lohan, or a famous TV star. Just pay a little more to have your own customized Cameo celebrity video. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can even have a message made for a friend or family member.

To get your own Cameo celebrity video, you can either create an account with the app or purchase credits. Once you have your account, you can visit the Cameo marketplace, which features thousands of available talent. Then, fill out the request form. Requests are limited to 250 characters. You can pay via credit card. The Cameo mobile app allows US users to purchase credits, which are redeemable for videos. The only catch is that you can't edit or change your video.


If you're looking to create custom videos for your social media posts or brand promotions, you may want to consider using FlexClip. This online video editing tool allows you to quickly create a custom video in just 3 easy steps. It features millions of free media resources and video templates, and allows you to export the videos in aspect ratios that most social media outlets require. This tool is especially popular among celebrities and is an excellent choice for these purposes.

You can easily add text and music to your video. You can insert text within each part of your video, or throughout the whole thing. Text can be changed from normal to bold, italic, or aligned. FlexClip also has a large library of music and stock photos. This means you can easily find and customize the right music and text for your video. And if you want to give your video a professional look, you can even add a voiceover or infographics.

The video creation feature on FlexClip is user-friendly, so even someone with no prior experience in video production can create a celebrity birthday video. You can choose from templates or start from scratch. The process of uploading files is easy. After that, you can add music, texts, animations, and other content. Whether you want a spoof video or something more elaborate, FlexClip has what you need.


Celebrities have a unique way of showcasing their personality and making a statement online. In one article in the internet culture newsletter Embedded, Kate Lindsay joked that the phenomenon was the one-in-a-million chance for celebrities to establish themselves as a social media presence. However, Lindsay likely didn't see the videos. Since the celebrities did not edit or make the videos themselves, the trend is unlikely to be authentic. However, the fact is that it is a marketing tool that has significant business value.

There are several celebrities who have turned their attention to TikTok to gain followers. These include singers like Lizzo and comedian Howie Mandel. While the videos posted by celebrities are usually not related to their own lives, the music video app has become an important part of the social media world. Many celebrities have been known to have their own TikTok profiles, including Adele, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

Another TikTok celebrity video has become extremely popular. Emma Chamberlain became a sensation after she was interviewed by actor Jack Harlow on the red carpet for the Met Gala. She replied to the actor with "Love ya!" and laughed when he said, "Love you, bye!"


Deepfakes, or artificially intelligent videos, are replacing existing images with other people's likenesses and manipulating words and actions. They have disrupted the world of politics and even mocked the most popular TV show in the world. They have been the subject of much speculation, but some say that deepfakes may even pose a threat to the security of the internet. Although the term "deepfake" was coined by a Reddit user, it is not entirely clear how deepfakes were created.

The practice of creating and distributing deepfakes originated in the porn industry. Actresses and nude celebrities were targeted in the videos. Later, fake videos turned their sights on heads of state and politics. One such video showed President Barack Obama calling out Donald Trump in a derogatory way, mocking the Paris Climate Agreement, which is a commitment by the United States and many other countries. It was posted on 17 April 2018.

The first deepfake video surfaced on the Internet in 2017. A Reddit user posted pornographic videos that featured digitally-altered celebrity faces. Since then, deepfakes have become far more sophisticated. The number of training images required for an algorithm to produce a believable deepfake has decreased to almost zero. According to an expert, realistic deepfakes will be available on the Internet in six months.


For a fee, you can have celebrities record personalized, live, and business videos for you. Prices for these videos range from about $15 to $30, depending on the celebrity. You can choose to have your video made with a B-list actor or actress for only $15 or pay as much as you want to pay for a permanent A-lister. You can also choose to have your video narrated by the celebrity of your choice, which can be extremely beneficial for your brand.

There are many different services that offer celebrity video shutouts, with some more expensive than others. One popular website allows you to chat with celebrities and have them record personalized videos for you. Celebrities such as Kevin O'Leary, Caitlyn Jenner, and Floyd Mayweather are among the most expensive. However, even these prices depend on the talent you want to have recorded. Some celebrities may even make personalized videos for fans for free.

Joining a celebrity's fan club

Joining a celebrity's fan club has many benefits. You can get the latest updates and get first-hand access to their activities. Some celebrity fan clubs are free, while others require a fee. However, many celebrity fan clubs are free to join, and you will be able to enjoy additional benefits like priority booking for special events and being among the first to know when their tickets go on sale. In some cases, you can even get discounts and special offers through the club.

You can also join a celebrity's fan club if you share their interests. For example, Miss Peh's fan club has a Facebook page. It also has a website, which is useful if you want to keep in touch with your favourite stars. Some celebrity fan clubs will even arrange charity events and send out welfare packs to the needy. Some celebrity fan clubs also pay members to participate in trips, and the RBKD fan club is no exception. In May 2011, six members paid upwards of $1,500 each to go on a trip to Hengdian, China.

If you're planning to set up a fan club, you should follow the artist's social media accounts. It will be helpful for SEO and organic website traffic. Furthermore, your fan site should have a forum or chat room for its members. Some website builders also have apps to add forums and chatrooms. These tools will help your fans connect with each other and become close friends. There are plenty of advantages to starting a fan club, so don't hesitate to make the most of it!

Top 5 Lesbian Christmas Movies of 2017

lesbian christmas movie

"Let it Snow" is a wonderful family holiday movie that will make you feel the spirit of Christmas. Set in a small town in New England, Jessica (Katrina Law) is co-charged with creating a perfect New England Christmas for an orphaned CEO's kids, which her own CEO would otherwise send to boarding school. But the season isn't just about the kids; the film also features a romantic subplot between Zoe and HOT BARISTA.

Let it snow

This feel-good, festive film is based on a popular novel by John Green and Lauren Myracle and stars Jacob Batalon and Isabella Moner as teenage lovers. They fall in love with each other during a snowstorm, and their friendship leads to a rocky road. But the film is more than just a rom-com, as it explores the complexities of queer identity and the power of friendship.

A Netflix original, Let It Snow is based on a beloved young adult novel by John Green. The movie features a diverse ensemble cast and is set in a small town in Illinois during the Christmas season. A once-in-a-century snowstorm strands the town, but the residents of Laurel are facing bigger issues than a snow-covered road. While the snow is a distraction for the residents of Laurel, the lesbian romance in this film is a highlight of the holiday season.

If you're a fan of lesbian holiday movies, imagine the joy that awaits you in this gay-friendly film. Though not a Christmas movie, it's the perfect holiday film for the holidays. It stars Lena Headey and Piper Perabo as two high school seniors who fall in love during the holiday season. And if you're looking for something a little less predictable, try a rom-com that features gay characters and a gay montage.

Another LGBT holiday film, Carol, was named the best gay film of 2016. It's a period drama set in 1952 that tells a love story. Carol meets Therese while she's Christmas shopping and falls in love with her. While Carol doesn't bring out many Christmas vibes, it's still worth a look, and it's not as heartwarming as Hallmark movies.

City of Trees

If you love lesbian movies and haven't seen City of Trees, you need to check it out. It's a cute lesbian indie film about a 20-something woman who returns to her hometown for the holidays and must confront a number of past experiences and unresolved feelings. The cast includes Olivia Buckle, Alexandra Swarens, Joseph Miller, Kate McIntyre, and Andrew V. Perkins. The two women plan a surprise family reunion, which brings them together during Hanukkah week.

While the production values are not very high, this movie is still a nice holiday watch. Ainsley (Alexandra Swarens) is returning home for the holidays to spend time with her family, especially her beloved puppy, Teddy. However, she doesn't feel completely comfortable in her old surroundings and doesn't invite her parents to the family reunion. This puts her in a difficult situation. Her roommate and male friend Austin (Scott Speedman) joins her family, but the two girls soon realize their relationship is serious and they're in love.

Despite being the least spectacular of the three LGBTQ Christmas movies, City of Trees offers some good moments. Though it's not the best lesbian Christmas movie out there, the cast is very strong. Clea Duvall's Happiest Season broke records on Hulu and brought a Black queer Christmas story to the screen. The film also focuses on the LGBT community's relationship with Christmas.

In addition to City of Trees, you can also find several LGBT holiday movies on Netflix. One of them is Season of Love, which is a lesbian Christmas movie centered around three couples. The plot follows Hugo, a corporate lawyer, and his mom, Kate. Lifetime has also entered the gay Christmas movie genre with The Christmas Setup. It's a cute, romantic, and funny story about two fit men who end up being husbands. The film has moments of cliche, but overall, it's a wonderful watch.

The Christmas Lottery

While many holiday movies are overly corny and unrealistic, TheChristmasLottery is a refreshing change. The movie, produced by Black Entertainment Television, features a Black lesbian couple, but this is not the main story. Instead, the story revolves around a group of sisters who are estranged from each other and must work to mend their relationships before they can claim their share of the winnings.

In the film, a father announces that his family has won the lottery. As a result, his two daughters must mending their rifts and reunite to win their share of the lottery profits. In addition, the movie stars Marcus Allen, Kelvin D.Benton, Lyon Beckwith, Traci Braxton, and Jacob Hunter Bishop. The movie is the first lesbian Christmas movie to feature a lesbian family and stars a matriarch who battles dementia.

While The premise of the movie may seem dated, The Holiday Lottery is an enjoyable film about lesbians celebrating the season. A lesbian couple, Zoe (Claire Danes), co-charges a traditional New England Christmas for the CEO's orphaned children. However, the CEO is away on business for several weeks and would otherwise send the children to boarding school. The Christmas Lottery is currently available on Amazon Prime and other streaming sites.

Another lesbian holiday movie is The Christmas Lottery. In this movie, three estranged sisters gather in their hometown to visit their mother. They fulfill their father's dying wish, which was to find a prized family heirloom. Through this journey, they meet and fall in love. One of the sisters is a lesbian named Ali Liebert, who is making a website for the family woodshop. The film is full of flirtation between the sisters, with both actresses interacting with each other throughout the movie.


While there aren't many 'traditional' Christmas movie vibes in Carol, it's a wonderful love story and the best LGBT holiday film of 2016. Starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett, Carol is the gayest holiday classic since Bing Crosby. If you haven't seen the movie yet, Netflix has updated five classic Christmas carols. You can also try out a Carol Movie Sing-Along.

Amy's Christmas Movie is another good lesbian Christmas movie. The movie follows the story of a lesbian Muslim woman who takes her new Puerto Rican lover to the family Christmas party. The movie stars Nia Fairweather, Crystal Alford, Chris Trousdale, and Otoja Abit. It's based on the Patricia Highsmith novel The Price of Salt. It follows the friendship and love story of two women from very different backgrounds who come together during the holiday season.

In this Christmas romantic drama film, a lesbian couple reunites after a divorce. Carol has a daughter, Therese, who is three. The two are friends and Carol has a lesbian lover. Carol is an aspiring photographer, who falls in love with an older woman who is going through a divorce. The two women fall in love with each other, and they have a long-lasting relationship.

In the Christmas season, Carol invites Therese to her house. They kiss and have sex. Therese takes candid photographs of both of them, but there's a twist. Soon, Harge arrives to take Rindy to Florida for Christmas. Harge becomes suspicious of Therese. They later meet up again after Carol has flown home from Florida. Therese's husband then finds her and tells her that he's going to fight for custody of Rindy. Carol agrees to meet her, but there's a problem.

Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & You, a les gay holiday romance, comes out this holiday season. Starring Kristen Stewart and Michael Douglas, the movie is set in a small town over the holidays. The main gay character is a VP at a tech startup who is forced to return home to help her family save their ranch. The ranch hand is an attractive lesbian girl who works as a ranch hand. The two develop a romance and share plenty of screen time, and the end is delightful.

The film is a sweet, predictable rom-com with a great cast and an interesting premise. A closeted woman brings her long-distance girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, but her coming-out plans are thwarted by a series of unforeseen events. While it may not be perfect, it hits the right notes and is a wonderful lesbian Christmas movie. Here are a few things to look out for in the film:

While Imagine Me & You isn't a true lesbian Christmas movie, it is a great holiday watch. The stars are both talented and bring the film to life. Lena Headey is a well-known actress and Piper Perabo is an up-and-coming actress. Together, they play Rachel and Luce at her wedding. The two women share a memorable meet-cute moment, but eventually go their separate ways.

Let It Snow is another lesbian holiday movie. Featuring a large ensemble of gay characters, this movie follows the love stories of closeted teens. Abby (Kristen Stewart) tries to keep their relationship secret from her family and friends during the festive season. She tries her best to stay away from the mistletoe during the holiday season to make sure she doesn't annoy her family.

Featured Reporters for the Wink News Team

wink news team

FGCU is one of many local colleges with a journalism program, and Doerr would like to partner with students there to share career paths in the news industry. She hopes to speak with FGCU undergraduates about the pros and cons of the business. She also hopes to develop a network of students before they apply to WINK so she can mentor them while they earn their degrees. That way, she can make an even bigger impact in the community.

Corey Lazar

Corey Lazar is a weeknight reporter for WINK News in Fort Myers, FL. He is an American native who grew up in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining WINK News, he worked for a Houston-area urgent care business as a communications consultant. He attended Sam Houston State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. His net worth is estimated to be between $100k and $500k.

WINK News' Nicole Gabe is an Asian-American who began working at the station in June of 2019. In August of 2020, she was promoted to Morning News Anchor. Her previous role was as an executive news editor. In August of 2021, she was named a senior anchor at WINK News. Before that, she was a morning news anchor on the station. She also co-anchored the evening newscast and solo-anchors a 12pm newscast on weekends.

WINK News offers local and national news, investigations, weather, and sports transmission. The team also has investigative reporting and a focus on health and medical issues. WINK Fort Myers' award-winning reporters have won multiple Emmys, including the American Academy of Pediatrics' Outstanding Achievement Award. The team is proud to support local media and encourages its viewers to submit stories on the subject of their choice.

The Wink News' staff interviewed Mackynzie Gomez, a music teacher from Naples, Florida. She said that her three children have noticed the kindness Corey has shown in his community. She is also a great role model for kids, demonstrating persistence and kindness. As a result, she has been invited to join the team. A winning combination! While you're at it, watch for a special interview with Corey Lazar, Wink News Team.

Amanda Hall

WINK News anchor Amanda Hall is married to Jake Trenholm. The couple tied the knot at the Naples Yacht Club and Derek Trenholm played the wedding ceremony music. Hall and Jake met when they covered a story on returning soldiers. Despite being stationed in different states, Hall was able to cover the story and get to know the candidates. Afterwards, they dated for two years before becoming engaged in July 2011.

Before working at WINK TV, Gabe was an intern at Disney ABC Television Group. She was responsible for the news desk hotline and announcing notable stories. She also shadowed an experienced reporter named Nina Pineda, who oversaw multiple assignments. Gabe co-anchored a 12 pm newscast on weekdays and solo-anchored an evening newscast. In addition, she worked as an intern for a newsroom in Los Angeles.

The station broadcasts local news in a high-definition (1080p) format. It also features investigative reporting. WINK-TV is part of Sun Broadcasting and shares studio space with three sister networks. This newscasting network is a great source for breaking news. You can find WINK News on most cable networks. The network also streams online and on Live News Globe. While WINK-TV is an excellent choice for local news, you can also find the station on the WINK website.

For Fort Myers and the surrounding area, severe weather is a part of life here, and WINK News' weather team does its part to keep a close eye on the local weather. A 6-person team of meteorologists called the WINK News Weather Authority - a group that includes Dylan Federico, KC Sherman, Nash Rhodes and Dana Hall - devotes a significant amount of time and resources to monitoring the local weather. Through its WINK News Radar, the team is able to provide the most accurate weather coverage.

Brittany Van Voorhees

Brittany Van Voorhees is a meteorologist for Wcnc, a television station based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida and a Master of Geoscience degree from Mississippi State University. Before joining Wcnc, Brittany worked as a meteorologist for WINK (CBS) in Fort Myers, FL for three years. She is a native Charlotte resident who enjoys the outdoors, dancing, swimming, and football.

Brittany Van Voorhees is an award-winning journalist and meteorologist from the WINK News team in Fort Myers, Florida. She studied at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications, Media, and Society. While in school, Brittany was very active in clubs, organizations, and community service, including Chi Omega and Project Makeover. She is a member of the American Meteorological Society and a member of the University of Florida's Associated Student Body.

WINK's meteorologist Brittany Van Voorhees joined the team in 2014. She attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Media and Society. She later completed her graduate program at Mississippi State University, where she earned a Master of Geosciences Field Of StudyApplied Meteorology. Voorhees earns a basic salary of $92356 annually. Her net worth is estimated at between $100 and $1 million U.S. dollars.

WINK TV station is a family-owned station in Fort Myers, Florida. Its meteorologist Dylan Federico, born on March 1, 1960, recently joined the team as a Broadcast Meteorologist. In addition to Farrell, Matt Devitt will replace him as chief meteorologist, while WINK is still determining the position for the new meteorologist in the morning.

Vanessa Vinent

Vanessa Vinent is a morning anchor for the Wink News team in Los Angeles, California. She started her career at WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, Florida, where she served as a meteorologist's assistant. Her interests include art and music. She also enjoys traveling, and she is a huge fan of different climates. She has not yet revealed her height and weight.

The weather channel is one of Vanessa Vinent's biggest influences. She has always been interested in weather patterns and has become an expert on South Florida weather patterns. She graduated from Florida International University with a degree in geoscience. In addition to her love of weather, Vinent has a passion for baking and voyaging, and she has won a number of forecasting competitions. She is also a big fan of The Weather Channel.

Emma Heaton

WINK News is known for hiring on-air reporters straight out of college. In the past, the station has hired journalists from the University of Florida, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Virginia Tech, the University of Miami, and more. Ten years after the station was founded, FGCU has a journalism program. Its students have worked in the WINK news department's production team and the station is exploring the possibility of recruiting FGCU students to other roles at the station.

Despite gaining experience in her field, Heaton is excited to learn from her colleagues at WINK. She started her career as a production assistant at a small newsroom while in college. Now, she's part of the team at WINK. She'll be working on expanding the newsroom's on-air product, including adding Spanish-language content. For now, her main goal is to spread the word about other stories that would otherwise not be told.

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