How to Do Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

How to Do Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

How to Do Fractions on a Scientific Calculator

Go to https://www.calculator.net/fraction-calculator.html. If you are using a PC or Mac, you can use the desktop calculator, but you will need to convert your fractions into decimals like you would on a normal calculator. If you want to use a calculator that is specifically designed for solving fractions and will show you the steps, you can use an online calculator. This website has a variety of calculators used to solve fractions.


Many people don’t realize just how much we can do with the seemingly simple scientific calculator. It is powerful and comes with multiple functionalities that we just need to explore. For example, you can use it to solve fractions! Who would have thought?! The only problem is that many people don’t understand how to use it for fractions in the first place. Don’t worry; we are here to help.

This Casio fx-115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator is boosting the power of its 280 functions including fraction calculations. It has also a unique functionality to backtrack step by step calculation so that you can make an immediate change to your previous equation. The rich features such as base arithmetic, statistics, linear regression, complex number calculations, standard deviation, polar-rectangular conversions, and computer science are making this calculator all powerful. It is also powered with 1 LR44 battery which means it can be charged with solar panels. This calculator is suited to all types of user. Whether you are a beginner in mathematics or you are an advanced learner, this calculator can tackle most of you needs. (Source: www.fractioncalc.com)


But if you want an immediate answer without any extra thought or scratch-work, you need a calculator that can handle fractions. Note that not all scientific calculators can handle fractions natively. The ones that can have a special fraction key, e.g. the Casio that I used a long time ago in school had an "a b/c" key that allowed you to enter fractions. They would be displayed as two numbers (numerator and denominator) separated by a sort of reversed L shape. You could do any calculation you wanted with them. You could also convert between improper and mixed fractions using the same key, if I recall correctly.

The (otherwise excellent) free version of RealCalc for Android phones doesn't allow fraction computation. But I believe the paid upgrade does. Just FYI, because lots of people don't bother with dedicated scientific calculators nowadays with the easy availability of powerful phones with great scientific and mathematical apps. (Source: math.stackexchange.com)


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