How to Do Fractions on a Graphing Calculator

How to Do Fractions on a Graphing Calculator

How to Do Fractions on a Graphing Calculator

You can use a fraction in a graph as a fraction or a decimal, as per your preference. To change between these options, on the Graphing Module, press the fx button, enter your comma and have the calculator calculate the change for you.


You can also use the FRAC menu to enter mixed numbers on your TI-84 Plus calculator. As with entering fractions, press ALPHA and then Y= to bring up the FRAC menu. Then use the arrow keys to select the second option in the menu, Un/d. This brings up the template for entering a mixed number. Enter the whole number first, and then use the arrow keys to mouse through the template as you enter the numerator and denominator too.

You can also use the TI-84 Plus's mode settings to determine how your answers are shown. The default settings are that if you use fractions in an operation, the result will be shown in fractions; and that mixed numbers will be displayed as an improper fraction. To change these settings, press the MODE button. Your current settings will be highlighted on the screen. Use the arrow keys to navigate and Enter to select new settings: (Source: sciencing.com)


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You don’t need to buy a new calculator if yours doesn’t have the MATH mode or the function key. You can convert your decimal into a fraction with the help of your calculator using the steps mentioned above. (Source: www.meta-calculator.com)


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