How to Do Fractions on a Calculator App OR

How to Do Fractions on a Calculator App OR

How to Do Fractions on a Calculator App


If you’ve ever had to do fractions on a calculator app, you know what I mean when I say traditional math notation is tedious. This post will show you a system to save time and effort trying to figure out how many decimal places to use in your fraction calculations.


So I can say I finally found a fraction calculator that helps me through out my day at my high end mill work shop. I do work for clients via GC’s and major player architects that do the design and building of those who are in the Stratosphere, we are talking above high end the top of the food chain. The riches people on the world. So as you can imagine that we have to build perfection. ZERO DEFECT. That starts by knowing the many measurements that are in the 64ths. So when I need to add fractions at that level this is the calculator for the job. I love this thing. It makes my day so much more easy. Download it if you need to add fractions together. I love the layout too. It makes it really easy to input fractions and correct them when missed type. Trust me a must have out of all the many I have downloaded then deleted because it did not do what it said it would do for free. This idea the one.

The iPhone, up through iOS 6, comes with a standard calculator application. When you hold your phone in portrait mode, with the home button at the bottom, then the display for the calculator shows only basic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. However, if you rotate your iPhone into landscape mode, then the calculator application offers many more options, which will be useful for business calculations such as percentages and fractions. (Source: smallbusiness.chron.com)



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