How to Calculate Tiles Per Square Foot OR

How to Calculate Tiles Per Square Foot OR

How to Calculate Tiles Per Square Foot


This article explains how to calculate the number of tiles in square footage and what the floor plan information indicates about the size of your home.


Calculating how many tiles you'll need for your project might be challenging. A sufficient quantity of tiles must be on hand before starting any tiling project, whether it's on the walls or the floors of a large or small room. The last thing you want is to learn halfway through your tile project that you didn't order enough! Measuring correctly is by far the ideal method to avoid wasting time and money while tiling a room. It's tempting to overthink this task, but it's actually pretty straightforward. You can simply acquire the appropriate measurements for the tile you need with a few calculations and a little assistance-don't worry, a math degree isn't necessary!

Aside from the overall square footage, you may also be interested in the approximate number of tiles required to cover an area. It is extremely simple to convert the coverage area to the number of tiles! To begin, calculate the area of one tile in inches by multiplying the tile's length and width in inches. Finally, divide the calculated size of the space by the area of one tile. The result is the exact number of tiles required for the area. (Source: www.aglasiangranito.com)


- Measuring a Kitchen Backsplash – Kitchen walls are generally rectangular shaped but there are often windows, doors, appliances, and hood areas to be considered. First, calculate the area of the entire wall you plan to cover, then subtract the area of the window or other elements that are on the wall. It is easier when you divide your space into smaller sections – such as left of a range, right of a range, and so on. - Measuring a Shower – Showers can be divided into rectangular sections (which is the easy part), but if you have a niche or a bench, that’s a few extra measurements to keep track of. Separate each section by the tiles you plan to use, grouping by material to calculate the square footage needed for all surfaces. Don’t forget to include the depth of the sides of niches and windows too! If you plan to have border tiles, calculate them the same way you measured for trim above, by measuring the perimeter of the shower area and dividing the number by 12 to determine the total linear feet of border tiles needed for your design!

If the space you want to tile is an unusual shape, draw a picture of the floor plan on a piece of paper, then separate the room into squares or rectangles (like I did in the diagrams on this page). Then measure each squared-off section separately, convert inches to feet (divide by 12; you'll probably end up with a decimal), multiply the length and width of each space, then add all these numbers together to find the total square footage. (Source: dengarden.com)


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