How to Calculate Percentage Into Rupees OR

How to Calculate Percentage Into Rupees OR

How to Calculate Percentage Into Rupees


There are eleven thousand rupees in one thousand rupees. Find out how to calculate percentages in Indian rupees.


A percentage is a number or ratio that is expressed as a fraction of 100. Percentages have no dimensions. This is a fraction or ratio in which the value of the whole is depicted as 100. The percentage can be calculated by dividing the given value by actual value and multiplying with 100. The formula to calculate percentage is [(value given/total value)×100]. Percentage calculation is one of the important topics that have to be taught to students from the beginning as this topic is directly or indirectly involved in different chapters. This helps students in calculating the overall percentage of marks.

Another place that everyone uses percentage is in figuring out a tip. Tips are given to people who serve us – wait staff at a restaurant, a dog groomer, a bartender, a taxicab driver, a valet, etc. Most tips are either 15% or 20%. If you are paying for a meal and the waiter brings the bill and will pick up the bill, you can simply pay the bill plus the tip to him. However, if the waiter brings the bill and you will pay it at a cash register, you should leave the tip on the table and then go pay the bill. (Source: www.universalclass.com)


If your loan is for a very short period of time or is a personal loan from a family member, you may pay simple interest. If it is with a bank or financial institution, you will probably pay compound interest. Simple interest is calculated on the entire amount of money (called the principal) once and then the amount is divided by the number of payments and added to each payment. Compound or compounded interest is figured on the principal, then after the first payment, it is calculated on the remainder of the principal and after the next payment it is figured again on the remaining principal and so forth.

Synopsis: Free online instant calculator for finding a percentage of a number as well as reverse percentage calculations. The percent value is computed by multiplying the numeric value of the ratio by 100. To calculate a percentage of a percentage, convert both percentages to fractions of 100, or to decimals, and multiply them. (Source: www.disabled-world.com)


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