How to Add Inches

How to Add Inches

How to Add Inches

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Calculating feet and inches might seem complicated, but adding and subtracting measurements is actually really easy if you follow a few simple steps. While it’s easy to add or subtract feet and inches using a measurement calculator like the one above, if you follow a few basic steps, you can do it yourself!

When you begin learning about measurements in math class, one of the first things you learn is that there are 12 inches in a foot. When you are faced with a math problem that requires you to subtract feet and inches, you might get confused because they aren't the same numbers. This type of problem will require you to deal with the inches and feet separately. Not only do you need skills in subtracting, but depending on the problem, you might have to use adding and reasoning skills as well. (Source: sciencing.com)


To convert the fractional portion of the decimal feet and inches result (0.125) to tape measure fractional inches, you multiply the 0.125 by the denominator portion of the rounding value you selected (1/16), and then round that result (0.125 x 16 = 2) to the nearest whole number (2). This becomes the numerator of the fractional inch (2/16).

If the metric system became an universal standard for measuring things, we all can stop worrying and go to that wooden tile store to place order now. Alas, we still have to deal with feet, inches, miles, pounds, ounces and gallons (not to mention irrational numbers like pi, e and eleventeen). (Source: chandoo.org)


Calculate your total inches lost by subtracting your ending measurements for each body part from your starting measurements. Then, add the total inches lost for each body part together to get your total inches lost. For example, if your waist measured 48 inches at the start and 42 inches at the end of your workout program, you lost 6 inches in your waist.

I am trying to create a Sheets spreadsheet that is basically a construction calculator. I found the formula # #/## which works nicely to add and subtract inches and fractions of an inch. I would also like to add feet. If the result is 117.25, for example, # #/## will display 117 1/4. What is the formula to display 9 9 1/4? (Source: support.google.com)



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