How Much Tile Do I Need Calculator OR

How Much Tile Do I Need Calculator OR

How Much Tile Do I Need Calculator


Tile Calculator is a simple tool that can help you calculate the number of tiles you'll need for a floor or the amount of tile you can keep on hand. The app works by taking the amount of square feet of your floor and the amount in a square foot of tile, so this simple tool will help you figure out the amount of tile you need and what size to get.


To find how many tiles you need. The first step is to find out the area of the wall or floor on which you want to install the tiles. You can use a measuring tape to measure the area. Make sure you measure area in common unit such as foot, meter, inches, yards, millimeters or centimeters. All of these units are supported by our calculator.

Other than maintenance, tiles are also easily replaceable. Our calculator does recommend to buy at least 5% extra tiles to makeup for tiles that get damaged during installation or over time. It is a good practice to buy extra tile even if you don’t expect tiles to get damaged during installation. Because sometimes, specific design may not be available at the time, when you floor tiles get damaged. (Source: www.squarefootagearea.com)


It is a known fact that, when cutting tiles, some of them will break. Some say 1 in every 3 will break, but your ability can decrease (or increase) that number slightly. We help you take that into account by setting a wastage percentage. You can convert percent to fraction using our calculator, if you need to. Just remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

A: You’re wise to mull over your tile needs before you go shopping for materials. Whether you’re installing tile on your foyer floor or on your kitchen or bathroom walls, determining how much tile you need is an essential first step. This calculation will help you ensure adequate tile coverage, budget accordingly for the project, and avoid return trips to your local home center. Conveniently, the steps for determining your tile needs are the same regardless of surface, so grab a measuring tape and a calculator and get started! (Source: www.bobvila.com)


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