How Many Years Is a Century

How Many Years Is a Century

How Many Years Is a Century


I was discussing this with a friend, who’s from a different country, not America. His country is more than a hundred years old, so he was surprised when I said it was only a century. He was also insulted. He thought that didn’t sound right. But my question is, “How many years is a century?


There are 100 years in a century. While a century can technically describe any period of 100 years, it’s typically defined as starting with a year that ends in one and ending in a year that ends in 00 or 100. For example, the 20th century began in 1901 and ended in 2000. The 21st century began in 2001 and will end in 2100. This measurement of time is based on the Gregorian calendar or New Style Calendar that most of the world uses today. Each century is made up of 10 decades, a series of 10 years. Like centuries, decades can cover any period of 10 years. But when referencing the Gregorian calendar, a decade begins in a year that ends with one and ends with a year that ends in 0. For example, the 1990s officially began in 1991 and ended in 2000. However, it’s more common for people to start and end a year earlier. In this case, the 1990s began in 1990 and ended in 1999.

Both centuries and decades are made up of years. A year is a period of 12 months that begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. Each year is also made up of about 365.25 days. However, most people consider a year to last only 365 days. So, every four years, those four extra quarters come together to create a year that lasts 366 days. This is called a leap year. A year is also the period of time that it takes for the Earth to revolve around the sun. Perhaps many are blessed to reach a Century their age nowadays especially now that we are struggling in pandemic always eat nutritious foods to keep the body strong and healthy, avoid unhealthy foods such as junk foods, alcohol and other luxuries, avoid crowded place and wear face masks and bring alcohol every time. Take care of yourself and make it a habit to pray and give thanks for every day that you wake up and get up because life is a blessing. God bless!!! (Source: howigotjob.com)


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