How many ounces are in a gallon?

How many ounces are in a gallon?

Are you looking for a simple answer which you can remember while you are working in the kitchen?  How many ounces are in a gallon, and how many quarts are in a cup? Typically most of the women find their selves stuck in the middle of making something in the kitchen. It's often the measurements that cause this problem. If your ingredient is measured with the right tool, you will never face any issues while cooking but if you don't know What does math mean then you are stuck, my Dear!

In this article, you will find the answers to how many ounces are in a gallon. We have also attached a free printable liquid conversion chart, which you can easily use in your kitchen for different measurements.

There are different measurements for different units. There are 128 ounces in each gallon.

1 Gallon = 128 oz(Ounce) US

Whether you are cooking along with a written recipe or following the regular one, there's always an easy tension between deciding what to use and how much to add?  Some measurements are accessible with your six senses; others might need an authentic resource to confirm the size and Convertounces to a gallon. But don't give up. Un easy things often turned out to be excellent. Add the right amount of each ingredient. 

In this guide, we'll look closely are the very commonly asked Cooking measurements and how many ounces are in a gallon, Quartsin a gallon, and how to make sense that when to add and what to add and how much to add. A straightforward scenario of gallons and ounces is often confusing. Do you also need to know how many quarts are in a cup, Ouncesin a gallon? Check out this blog!

When you think about finding how many ounces are in a gallon unit, What are ounce and quart, you need to understand you can quickly see a measure other liquids that are way more difficult to measure appropriately.


For instance: When you are in the kitchen and need to add ice-cream in each cup equally, how may you find the solution? You will need a Spoon to measure it correctly and know how many ice-cream spoons are in an ice-cream gallon.

Ice-cream is not a liquid ingredient nor wet; however, a semi-solid mass. To clarify, the measurements that we will use for a gallon of water will not be the same for ice-cream. Generally, a scoop of ice-cream equals 4 ounces of ice-cream. Which means a gallon of ice-cream is equals to 32 spoons.

Cooking Measurements:

Recipes and measurements are brutal. It might ruin your dream of having a perfect dinner at home. Most of the time, the quantities are not specified. Usually, what matters the most is maintaining the relative amounts of each ingredient in balance with other ingredients, and this art comes from experience. Math teachers did this job very well. Here's a shortlist of some beneficial tips which might help you with kitchen weights and measures.

Top tips for weight and measures


Always follow the original recipe:

If you stay with the original recipe, you might save much time for conversion. You can quickly cook in time.

Invest in Good measuring tools: First of all, we don't recommend you to buy expensive measuring equipment; however, if your recipes are turning out right by using jugs, cups, and weighing scales, you don't need to buy expensive stuff. However, some professional recipes need accurate measuring equipment, and for that, you need to invest a handsome amount in getting the right measuring tool for your delicious recipes.

Always use the accurate Scale:

Accuracy is essential and should be adopted in our daily routine. Use appropriate Scale to measure even small measurements.

The less, The More Rule:

With herbs and spices in cooking, the less, the more rule should be applied. Try to add less because you can add more later but cannot take it out quickly. 

Be Consistent: Try not to mix all the ingredients at the same time. Add little by little and use the same measuring equipment throughout the recipe.


Printable Cooking conversion table (U.S.)





1 milliliter


1 ml

One cc of water

1 teaspoon




1 tablespoon



3 tsp

1 fluid ounce

fl oz


2 tbsp

1 cup


237 ml

8 fl oz

1 pint (Imperial)

Imp pt


2 cups

1 pint (U.S.)

U.S. pt


2 cups

1 quart (Imperial)

Imp qt

1,137 ml

2 Imp pts

1 quart (U


U.S. qt

946 ml

2 U.S. pts

1 liter



1.8 Imp pts
2.1 US pts

1 gram


1 gr

Weight of 1 cc water

1 ounce


28 gr


1 etto



3 oz

1 pound



16 oz

1 kilogram


1,000 gr

2.2 lb
Weight of 1 liter of water




Gallons To Ounces Chart



1 Gallon =

128 Ounce

2 Gallon =

256 Ounce

3 Gallon =

384 Ounce

4 Gallon =

512 Ounce

5 Gallon =

640 Ounce

6 Gallon =

768 Ounce

7 Gallon =

896 Ounce

8 Gallon =

1024 Ounce

9 Gallon =

1152 Ounce

10 Gallon =

1280 Ounce

11 Gallon =

1408 Ounce

12 Gallon =

1536 Ounce

13 Gallon =

1664 Ounce

14 Gallon =

1792 Ounce

15 Gallon =

1920 Ounce

16 Gallon =

2048 Ounce

17 Gallon =

2176 Ounce

18 Gallon =

2304 Ounce

19 Gallon =

2432 Ounce

20 Gallon =

2560 Ounce


·       A gallon is equivalent to US 128 fluid ounces.

·       A gallon is equivalent to 4 quarters.

·       A gallon is equivalent to 8 pints.

·       A gallon is equivalent to 16 pegs (or glasses of alcohol)

If you may ask, “how many ounces are there in half a gallon? Here’s the answer

·       A half-gallon is equivalent to U.S. 64 fluid ounces.

·       A half-gallon is equivalent to 2 quarters.

·       A half-gallon is equivalent to 4 pints.

·       A half-gallon is equivalent to 8 pegs (or glasses of alcohol).










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