How many minutes in a day

How many minutes in a day

What’s a SECOND?

before we get into how many seconds there are in an afternoon, allow’s speak approximately what a second is. A second is our base unit of time—base, however now not smallest. A base unit is a unit described on its own terms upon which other devices are primarily based. that means that all our other devices, together with mins, hours, nanoseconds, and so on, are all primarily based on seconds. We talk about hours in phrases of minutes, however, mins are based on seconds, bringing us back to the bottom unit.

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A 2d was once based totally on earth’s rotation cycle, with one 2d being 1/86,400 of the common sun day. Now that we understand more about how the Earth rotates—and that the velocity at which it rotates is slowing down—we now use a more correct technique. We base a second off of the radiation cycles of a cesium-133 atom, frequently called an “atomic clock.”


due to the fact our astronomical year varies in the period, we additionally now and again add “soar seconds” to the clock to keep higher time, or we’d sooner or later come to be with time being way off of where it should be. including seconds is rare, and doesn’t definitely alternate the time—all it does is keep us consistent. however, the one's unmarried jump seconds remember, maintaining us on target so that some ignored seconds doesn’t grow to be a missed minute or hour or day over the years.


body_pocketwatchThe palms on a clock move in seconds, minutes, and hours, which are all, in some ways, measures of seconds.

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how many Seconds in a day?

Now that we recognize what a 2nd virtually is—an arbitrary dimension of time used to calculate other, large units of time—we are able to begin considering what number of it takes to make up all the other time units.


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how many Seconds in a Minute

the largest unit after seconds is a minute. There are 60 seconds in a single minute. Why? no person’s absolutely sure, however, it goes all the way returned to ancient Babylon.


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what number of Seconds in an Hour

you can already recognize that there are 60 mins in an hour, however, what number of seconds is that? To discern it out, we’ll want to multiply.


60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in a single hour means that 1hour=60*60. Calculate that out and also you’ll locate that 1 hour = three, six hundred seconds.


The way to Calculate Seconds back and forth

It takes some memorization, but it’s not hard to calculate seconds into mins, hours, days, or maybe years; you could even cross in the opposite! as an instance, if you understand that something will take 120 seconds but aren’t positive how many mins this is, you clearly divide through 60, the variety of seconds in a minute.


Likewise, if you want to recognize what number of seconds are in three days, first you’ll want to calculate what number of mins there are in 3 days. three days is 72 hours (24hours*3days), equal to four,320 minutes (72hours*60minutes), or 259,200 seconds (four,320minutes*60seconds).

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you could do that for sincerely big numbers, too. how many seconds are in a month? nicely, the average month is 30.42 days. a day is 24 hours, so the common month is 730.08 hours (30.42days*24hours). 730.08 hours is identical to forty three,804.eight minutes (730.08hours*60minutes), or 2,628,288 seconds (forty three,804.8minutes*60seconds).

1 day is not 24 hours! it is a chunk less. honestly for mins less than 24 hours. So, one day is 23 hours and fifty-six minutes.

All you have to is a parent that there are 24 hours in an afternoon. Then there are 60 minutes in an hour. that could be 24 x 60 = 1440 so that makes 1440 minutes in a day. to apply conversion factors 1 day/24 hours. Then multiply that with the aid of 1 hour/60 mins. 1 day/24 hours x 1 hour/60 minutes. So hours divided by way of hours cancel every different out. so you have 1 day has 1,a hundred and forty minutes.

23 hours =23×60 mins,

23 hours is 1380

1380 mins.

sooner or later is 23

23 hrs and 60

This 1 day =1380+60 minutes

eventually, we get, an afternoon is equal to 1440

1440 mins.

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Alternately, you can arrive at the precise same solution through lowering four mins from 1440 minutes, i.e 24 hours - four minutes.

pretty clean query with a quite precise solution but I’ll write one anyway.


smooth. First, you need to recognize this:


That a day has 24 hours

And a 1 hour has 3600 seconds

Now, you’ll multiply the two.

24*3600 = 86.four hundred seconds

for the reason that effects are in seconds, you need to divide that by means of 60 (a minute) to transform it to mins.

86.four hundred/60 = 1,440 minutes

There you have got it.

wish I helped, Cheers mate!

Or you may simply overlook all of this and multiply 24*60 = 1,440 mins

There it's miles.

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