How many liters in a gallon

How many liters in a gallon


The gallon (gal) could be a unit of measuring for measuring liquid capacity. it's employed in both US customary and British imperial systems of measurements. There are three different sizes of gallons used today. The gallon is 4.54 liters and customary within the Commonwealth states and a few Caribbean nations. The US gallon is about 3.785 liters and customary within the us and geographic area. The U.S dry gallon is about 4.405 Litres or 1⁄8 US bushel.

The Imperial Gallon

The imperial or UK gallon could be a unit of measurement exactly 4.54609 liters or 277.42 cubic inches. it's common within the Commonwealth countries and a few Caribbean states. The gallon was initially supported 10 pounds which translates to 4.54kg of water at 17 °C. The imperial fluid ounce weighs 1⁄160 of the congius. An Imperial gallon is split into four quarts, each quart is consisting of two pints, and every pint consists of 20 imperial fluid ounces.

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US Liquid Gallon

One US gallon is defined as 3.7854 liters or 231 cubic inches. At 62°F (17°C), a US liquid gallon of water is equal to 3.78 kgs or 8.34 pounds. It is 16.6% lighter compared to the imperial gallon. However, just like the imperial gallon, a US gallon is divided into four quarts, each quart is divided into two pints, and each pint contains 16 US fluid ounces. Therefore, it takes 128 US fluid ounces to fill a US liquid gallon. It is common to specify the temperature at which the material will weigh or occupy a particular volume. This is done to overcome the change in volume or mass that results from change in temperature. In the US, the weight of alcoholic and petroleum products are defined as 60°F (16°C).

US Gallons

The US dry gallon is equal to an eight of the Winchester bushel, 268.8025 cubic inches, or 4.4.5 liters.

1 Gallon [Fluid, US] = 3.7854118 Liters

1 Gallon [Dry, US] = 4.4048838 Liters

Gallons to Liters Problem

What is the volume of a 5 gallon bucket in liters?


1 gallon = 3.785 liters

Set up the conversion so the desired unit will be cancelled out. In this case, we want liters to be the remaining unit.

volume in L = (volume in gal) x (3.785 L/1 gal)

volume in L = (5 x 3.785) L

volume in L = 18.925 L

In other word, there are about 4x more liters when you convert from gallons.


A 5 gallon bucket contains 18.925 liters.

Liters to Gallon Conversion

You can use the same conversion factor to convert liters to gallons or you can use:

1 liter = 0.264 US gallons

To find how many gallons are in 4 liters, for example:

gallons = 4 liters x 0.264 gallons/liter

The liters cancel out, leaving the gallon unit:

4 liters = 1.056 gallons

Keep this in mind: there are about 4 liters per US gallo

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