How many apps do I have: Mobile Apps

How many apps do I have: Mobile Apps


How many apps do I have: Mobile Apps

How many apps do I have?

This is a great question that I am frequently asked. I can memorize the number of apps that I have by the alphabet. I have about 2000 apps. You might have a few different answers.

To find the total number of installed apps which includes both the system apps and the downloaded apps. Click to open the Settings app on your android phone. (Source: gadgetroyale.com)

You can also check the number of downloaded apps on your android phone or tablet. Maybe you want to know the total number of apps you downloaded and installed on your android phone. That’s an easy thing to do, and it requires the use of the Google Play Store. (Source: gadgetroyale.com)

Mobile Apps

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There are over 1. 6 billion mobile apps in the world, so why not get in on the action? Whether you want to download one app or over 4 million mobile apps, the mobile apps' industry is booming. Within the mobile industry, app creators are raking in the dough. Many app creators use crowdfunding to fund their idea, and where did you know crowdfunding came from?

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As of March 26, 2017, at 1:40 AM, there were 1. 2 million apps and games and the market was worth $28 billion. An app and a game could be made available on one or more platforms. And, conversely, an application could be dedicated to a single platform.

Android Phone

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The number of apps you have depends on your mobile device. Below is a list of the apps per device. Remember, most devices have multiple apps, so they may not all be listed below. On a tablet, you have a slightly different number of apps depending on the size of the screen.


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