How Far Can a Business Jet Fly in 2023?

How Far Can a Business Jet Fly in 2023?


how far can a business jet fly  2023

If you are going to need to fly a business jet in 2023, you need to understand how far you can get. That way, you can choose the best model to suit your needs. For example, you can buy a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner or a Dassault Falcon 8X. You can also look for a Bombardier Global 8000 or an Embraer Legacy 500. Choosing the right model will ensure your business jet reaches its destination safely.

Bombardier Global 8000

Global 8000 is a new business jet from Bombardier. The aircraft has been designed to meet the demands of the modern passenger. It is a four-zone cabin business jet that features a spacious cabin with an array of advanced features.

Bombardier is currently conducting flight tests of the aircraft, and is expected to begin service in 2025. The new jet will be able to fly up to 8,000 nautical miles. In addition to the long-range capability, the Global 8000 can be configured to seat 13 or 19 passengers.

The interior of the aircraft will offer large windows, large screens, and comfortable beds. Additionally, the aircraft will have a large galley, six-seat meeting and dining area, and a large wardrobe. These features are part of what make the aircraft unique.

The cabin of the Global 8000 will feature the Nuage seat, a unique piece of furniture that can be used as a seat, a stool, or even a small table. Designed to provide maximum control, the seat also offers a zero gravity position.

The aircraft has been equipped with a pair of GE Passport engines that crank out 18,920 pounds of thrust. This power provides the aircraft with a maximum speed of 0.94 Mach. While this speed will not be competitive with the Gulfstream G800 or the Falcon 10X, it is more than 300 nm faster than the Global 7500.

Global 8000 is also equipped with the revolutionary Smooth Flex Wing technology, which offers a smooth ride and maximum control. The wing has a swept wing design that improves climb performance. The aircraft will also feature a full-size bed and a private lavatory with a stand-up shower.

Bombardier has been designing and building industry-defining business jets since the 1970s. With hundreds of Challengers and Globals in service, the company has established itself as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The Global 8000 is expected to be one of the fastest business jets in the world. The aircraft's range will be a key factor in its success. It will be able to travel from Los Angeles to Singapore, and from Houston to Dubai, without having to stop.

Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner

There is an exciting new generation of widebody business jets coming to the market in the next few years. These aircraft will provide passengers with a new level of comfort and fuel economy.

One of the most popular options is the Boeing 787. This aircraft uses advanced alloys and composites to produce an efficient aircraft that offers more room for passengers. It is also equipped with high-bypass 10:1 ratio engines that contribute to increased efficiency.

In addition to offering a large number of seats, the Dreamliner has a cabin that offers better comfort and flexibility. Passengers can enjoy an open-cabin design or a three-class cabin layout. Typically, a Dreamliner will seat up to 259 people.

With the ability to fly over 16,000 kilometers (9,000 miles), the Boeing 787 is a great choice for long-distance flights. For example, the 787-8 can fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles and vice versa nonstop.

The 787 can also fly to smaller regional airports. The luggage bins can pivot upward for easy loading. The cabin has a maximum take-off weight of 219,540 kilograms.

Another option is the Gulfstream G650ER, which can carry 19 people and has powerful Rolls Royce turbofans. Aside from the power of the engine, the cabin of the G650ER features a full lavatory and dining area.

The Gulfstream G659ER has a range of 7,500 nautical miles. It also features a huge bathroom that includes a walk-in shower.

Another impressive option is the Falcon 10X. This jet is considered to be one of the longest-range aircraft. It can fly up to 14,500 kilometers (9,600 miles) and offers the most advanced inflight connectivity technology. Among the other features in the cabin are large panoramic windows and a state-of-the-art environmental control system.

Finally, the 777x has 11,645 nautical miles of range and offers passengers a range of up to 7,200 kilometers (4,200 miles). Although these are some of the most luxurious business jets on the market, they are also expensive. Without personalization, a 777x will cost over 336 million euros.

As for the upcoming Boeing BBJ 787-8, Kestrel Aviation Management unveiled the first VVIP-equipped aircraft at EBACE 2016. This luxury private jet has 2,400 square feet of cabin space. Guests can choose from a variety of seating arrangements, including captain-style recliner chairs and a full banquet-style dining room table.

Dassault Falcon 8X

If you're in the market for a three-engine business jet that can fly from New York to Dubai and Singapore, then you should look into the Dassault Falcon 8X. It's an ideal solution for long-range travel that's also very fuel-efficient.

The aircraft is available in three variants, each with different amenities. You can choose between a cabin that's a bit larger than the Falcon 7X's, or a smaller one that's more like the G500. In addition, there are various add-ons you can choose from to customize your aircraft.

Although the aircraft will be introduced in the fall of this year, it won't be delivered to owners until 2023. That's because Dassault has decided to build a new maintenance center in Florida. This will allow the company to work on more than 18 Falcon models at the same time.

The Falcon 8X will be equipped with a brand-new cockpit and dual head-up displays (HUDs) for improved navigation and landing in near-zero-zero conditions. Meanwhile, the company has begun production on the first fuselage parts.

Among its key features is a redesigned internal wing architecture that gives it more room for fuel. These upgrades will allow it to carry more passengers, as well as improve its efficiency.

The Falcon 8X's flight range is about 500 nautical miles longer than the Falcon 7X. Its nonstop range from New York City to Dubai and Singapore is about 6,450 nautical miles. Plus, the jet's landing gear has been reinforced to give it additional payload.

Another innovative feature is a vision system that's called FalconEye. The system helps the pilot land in bad weather, as well as in low-visibility situations. Combined with synthetic terrain mapping and camera images, the system allows for safer approaches to difficult surroundings.

All these upgrades have come together to create a unique combination of long-range performance and flexibility. The cabin is spacious, as well as quiet.

While the Dassault Falcon 8X has been gaining momentum in the business aviation world, it's not yet available for sale. However, you can expect to hear more about it during the MEBAA trade show in Dubai this week.

Embraer Legacy 500

If you are looking for a high-performance, mid-size business jet, you should consider the Embraer Legacy 500. The Legacy is an absolute industry leader in its class. Not only is it technologically advanced, but it is also highly efficient and reliable.

With the latest features, such as full fly-by-wire controls, cabin pressurization, and advanced power management, the Legacy is able to deliver the best in performance and safety. For example, it has an autothrottle system that helps the pilot avoid overspeed, a flight stability mode that keeps the aircraft from yawing excessively, and a normal mode that protects against overspeed and overbanking.

With its short takeoff and landing distances, the Legacy 500 is capable of a non-stop flight from New York to London. It can also operate from many smaller airports.

In addition to its impressive range, the Legacy has many other advantages. For example, it has a lower cost of operation. This means that the pilot can spend less time in the hangar. Also, its fuel efficiency is the highest of any mid-sized jet.

The Legacy has an elegant and spacious cockpit. Its windows are arranged in a manner that ensures each passenger has a good view. At the same time, the design allows for plenty of room for bags. A galley, externally serviced lavatory, and stand-up cabin create a comfortable environment for passengers.

Compared to some of its competitors, the Legacy is quieter. This makes the aircraft ideal for flights of up to five hours.

The Legacy has a high service ceiling of 45,000 feet. Its maximum cruise speed is 550 mph. Although its range is limited, it can still travel to destinations such as Mumbai and Casablanca.

The Legacy's main purpose is to provide maximum safety for its passengers. The aircraft has a 68-foot-long wingspan. Moreover, the wings have been swept at a 27-degree angle.

With an estimated price of $20 million, the Embraer Legacy 500 was priced at the top of its category. Shortly after its introduction, it entered service. It became Embraer's 1,000th aircraft delivered.

How Many Boeing Business Jets Are There 2023?

how many boeing business jets are there  2023

How many business jets is Boeing planning to produce in the next 20 years? Well, it's safe to say that there will be a lot of them. You will see the BBJ 747, 777X, and 737 Max among them. This is a very exciting time for airplane enthusiasts.


A new addition to the successful family of business jets, the BBJ 737 MAX 2023 will offer improved range, more cargo capacity, and a lower cabin altitude. This family of single-aisle aircraft is powered by CFM International LEAP-1B turbofans. They are designed with split-tip winglets to increase fuel efficiency by 14% compared to other single-aisle airplanes.

The BBJ MAX is the first in the series to use a Boeing-developed Advanced Technology winglet. The winglet will increase range and reduce air turbulence. It will also be the first to feature CFM International's LEAP-1B turbofans. These engines have a 9:1 bypass ratio and 18-bladed carbon-fiber fan blades.

As of June, there are approximately 3,200 orders for the Max family. Despite the grounding of the Max in 2014 due to two fatal crashes, Boeing has maintained all delivery commitments to date. Several hundred more orders are expected soon.

BBJ MAX 8 has a larger cabin, which is 19 feet longer than the current BBJ2. BBJ MAX 8 also has three times the cargo space and a range of 6,325nm. The cabin is able to maintain a low cabin altitude of 6,500ft even at 41,000ft.

The BBJ family can be equipped with personal bedrooms, dining and living rooms, and conference room. Typical interior configuration includes a private office, executive office, and fitness center. Some models are fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks, which extend the range of the BBJ.

The BBJ MAX is set to begin its rollout in 2017. Customers can expect to start flying the first BBJ MAX in 2017. BBJ Max 7 and BBJ MAX 9 are currently under development. There are two new BBJ Max aircraft to be delivered in the first quarter of 2017 and another two in the second quarter.

With an auxiliary fuel tank in the cargo compartment, the BBJ Max is capable of long range flights. The Max's design range of 6,600nm is slightly less than the current BBJ2, but the additional fuel capacity is a major contributor to the MAX's high range. BBJ Max 7 has an average cabin pressure of 5,600ft.

BBJ 777X

The Boeing BBJ 777X is an ultra-long range business jet, which can travel half way around the world without stopping. It features a spacious cabin that can accommodate 425 passengers. These twin-engine planes are powered by a GE9X high-bypass turbofan engine.

These airplanes can fly up to 16,110 kilometers, which makes them the longest commercial flights in the world. They are expected to be in service by the end of the decade.

Boeing Business Jets is currently building its first BBJ 777X for test flight in Everett, Washington. This is the largest twin-engine passenger aircraft in the world, and it is expected to enter service by late 2023.

Although Boeing has not disclosed how many orders it expects to receive for BBJ 777X, it is expected to build its orderbook as the flight-test program matures. In the Middle East, private aviation clients account for nearly half of all BBJ orders. Other major buyers include the oil-rich rulers of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as UAE-based Emirates.

The BBJ 777X offers a number of amenities, including a full galley and showers. Additionally, it provides the ability to video-conference in the air. Moreover, the cabin has an innovative digital cabin control system, which gives passengers a unique and comfortable experience.

Among other features, the BBJ 777X boasts an advanced lighting system. Additionally, the aircraft's wings feature a folding wingtip, which is a new feature that allows the wings to fold into the fuselage. As for the cabin, a full galley and a spacious 20-foot-wide cabin are just a few of the amenities.

The Boeing BBJ 777X is a perfect solution for long-distance VIP travel. It has a spacious cabin, which can accommodate large groups of executives. Moreover, the cabin has a full galley and a digital cabin control system that is capable of video-conferencing in the air.

While the Boeing 777X has yet to make its maiden voyage, its first test flight took place in January 2020. Boeing hopes to have the airplane certified in late 2023.

Boeing 777X will be available in two versions, one for business travelers and another for passengers. Both planes feature a spacious cabin, which can be customized to meet the buyer's needs.

BBJ 777-8

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) is one of the most popular aircraft companies for private aviation. Its portfolio includes high performance versions of the 737, 777 and 787 Dreamliner.

The company has sold 261 BBJs worldwide, and has delivered 234 of them. Middle Eastern countries account for 52% of the total number of orders. Some of the largest BBJ customers include Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who ordered the A380 superjumbo, and Kuwait. Among the other notable buyers are Air India and Qatar Airways.

In May, the first BBJ MAX was delivered in Basel, Switzerland. The 777X has been delayed for a variety of reasons, but Boeing hopes to launch the 777X in 2025.

The first BBJ 777X for the VIP market is expected to be ready in two years. Once the 777X is certified by the FAA, it will be available for sale. However, the company expects to continue to offer its VIP variants of the older 777s.

At the show, Boeing displayed a BBJ 777X demonstrator, which showcases some of the features of the new aircraft. It features a separate dining room, lounge area and private office with a berthable divan. The interior design was completed by Switzerland's AMAC Aerospace.

Compared to the competition, the 777X's cabin offers a huge amount of space. According to Boeing, the new model has a cabin of 3,689 square feet. This size allows for almost unlimited design options. Moreover, the cabin can accommodate a large staff and communications and security teams.

Several interior features are also designed to enhance comfort and convenience. For example, a steam shower, a sauna and a Jacuzzi are all available. These amenities can add about US$90 million to the cost of the jet.

Boeing aims to ramp up production to 38 narrowbody jets per month during the first half of 2023. As the certification process moves forward, the company expects to see orders increase.

One interesting feature is the BBJ 777X's long range. The new aircraft can fly 8,700 nautical miles. This is more than twice the range of the current model. Moreover, a 777X can takeoff and land at the same airport.

BBJ 747

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Private Jet Aircraft series delivers luxury, efficiency, and security for the private jet market. It is a family of ultra-large-cabin, long-range aircraft, typically seating from 25 to 50 passengers. These planes are offered with a number of interior configurations, including executive offices, living and dining rooms, a fitness center, and a board room or conference area. They are also equipped with two bathrooms and a laundry.

The BBJ family was designed to meet the needs of head of state customers. With a variety of options, these aircraft can be outfitted with custom interior furnishings to suit any taste or budget. However, some of the most popular features of the BBJ family are the separate galley, the VIP bedroom, and the two lavatories with full-sized showers.

Although the BBJ has been based on the 737-700, it offers three variations: the BBJ 737-7, BBJ 737-8, and BBJ 737-9. Compared to the original BBJ 737, these aircraft have a lower cabin altitude, new CFM LEAP-1B engines, and improved aerodynamics.

The BBJ 777X is the world's largest twin-engine plane. It is also the first green business jet to enter the marketplace. It is the newest version of the BBJ family and will be available in -8 and -9 variants.

The BBJ 777X family is currently undergoing certification before entry-service. Despite the cost of the initial investment, BBJ 777X will be 30% less to operate than the competition. Additionally, it offers the largest cabin and the longest range. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced systems and a number of high-performance features.

Since its launch in 1996, Boeing Business Jets has delivered 234 jets on 261 orders. Of these, four BBJs were ordered this year. In addition, the company has entered advanced negotiations for widebody BBJ contracts.

While the BBJ family is being developed, Boeing has a number of licensed completion centers worldwide. This includes firms such as Jet Aviation and Unique Aircraft Design.

In addition to offering the BBJ 777X, the company is also working to improve fuel consumption by reducing the weight of the carbon brakes. A smaller, lighter weight set of brakes can save up to 320 pounds of CO2 emissions. Also, a structural improvement will reduce fuel use by 1%.

Business Jets 2023

boeing business jet private jets  2023

In the next decade, there will be a number of new business jets for you to choose from. These will include the JSX, the TwoTwenty, and the 777X. Before you decide which one to take, make sure you are familiar with the features of each.


JetSuiteX, or JSX, is a new type of air carrier that is redefining transportation. Originally launched in Seattle to accommodate the needs of tech-savvy travelers, JSX has expanded its route network. Now, it offers one-stop flights between popular drive-able destinations in California, Arizona, and Texas.

A JSX flight is the ultimate in convenience. It allows passengers to arrive up to 20 minutes before the flight to avoid the hassle of traditional airports. Passengers also have the option of handing over their car keys to the valet. These passengers can enjoy a premium onboard experience. With free gourmet snacks, onboard cocktails, and at least 36 inches of legroom, JSX flights provide an unparalleled level of comfort.

The airline offers a limited service, but its fleet of Embraer jets are capable of seating 50 passengers. JSX's planes have leather seats and tray tables that are away from knees. Each row has power outlets.

JSX is one of the most affordable semi-private travel options. Fares start at $99 per person one-way. This includes two checked bags and free gourmet snacks. You can book a seat on a JSX flight by calling 800-iFLYJSX.

JSX currently flies between six airports: Los Angeles International Airport, Burbank Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, San Diego International Airport, Dallas Love Field, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. In April, the airline was confirmed as a launch air carrier for SpaceX's Starlink. JSX plans to expand its routes this winter.

JSX's new ad campaign features everyday people enjoying extra time. Filmed by award-winning director Anton Visser, the campaign illustrates the joy of walking up to an aircraft.

Travelers can take advantage of discounted by-the-seat fares starting at $149 each way through January 7, 2023. They can also switch names on their tickets up to 60 minutes before departure.

Citation Latitude

The Cessna Citation Latitude is a mid-size business jet that provides comfortable travel for executive passengers. It is also designed to provide state-of-the-art flight with the latest in avionics technology.

It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW306D1 turbofan engines. They are rated at 5,907 pounds of thrust each. This allows the aircraft to climb to 43,000 feet in just 26 minutes.

The cabin of the Citation Latitude is spacious and comfortable. In fact, it is the most comfortable Citation in history. Featuring a flat floor, 6 feet of headroom, and a 21 foot long cabin, the aircraft is built to fit your every need.

Citation Latitudes can accommodate up to nine passengers. With a maximum range of 2,850 nautical miles, the aircraft can take you to destinations throughout the United States and Europe. The aircraft is equipped with a range of Wi-Fi, mobile phone access, and a state-of-the-art avionics system.

The cabin of the Citation Latitude features a flat floor, a fully enclosed air-tight cabin, and a receptacle for 1,245 pounds of luggage. A full-length lavatory, a bar/refreshment center, and an ice drawer are also included.

The interior of the Citation Latitude is equipped with a high-tech cabin management system. Passengers can control cabin features on their mobile devices, and can adjust temperatures and climate controls from the comfort of their seat. Powered by a GARMIN G5000 avionics suite, the cockpit of the aircraft is equipped with synthetic vision technology that gives a virtual reality perspective of obstacles and traffic.

Several operators quickly added the Citation Latitude to their fleets. The aircraft is ideal for executives flying to smaller airports and business hubs.

Cessna is a leader in the mid-size business jet market. The company's latest aircraft, the Citation Latitude, offers class-leading performance capabilities and an advanced cabin management system to keep passengers connected.


The BBJ 777X is the longest-range business jet available. It can fly more than halfway across the globe without refueling. This is a great choice for VIPs on long-haul flights, and it is also the best choice for groups of executives on international charters.

With a range of 13,400 miles, the BBJ 777X can travel between virtually any two major cities in the world. In fact, it can fly from London to Dubai in under seven minutes.

The BBJ 777X has a spacious cabin. It can be customized to the buyer's wishes. Boeing offers a variety of interior design options. Some of these include a luxurious wood paneling, separate vanities, and stand-up showers.

The BBJ 777X cabin is approximately 3,256 square feet. Depending on the size and number of passengers, it can hold up to 425 people. These aircraft have ample space to accommodate even the largest families and corporate teams.

The BBJ 777X also has a dual-axis stability system to ensure that the aircraft has an exceptionally smooth ride. A grand entry facility makes it easy to get into the 777X.

Customers expect a high level of service and reliability from Boeing Business Jets. The BBJ 777X is designed to match their expectations. BBJ offers unrivaled worldwide support. As the certification process moves forward, orders should grow.

The BBJ 777X is currently being tested by Boeing, and the first prototype aircraft is expected to take to the skies in the year 2020. In late 2023, the BBJ 777X should be ready for commercial use.

Boeing has contacted three leading interiors firms to provide design concepts for the BBJ 777X. They include Jet Aviation, Unique Aircraft Design, and Greenpoint Technologies.


In a move to compete with the high-end private jet market, Airbus has unveiled a new ultra-long-range business jet called ACJ TwoTwenty. The aircraft is based on the successful A220 airliner.

It is a new aircraft designed for personal luxury and connectivity at a reasonable price. Airbus claims the aircraft will be the most environmentally friendly in its class. This is possible due to the aircraft's fuel-efficient engines.

As part of the program, Airbus will also work with Comlux Aviation to develop the interiors of the first 15 TwoTwentys. These cabins will have different seating and other options for passengers.

Airbus is planning to launch the TwoTwenty business jet in the late 2020s. The aircraft will be available to buyers in the $70-$80 million segment. However, it is not yet clear how many of the planes will be purchased.

Airbus says the new TwoTwenty will be the world's most eco-friendly aircraft in its class. It is built with fuel-efficient engines and advanced materials, ensuring that it is light and durable.

The TwoTwenty's range is 5,650 nautical miles. Compared to other private jets of its size, the ACJ TwoTwenty will be 25% less fuel-burning, which makes it more environmentally-friendly.

Airbus is targeting this aircraft as an alternative to Gulfstream's G700 and 7500 models. The aircraft is capable of flying full seats, which can give travelers more flexibility when they are traveling for business.

The cabin of the TwoTwenty is more spacious than the average 737. In addition to the seating, there is a king-sized bed and an eight-guest table for gourmet meals.

As a result, the ACJ TwoTwenty can fly for more than 12 hours without a break. This is one reason why Airbus claims it will be the quietest business jet in its class.

Charter Jet One

Charter Jet One is a private jet charter company that can help you find the perfect jet to buy or rent. They have over 150 private aircraft in their charter fleet in New York and New Jersey.

If you're planning on taking a flight in a private jet, you'll want to choose a plane that will make you feel like you're traveling in style. You'll also need to consider what you'll be using the aircraft for.

A Boeing Business Jet is a great choice for travelers who are looking for luxury. This aircraft features a large cabin, a number of luxurious amenities, and a long range.

It can accommodate a variety of passengers, including executive groups. The cabin can be customized with a private office and conference rooms. There's even a room for sleeping.

The cabin is spacious and can be configured to accommodate more than nineteen passengers. In addition to the standard comforts of a private jet, the BBJ offers more than six thousand nautical miles of nonstop travel.

While the BBJ has a maximum takeoff weight of 171,000 pounds, it can still fly at an impressive speed. The aircraft has dual CFM56-B27 turbofans that deliver over 24,000 pounds of thrust.

The aircraft's interior is designed to accommodate a variety of different passengers, including two temperature control zones. Passengers have access to a shower and dining facilities.

Another important factor to consider when buying a private jet is the payload. Unlike other private aircraft, the BBJ has a relatively small weight, which means it can carry a larger payload.

The BBJ is an excellent choice for traveling between the United States and Europe. In fact, it can also be a good choice for flights to the Caribbean.

Who Owns the Boeing 737 Max 2023?

who owns boeing 737 max  2023

If you're planning to buy a new 737 Max 2023, you'll need to know who owns it. This is the first step towards making the right decision. In addition, you'll need to be aware of the differences between the 737 MAX and the other models in the Boeing range.

Chinese airlines

The Chinese aviation market is one of the largest in the world. It is estimated to double in size by 2041. Boeing estimates it will deliver 8,500 narrowbody planes to China by then.

China Southern Airlines is the largest buyer of the 737 MAX family. Its fleet consists of 24 737 MAX 8 jets. It is also the first domestic Chinese airline to fly the Max.

It operated the first flight in China since the grounding of the jet in March. On Friday, it departed from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou. Although the airline did not comment on the flights, its phone app shows that the planes flew.

Boeing has tried to get the Max back into service in China. However, it was grounded due to two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The Chinese government imposed strict Covid-19-control measures. These restrictions have been in place for three years. Since the restrictions have been lifted, demand for air travel has skyrocketed.

China's aviation regulator set conditions for the MAX's return to service in December 2021. But it has not officially said whether carriers have met the conditions.

Boeing has been working with customers and global regulators to get the MAX back into service. In September 2022, it announced it would remarket some jets that had not been delivered. Eventually, it plans to redeliver 138 jets for Chinese airlines.

Boeing is still pushing for the Max to be returned to the Chinese market. The company has produced 138 aircraft for Chinese customers during the grounding. However, it has not sold any of them to the country.

Boeing's stock has declined 0.5 percent in premarket trading, a small drop. The company has also cut its estimates for the year.

US airlines

Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft was the first to make its way back into commercial service. This model has been used on a variety of short and medium-haul flights, from domestic routes to trans-Pacific flights.

The 737 MAX is a new generation of engines that have improved performance. It is also more efficient than its predecessors.

It will take time to fully re-certify Max aircraft. Boeing flew one to China in August to speed up the process. However, it still needs to meet the year-end deadline.

The 737 MAX will be used on a number of trans-Pacific, transatlantic, and international flights. It will be used on many short and medium-haul domestic routes. A 737-9 is expected to deliver up to 25 percent more fuel efficiency per seat than an A320.

In the coming years, the 737 will grow into a 300-aircraft fleet. That number will include the 737 Max, A321neo, and 777 models.

When it comes to the 737 MAX, American Airlines has already delivered 45 737 Max 8 aircraft. And the company plans to buy 30 more 737 Max 8 jets in the next two years.

Meanwhile, United has ordered 200 Maxes, while Southwest has ordered 140 Maxes. All three carriers will begin flying 737 MAXes in 2021.

Among the first routes that will be served are New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle. Alaska, meanwhile, has already started commercial flights in March. Those flights will be followed by a full complement of 146 Maxes, which is the largest commitment of any airline in history.

While Boeing has been busy with new orders and re-certification, the 737 Max is still not out of the woods. Until all countries re-certify it, however, the model will continue to struggle to achieve its potential.

Other airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is putting the finishing touches on its re-certification process for the Boeing 737 Max. While the 737 Max has been in the skies since late December, the aircraft is still far from being fully certified. In fact, there are a few major gaps in its operation.

First, the FAA hasn't yet recertified the Max in key markets. For example, it's not clear when China will re-certify the MAX.

The Federal Aviation Administration has taken a slow approach to recertifying Max planes. However, the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act requires that every certified aircraft have a new cockpit safety system called EICAS.

Moreover, the Max has been recertified in several other key markets. Several airlines have resumed commercial flight with the Max, including Norwegian, Cayman Airways, Icelandair, and Smartwings.

Delta is the first airline to order a 737 Max, with plans to acquire 100 aircraft. The airline's order is a boon for both Boeing and Delta. It will be one of the largest single-aisle jet orders in the history of the airline.

Alaska Airlines is also increasing its fleet of 737 Maxes. It's already operated 35 Max 9 aircraft and will receive 68 more in the next two years. Its all-Boeing 737 mainline fleet will grow to 146 by the end of 2023.

Boeing's latest orders for the Max are a boon to both the aircraft manufacturer and the airlines. It's unclear when the aircraft will be delivered.

Until all countries have recertified the Max, however, the aircraft will remain grounded. That's especially true in the U.S. where Boeing's 737-7 and -10 models remain under review.

One major reason for the slow Max re-certification is the backlog of pilot training. Getting enough pilots to fly the plane would be a significant challenge.

China Southern subsidiary Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines has just taken delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX. The aircraft is part of a fleet that Xiamen plans to expand by up to five hundred and sixty planes over the next ten years. This new model is expected to enable the carrier to increase its market share, especially in the region.

The airline is currently operating 131 Boeing 737-800s and six Boeing 787 Dreamliners. It is also a member of the SkyTeam alliance. In addition to international flights, Xiamen carries passengers on domestic routes to more than ten countries, including China, the Philippines, and Japan.

Currently, Xiamen Airlines serves 400 routes within China and abroad. In September, the airline ordered 25 A320-200Ns and 15 A321-200Ns from Airbus. These are the first new narrowbody jets to enter the Chinese market since the Max was grounded after the crash of a China Eastern 737-800 in March.

Xiamen Airlines has no immediate plans to return the Max to service. But the company is preparing the aircraft to meet Boeing's technical guidelines.

Unlike some other Chinese carriers, Xiamen has not announced a timetable for when it will resume service. However, China's aviation regulator has set conditions for the Max to be ungroundable in December 2021.

Earlier this year, Xiamen Airlines' parent, China Southern Airlines, said it would buy 50 Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The aircraft are scheduled to be delivered in stages from 2019 to 2022.

Xiamen Airlines has been working to modify its fleet of Max jets to meet Boeing's technical specifications. Currently, the airline's check-in counters close forty minutes before a flight's departure.

Business Class seats in XiamenAir's Boeing 737 MAX are similar to those in the airline's Boeing 787s. Seats are comfortable and feature individual in-flight entertainment screens and USB ports. Passengers also have access to thick blankets and pillow.

Boeing's management and engineering culture

Boeing's management and engineering culture is changing. Since Boeing acquired McDonnell Douglas in 1997, the company has transformed from a product-focused, engineering-driven corporation into one that prioritizes profit.

The new culture has resulted in significant financial losses. Boeing's R&D spending has dropped to 10-year lows. It has also suffered from a staggering insurance business loss.

Boeing's safety record has deteriorated dramatically in recent years. Two crashes of its 737 Max Aircraft model killed 346 passengers and pilots in Indonesia and Ethiopia. In response, Boeing has announced a number of changes, including a safety review, overhaul of reporting protocols, and a renewed focus on engineering.

Amid the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the subsequent grounding of a number of 737 MAX aircraft, the company is under increasing scrutiny from global regulators and lawmakers. They are examining the design of the 737 MAX, the software used to control the airplane's flight, and the way Boeing employees handled complaints and safety concerns.

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure issued a preliminary investigative report in March 2020, a year after Boeing's 737 Max Aircraft models crashed, and it is highly critical of the aircraft. One particular aspect of the report's findings is that the FAA certified the MAX as safe, when it had not.

Another aspect of the report is that the FAA did not catch many of the crashes. That's because Boeing executives did not want to reveal details about the flaws in the 737 MAX's flight control software. Moreover, they did not respond to requests for information about the software.

And Boeing's new safety program will also include using data to better pinpoint risks and encourage employees to speak up.

Boeing Business Jet 737 Price 2023

boeing business jet 737 price 2023

When you are looking to buy a new airplane, one of the most important things to consider is the price of the airplane. This is especially true if you are in the market for a new business jet, like the Boeing 737. There are plenty of models to choose from, so you will want to do some research to find the best one for you.

737 max BBJ family vs boeing business jet 737 price 2023

The Boeing Business Jet 737 Max family offers the best combination of comfort, space and range, all with lower operating costs. For a look at the value for money of the aircraft, read on.

A business jet is a private airplane that is designed for corporate use. It can be used for both cargo and passenger duty. Most of them are modified versions of Boeing jet airliners. Some of these aircraft are used for executive duty, while others are designed for the head of state market.

Boeing Business Jets BBJ 737 MAX family was launched on April 2, 2014. These aircraft are equipped with advanced systems and systems that increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. They also offer an innovative cabin layout.

There are three variants of the BBJ: BBJ 7, BBJ 8 and BBJ 9. Each one is based on the 737 MAX family. BBJ 7 is the smallest, which can carry 25 passengers without stopping. BBJ 7 has a range of 7000 nautical miles and can fly nonstop.

BBJ 9 is a more luxurious version of the BBJ 7. With a bigger cabin, this aircraft can carry 25 passengers without stopping. This aircraft has a maximum altitude of 37,000 feet and a cross-section length of 3.53 meters.

The BBJ family is made up of 108 active aircraft. When certified by the FAA, these aircraft will be the largest twin-engine jet in the world.

One of the benefits of the BBJ MAX is its smaller emissions. This makes it possible for the aircraft to operate independently at remote airfields. Another feature is the low cabin altitude system. Unlike other business jets, BBJ can maintain a maximum cabin altitude of 6,500 even at 41,000 feet.

Unlike other aircraft, the BBJ MAX also has an auxiliary fuel tank in the cargo compartment, which allows the aircraft to travel long distances. This range is attributed to the advanced winglets that are installed on the aircraft.

With these features, the BBJ MAX will be the most efficient aircraft in its class. Its design life will be 75,000 cycles. After this, it will have a lifetime of 112,500 hours.


Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) are aircraft designed for private use. These jets have a luxurious interior that includes a full galley, living room, and conference areas. Many BBJs have master bedrooms.

The BBJ family consists of three aircraft: BBJ1, BBJ2, and BBJ3. Each has a different cabin capacity, fuel range, and performance. You may wish to compare the prices and the range of each aircraft to find the right jet for you.

The Boeing BBJ is a jet powered by two CFM56-7B27 engines. They deliver over 25,000 pounds of thrust and can fly up to 6,141 nautical miles. The maximum cruise speed is 486 ktas. A typical BBJ will seat around 19 passengers.

The BBJ can be configured to carry up to 25 people. It is the most economical business jet in its class. But its price is inflated due to demand. In addition, there are many options for customization.

One option for BBJ buyers is to purchase a brand new aircraft. While the price tag can be several hundred million dollars, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a BBJ.

First, the resale market is extremely limited. For this reason, the asking price is often more than twice the value of the BBJ. Second, many BBJ dealers are having conversations with prospective customers.

Third, there are many features that are not found on other corporate jets. These features include satellite telephones, WIFI, and showers. Additionally, a BBJ can have up to 10 auxiliary fuel tanks for extended-range flights.

Finally, the BBJ is equipped with the most advanced aircraft interior technology. You can expect twin-zone temperature control, twin-zone humidity control, and the latest in aircraft interior design.

If you want to have an experience like you've never had before, consider a BBJ. These jets have a luxury interior that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning traveler. With a range of up to 5,500 nautical miles, BBJs are able to reach destinations around the world without stopping.

So, if you want to experience an intercontinental flight that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, a BBJ is the way to go.

BBJ Max 9

If you are looking for a new business jet, you may want to consider the BBJ Max. Compared to its predecessor, the BBJ MAX will offer a 16.2 percent increase in range and a larger cabin. This is a welcome development for customers who want to fly farther and in greater comfort.

The BBJ MAX family is the next step for Boeing Business Jets. It features the best combination of space, range, comfort, efficiency and safety. Among its other features, the BBJ will use an electronic bleed air system that will help improve fuel burn and cabin pressurization.

A new aerodynamic vertical stabilizer will reduce drag. The aircraft will also be fitted with new winglets. CFM International LEAP-1B turbofans will power the BBJ. As a result, the BBJ will have a higher maximum takeoff weight. Also, the cabin will be 19 feet longer.

The BBJ MAX will come with an electronic bleed air system, which will help increase cabin pressurization. It will also reduce noise levels and emissions. There are also auxiliary fuel tanks that can give the BBJ a 14-hour range. Currently, the BBJ can carry up to 39,735 pounds of usable fuel.

The BBJ MAX will be powered by the same CFM International Leap-1B engines as the 737-800. The engine has a nine-to-one bypass ratio, and its 18 woven carbon-fiber fan blades help to reduce noise. Unlike other BBJ models, the MAX will also feature split-tip winglets, which will provide improved fuel efficiency.

The cabin will also be longer, and it will have more cargo space. Compared to its predecessor, the 737-800, the BBJ MAX will offer three times the cargo space.

The BBJ Max will have a cabin altitude of 5,600 feet, which is more than four feet lower than its counterpart, the ACJneo. That's a welcome change for customers who live in regions where high cabin altitudes can disrupt their sleeping patterns. Moreover, the BBJ MAX will also feature integrated airstairs for easier access.

The BBJ Max will roll out on the production line in 2017. The first aircraft will arrive in 2018. During the Air Show in Paris, Boeing announced that it had received its first BBJ Max order. BBJ president Steve Taylor expects a very strong demand for the new aircraft.

BBJ 787

If you're planning to buy a Boeing business jet, the first thing you need to know is the price. These aircraft can cost as little as $41 million, or as much as $71 million, depending on the features.

The aircraft's cabin is also wide and spacious. Depending on your needs, there are options for up to four private guest rooms and two baths. This cabin is equipped with a full galley for luxury meals. In addition, there is a conference suite and living area. There is also a full bath for VIPs, and the front of the cabin is devoted to family space.

Aside from the interiors, there are several other aspects that make the Boeing 787 one of the best business jets on the market. First, it is a carbon composite aircraft, making it more efficient than other jets. Also, its new engines provide better performance. Plus, the BBJ has a range of almost 10,000 nautical miles, and it can fly nonstop for up to 17 hours.

Boeing also boasts an advanced air filtration system that removes toxins and contaminants, and improves the in-flight experience. Furthermore, the BBJ has a vibration-isolated ceiling and walls. Another feature is the option to adjust the tint of the windows. Lastly, the aircraft has a dual-axis stability system that provides a smooth ride.

While there is no exact pricing, it is possible to buy a used BBJ for under $30 million. Demand has risen over the years, and inventory is very low. That's led to inflated prices.

Currently, there are 15 orders for the BBJ787. Several prospective customers are talking to BBJ dealers. However, Airbus is not yet able to comment. It is expected that the BBJ787 will cost between $15-60 million.

The Boeing BBJ has a maximum cruise speed of 486 ktas, and its takeoff weight is 171,000 pounds. Compared to a Boeing 737, the BBJ's engines are quieter and more efficient. Similarly, the BBJ has an advanced air filtration system that reduces engine exhaust noise. Finally, the BBJ's cabin pressurizes to 6,000 feet, which lowers the impact of fatigue on passengers.

Who Owns Boeing Business Jets 2023?

who owns boeing business jets 2023

BBJ 777-9

If you are a super-rich traveler, there's a new business airliner for you to take your luxury vacation on. Boeing Business Jets has unveiled its BBJ 777X at the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) trade show in Dubai. The 777X has a longer range than any previous business jet, allowing it to fly nonstop between any two city pairs. This makes it the first business airliner to connect any two cities in a single trip.

With its ultra-long range and 25-passenger capacity, the BBJ 777X will be able to fly you halfway around the world without ever touching the ground. It can also use the same airport infrastructure as its predecessors, which will give it the ability to fly on the same taxiways.

For a long time, business travelers have had trouble making it from New York City to Perth in Western Australia. Although it is a short distance, it can take a whole day to make the trip. Because of the new COVID contrails, it has become increasingly difficult for people to travel.

Despite this, the demand for airliners for those who can afford them is still high. According to a recent Jetcraft study, the global fleet of large-cabin business jets will increase 68% over the next ten years. That means that ultra-wealthy travelers are ditching traditional private jets in favor of airliners. And the demand is fueling the sales of the new Boeing BBJ 777X.

The Boeing Business Jets 777X is a reengineered narrowbody family that features a more spacious cabin, advanced aerodynamics, and a lower cabin altitude. It is built on the best-selling 737 MAX airplane. But it also offers a longer range, advanced winglets, and new CFM LEAP-1B engines.

The BBJ 777X has a wide, 20-foot-wide cabin. There are three distinct seating areas: a lounge, a dining room, and a private office. These can be used by different passengers at the same time. Plus, the master suite can be located at the back of the plane. All of these are furnished with a walk-in closet and a his-and-hers vanity.

Another interior concept is the Greenpoint design, which includes a full walk-in closet, his-and-hers vanity, standalone shower, and stone floors. The cabin is designed to be spacious and comfortable.

A few other interior concepts showcase the flexibility of the BBJ 777X's cabin. Among the options are a modern master suite and plush lounges. In addition to the Greenpoint design, other major design agencies have presented their own concepts. Among these are Unique Aircraft Design and Jet Aviation.

Currently, the Boeing BBJ 777-8 has a list price of $394.9 million. Once the FAA certifies the aircraft, it will be available for purchase. However, the company has not sold any BBJ 777-9s yet. The company expects to deliver the first 777-9 in 2020.

The Boeing Business Jets BBJ 777X is a breakthrough in the market for ultra-long-range VIP travel. It has the capabilities of connecting any two cities in a single nonstop flight, and it offers an abundance of space and comfort for those traveling.

The Boeing 747-8 Business Jet is a luxury, dual-level jumbo jet which is regarded as the world's largest private plane. It can fly up to 8,875 nautical miles and travel between practically any two cities in the world without refuelling. This aircraft is typically used by heads of state, world governments, and elite businessmen.

It is also one of the largest aircraft in the world, measuring 76.2 meters from nose to tail. Depending on the type of aircraft, the seating, living space, and in-flight entertainment options can vary. One of the most popular configurations is a tri-level widebody business jet, which features a large lounge area and a private VIP bedroom. Other configurations include a kitchen and a full-size bathroom.

In addition to the private, executive flying market, the Boeing Business Jet is also used for VIP group travel by major world governments. They usually come with a master bedroom, conference rooms, living areas, and washrooms. These jets are typically based on the 737 airliner family and can seat 19 to 50 passengers.

Boeing's BBJ is a variant of the 737-700, but it has been designed specifically for the executive flying market. The Boeing Business Jet is available in a variety of different configurations, including the 747-8 Intercontinental and a 777X. Once certified by the FAA, it will be one of the most luxurious and reliable jets in the world.

One of the most famous configurations of the BBJ is the 747-8i, which is designed for the elites. There are four crew members, and the entire cabin can be converted into a larger number of passengers. The lounge includes bookshelves and a large flatscreen television. Additional options include a business office, a separate galley, and a master bedroom.

The 747-8i is also used for a variety of other purposes, such as city pairs and Los Angeles-Melbourne. The aircraft is also widely used in the Middle East, where it is used by the government of Kuwait for executive transport.

According to reports, the Boeing 747-8 Business Jet is the world's most expensive private jet. At the moment, it has a list price of $367 million. If you can afford it, it will be a status symbol for you. However, if it is too expensive, you can buy a refurbished or reconfigured aircraft for a fraction of the cost.

BBJ 747-8s are currently in service with six operators. One of these operators is the US Air Force, which has the 89th Airlift Wing. Another operator is HNA Group, a Chinese aviation company. A third operator is Peregrine Point, which has purchased five Boeing Business Jets.

BBJ 747-8s can be chartered for private use for up to $70,000 an hour. You will need to have at least one hour's experience to get an idea of what the flight will be like. When booking, operators will quote you a rate based on the time you book. Because of the size and rarity of the BBJ, the price of operating it can be inconsequential.

While Boeing's BBJ 787-8 is not going to be scrapped anytime soon, it is the first in a series of BBJs to be disposed of. The company plans to destroy its last BBJ based on the 737NG by December 2022.

John Travolta and the Boeing 737 2023

john travolta boeing 737 2023

John Travolta has a love for planes. A few years ago, he was honoured with the 'Living Legends of Aviation award'. He also has a collection of vintage aircraft including a Boeing 707 and a YG128 business jet.

YG128 is a narrowbody version of the business jet

If you were at the NBAA 2022 trade show, you might have noticed one of the most prominent features of the Boeing Business Jet (BJ). Those who visited the exhibit will also have seen a number of other avionics on display. This particular model has two CFM56-7B27 engines, as well as an ingenious Split Scimitar Winglet design that helps increase fuel efficiency while minimizing drag.

There is a lot of competition in this niche market, but Boeing has a leg up on the competition thanks to its large fleet of BJ aircraft. The company recently announced plans to make the YG128 available for lease in early 2024. Several high-profile companies have shown interest in the aircraft, including Norwegian, Travolta and the aforementioned airline.

At the NBAA 2022 show, John Travolta wowed the crowd with a tour of the YG128. Not only is he a licensed pilot, but he has also piloted the world's largest aircraft in the form of a Boeing 747. He has also been tinkering with a number of other planes, including a Dassault Falcon 900 and a Bombardier Challenger 601. During his visit, he highlighted the YG128's many nifty features.

One of the more interesting parts of the experience was seeing the YG128's snazzy-looking interior. In fact, it was so swanky that the interior looked as though it had been installed in a luxury apartment. It also comes with a number of modern amenities such as leather reclining seats, a separate guest room and a food prep area.

Compared to other aircraft, the YG128 has plenty of room for passengers, and is even capable of non-stop transatlantic flights. It also has a number of features to impress the most discerning of customers.

It has two CFM56-7B27 engines

John Travolta is a Hollywood star and a longtime pilot. He has had a passion for aviation since childhood. His first flight was when he was 15 years old. He has been licensed to fly since 1978. Today, he owns a private fleet of jets.

Among them are a Boeing 707, a Dassault Falcon 900, and a Bombardier Challenger 601. Travolta was a brand ambassador for Qantas airlines in 2002. After that, he rented out the jets he used for business.

In 2010, John Travolta ordered a new Boeing Business Jet. The plane is named YG128. It can carry 19 passengers and it can fly for thirteen hours nonstop. There are two CFM56-7B27 engines inside.

The aircraft has an interior that looks like a luxury apartment. One of the highlights of the jet is its luxurious vanity space. The rest of the interior is made up of leather furniture, a TV, and a spacious owner's suite.

Travolta's Boeing 737 has two bedrooms and a bathroom. It can travel to various destinations across the country. A video by Travolta shows him showing off the interior of the jet.

Travolta has also recently bought three Gulfstream jets. These are registered under Constellation Productions, Inc. This company produces movies. They have also flew doctors to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Aside from the airplanes he owns, Travolta is a certified pilot. He has a license to fly eleven different types of aircraft.

Travolta owns a home in Florida. He has a hangar that he keeps his planes in. His house is located in an aviation community called Jumbolair Aviation Estates. It has two private runways. Guests can even access the runway through a taxiway.

It can fly for up to 13 hours nonstop

John Travolta has an impressive collection of aircraft and is well-known as a pilot and aviation enthusiast. Aside from his own fleet of Boeing 737s, he owns a Boeing 727, a Bombardier Challenger 601, and a Dassault Falcon 900. He has also added three Gulfstream jets.

While he may not be the world's greatest pilot, he certainly knows how to fly. In fact, he's been flying since age fifteen. He has a private pilot's license and is an active member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

His passion for aviation has been evident from the beginning. One of his first flight memories was when he was just a kid on Song Airlines' 757 from LaGuardia to Orlando. Since then, he has been a Line Service Technician at Long Island MacArthur Airport.

While the name of his Boeing 737 is N707JT, he's taken the time to put his stamp on the airliner. He's had it restored to its original glory, including a QANTAS V-Jet livery.

He has even taken to social media to show off his aircraft. He posts photos of himself in the air, and he frequently shares videos from the air.

As a testament to his interest in aviation, he's even been recognized as an honorary pilot for Qantas. Earlier this month, Qantas celebrated its 94th birthday. Its executives gave him ceremonial keys to the plane. They also held a kangaroo-themed party in a closed hangar at the Boeing Field.

The most important thing to know is that John Travolta is a well-known and respected aviation enthusiast. Aside from his own Boeing 737, he also owns two Gulfstream jets, a Dassault Falcon 900, and a Boeing 727.

He has a 707 and a 707 in his collection

John Travolta is an aviation enthusiast and pilot, who has a collection of airplanes. He owns four jets: a private jet, a 707, a 737, and a Challenger 601. The planes are stored in a private airport condominium in Florida.

His Boeing 707 is called "Jett Clipper Ella," and has been restored. It's a refurbished, VIP-configured version of the aircraft. There are two bedrooms in the cabin. A bathroom and shower are also included.

The 707 is owned by Travolta's Delaware corporation, and is registered to Qantas. In 1998, Qantas agreed to let Travolta keep the plane in exchange for a role as a brand ambassador.

John Travolta is licensed to fly the Boeing 707, 737, and 747. He's been a pilot for over 40 years.

John Travolta's 707 has a red and white paint scheme, which looks like a V. The tail has the initials JT on it.

Travolta has been flying since he was a teen. He took flying lessons at age 22 and became a certified pilot. Since then, he has qualified as captain on several different types of jets.

He's even credited with preventing a mid-air collision with a Boeing 727. And in 2010, he flew his jet to Haiti following the earthquake.

Travolta's mansion is in Florida, and it looks like a flight terminal from the golden age of air travel. It features a mural of a 1950s lounge. Several large windows allow the house to be flooded with natural light.

Travolta's home is located in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates, a private airport in north-central Florida. This property is located next to a 7,500-foot runway, and there's a taxiway right to Travolta's door.

He was honoured with the 'Living Legends of Aviation award' in 2007

John Travolta is one of the many celebrities who have been honoured with a "Living Legends of Aviation award". The Living Legends of Aviation is an annual awards show dedicated to celebrating the second century of aviation.

These individuals have made incredible contributions to the aviation industry, as well as bringing joy to people. They include pilots, astronauts, and other aviation pioneers.

The ceremony takes place annually in Beverly Hills, California. It's a prestigious event that is hosted by an aviation enthusiast.

Travolta is a celebrity pilot who owns several jets, including a Lear Jet and Hawker 125. He is also the CEO of Wings Over the Rockies.

He's partnered with the Breitling Watch Company to promote luxury aviation watches across the globe. In addition, he's involved with the Jett Travolta Foundation, which raises money for children with educational needs.

Travolta is a pilot who's been recognized with the "Living Legends of Aviation award" in 2007. Travolta also hosted the 13th annual awards show in 2007.

Travolta said that he's never forgotten the thrill of his first solo flight. When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. After he completed his flight training, he offered to promote Qantas.

The Living Legends of Aviation are a group of 70 aviation pioneers. They are a diverse group that includes aviation innovators, celebrities who became pilots, and entrepreneurs who paved the way for today's industry.

Jerry Lips founded the Living Legends of Aviation in 2003. Since then, more than 130 aviation pioneers have been inducted into the group.

Travolta hosted the 13th annual awards show in 2007. Aerlex Law Group President Stephen Hofer was the guest of honor at the dinner table.

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