Gunna - Leech Unreleased

Gunna - Leech Unreleased


Gunna  Leech Unreleased

Previously leaked online, Gunna - Leech is an unreleased song that has been recorded during sessions for his Drip or Drown 2 album. This track features a collaboration with Juice Wrld and was leaked online on June 29, 2020.

Recorded during sessions for Drip or Drown 2

Earlier this month, Gunna released a series of singles teasing his forthcoming Drip or Drown 2 album. He also shared the tracklist on Instagram. The album features contributions from Young Thug and Lil Baby. It also features production by Turbo and Wheezy.

The new album is Gunna's sixth studio album. It's available on streaming platforms now. It follows his single "One Call" from last month, which debuted as a top rap album.

The new album is accompanied by a show in New York City on February 26. Gunna will also tour in Memphis and Miami, with a stop in Anaheim, California. His performance will also be livestreamed on TIDAL.

Gunna's Drip or Drown 2 is the sequel to his 2017 EP Drip or Drown. The album features contributions from Young Thug, Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, and more. It also features a photo riff of Nirvana's "Nevermind" cover art.

Gunna's output is colorful and melodic. His ad-libs bleed into the next line, and his unique turns of phrase describe an opulent world. The songs are a mix of fast and slow lyrical verses and smooth instrumentals.

He's a rapper, but he's also a singer. His latest album is certified gold. He released a second mixtape last year, and has two other albums coming out this year. He's also signed to Young Thug's 300 Entertainment label.

He's got a show in Anaheim, California, on March 31. He'll also hit Atlanta, Memphis, and Miami. His tour will conclude on May 16 in Atlanta. He's also listed as an executive producer on the album.

He has been nominated for a Grammy for his song "Show Me Love" which peaked at #4 on the Billboard top 100. He's also got a song on Alicia Keys' upcoming album. He's also signed to Universal Music Group. His debut studio album is available on streaming platforms. It's a promising release from Gunna. Whether or not Drip or Drown 2 is his best work yet is unclear. But it's still a promising debut album. And Gunna's charm shines through at its best.

Gunna's Drip Or Drown 2 is available on streaming platforms now. It features contributions from Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Playboi Carti.


Streaming artist Gunna has just dropped a brand new single titled Leech. The song was reportedly recorded on October 31, 2018. It's a throwaway that may or may not be part of a upcoming project. However, it's a promising track that could become a hit.

Lil Baby and Gunna have worked together on several songs, including Drip Too Hard, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. They also collaborated on the Drip or Drown 2 mixtape. In February 2019, Gunna released Drip or Drown 2, followed by the release of WUNNA in May 2020. During the last couple of months, Gunna and Offset have been rumored to be working on an album together. It's possible that this song has already been leaked, but it's also possible that the two are just wasting their time. Regardless, it's good to know that Gunna is on the rise.

Gunna and Lil Baby continue to work on songs together. They've both worked on projects for other artists as well.

Future - Rings On Me Prod. Metro Boomin

Future  Rings On Me prod Metro Boomin

Besides the fact that Drake released "Where Ya At" this week, the hip-hop world has been treated to another collaboration between one of the most successful MCs of all time, Future, and the producer known as Metro Boomin. Featuring the rapper's smooth vocals, the loosie is called "Rings On Me."

Fewtch's "Rings On Me" loosie

Whether or not Metro Boomin's long awaited follow up will live up to the hype is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure. After years of executive producing for the likes of Future and Gucci Mane, the man knows how to produce a bang for the buck. His 'After Hours' and 'Savage Mode' were two of the most highly rated mainstream releases of the year, and his numerous contributions to the ATL's musical heritage have long been a staple of the local and national zeitgeist.

The best part is that he's not wasting his time with mediocre effort. The album is chock full of notable guests, including Swae Lee, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Kash Doll. While the album is a little short on content, it is chock full of funky production and interesting instrumentals. It's also worth mentioning that the album isn't too shabby on the ear. Considering the rap star's recent tumultuous run, the album will probably be worth a spin or two.

Probably the most exciting element of the album is the one-on-one collaborations that took place between Metro and the eminently talented Young Thug, as well as Metro's own alumnus Gucci Mane. This is a long overdue milestone in the storied careers of these two. While the collaboration may be short-lived, it is still a welcome addition to the already crowded Atlanta hip hop scene. Hopefully, this will mark the start of a new era of cooperation for both men, one that's a bit less volatile and a bit more fun.

Future's "Rings On Me" collaboration with Metro Boomin

Having released two full length albums, a mixtape and a handful of singles this year, Future has been making an effort to get his name on the map. He's made headlines by featuring Lil Keed on his latest single, "Undefeated" and by releasing a song in tribute to DJ Spinz. He's also landed the top spot on Meek Mill's Legendary Nights tour, and will also headline Rolling Loud in the Bay Area. He's also appeared on TRUE STORY, KNO MERCY, and Dirty Sprite's benal joy-ride.

Future is not one to keep quiet, and in fact, he's releasing new songs almost every day. On his latest, "Rings On Me", he's teamed up with Metro Boomin. It's an incredibly fun song, albeit a little bit rushed. It's not as exciting as some of the best Future songs, but it's still a great song. It has great writing and timing. And it's got a killer beat!

It sounds like a song that would have gotten forgotten without a music video. Future is a huge fan of Houston, so it's no surprise that he used the city's beat on this song. He was also the one who wrote the song. As a result, he incorporated a lot of Houston influences, including a honkey-tonk. It's also a good fit for Future, as he's a southern rapper who loves his home state. And it's also an interesting choice for the rapper, who's also a huge fan of DJ Spinz. He's also worked with DJ Spinz on his own songs and commented on the DJ's influence on his work.

This song is a great example of how Future's work in the studio focuses on engaged material. It's also a great example of how Future uses beats to make his flow better. He starts his verse off a bit weak, but it's mutated by the time he reaches the second verse. And while the beat does sound like a Lil Wayne song, it's not as cheesy as some of his other beats.

The flow itself is also interesting. It's not as simple as Racks on Racks, but rather it's more like Chief Keef's flow. While it doesn't sound exactly like a 2011 Future flow, it does resemble a song like Gucci Mane's "Beauty and the Beat". But, it's also a great example of how a rapper can write a song in a way that doesn't sound like it was written for him. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a cool new song.

This song is also a good example of Future's work on his debut mixtape, PLUTO. On PLUTO, he made a conscious effort to balance R&B tracks with hip-hop and trap songs. He also wrote a Beyonce song called Drunk in Love, and worked with DJ Spinz. On PLUTO 3D, he reworked several R&B tracks into a more rounded album. In fact, he made it clear that he couldn't have made his album EVOL without DJ Spinz's help.

Drake's "Where Ya At"

Earlier this year, Future and Drake teamed up for the Dirty Sprite 2 track "Where Ya At," and the resulting video has already been released. While the song itself wasn't a big hit, it is one of the few standout tracks on the DS2 album. It was produced by Metro Boomin and has racked up a few notable awards, including the aforementioned award for best album and best track of 2015. In fact, the track became Future's first top thirty single as a lead artist, a feat that he didn't quite reach on his own.

On July 17th, Future and Drake released the Where Ya At video. Among other things, it shows off the company's most recognizable star, DJ Esco, and the two stars of the future mingling and partying on a rooftop. It also makes a point about one of the most popular rap music genres of the past decade, Atlanta, and its avowed motto, no new friends. The pair even performed a brief duet during their recent jaunt through Toronto.

The "Where Ya At" video may not be the most revealing video of all time, but it is certainly the most entertaining. It features a number of clever and creative visual elements. From a cleverly timed sequence of camera acrobatics to a series of high-flying dance moves, it's easy to see why this video was a hit. The music video is just one of the many ways in which Future and Drake have shown off their respective skills in a short period of time. And while they haven't yet announced plans for a future collaborative project, fans are expecting the two rappers to make a pact in the not too distant future.

While the video doesn't delve much into the topic of a potential joint venture, Future fans are hoping to see him and Drake together on the big stage at some point in the near future. The two rappers have had a history of touring together, as part of Drake's Jungle Tour in 2013, and on the latter's Would You Like a Tour in 2013. As of yet, neither rapper has publicly announced plans to tour in the near future, but it seems like a deal is in the works.

Southside - Nobody Knows My Struggles Prod

Future  Nobody Knows My Struggles prod Southside

Among all of the music coming out of Southside, this new production from Future and Nobody Knows My Struggles has been one of the most interesting. It's a mix of hip-hop and soul, and it's a very intriguing project. It's also a project that has the potential to make its way into the Top 10 charts.


Isaiah Rashad's latest album Nobody Knows My Struggles prod is a collection of chill, soulful tracks that evoke the era of a Southern boy band. Rashad is accompanied by Jay Worthy, YGTUT, and Jay Rock, and the songs feature a diverse cast of vocalists. The album opens with a Lo-Fi guitar sample, followed by a dark trap beat, and a song that juxtaposes the opening track. Its chorus is the best hook on the album. It has a catchy tune and lyrical depth that will leave listeners craving more.

The first song on the album is From the Garden, which starts with a repetitive beat that evokes an orchestral jazz sample. The song isn't very long, but it features some solid verses from Isaiah and Lil Uzi. The song's first verse is short, and it seems like Isaiah is putting his friend on the track to get some exposure. The verse is a bit unoriginal, but it's not a bad one.

The album's closing song is Braggadocious, which carries on the chill, lo-fi vibes of the album. It features a solid hook and provides an effective bridge between Rashad's tracks. It is also one of the only songs on the album that features an uncredited vocalist, Amindi. The song is a standout on the album, and fans of Isaiah Rashad should be happy with this track.

Release date

Apparently, a new song from Southside called "Hold That Heat" is going to serve as the launchpad for rapper Travis Scott's mainstream comeback. Southside is no stranger to the mainstream, having featured on Kanye West's Donda 2 and Lil Uzi Vert's Seven Million, among others. The song lands on April 29. It is unclear whether the track will make the cut on Southside's upcoming 808 Mafia compilation album.

The song may not be a game changer, but it is an indication of the rapper's talent as a producer. It's also a sign that he's making good use of his talent by working with other artists on his upcoming album. Other artists on the album include Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, and Young Thug. The track also highlights the many other musicians who make up the 808 Mafia. In short, it's a great song. Hopefully we'll hear it soon!

The release date of Nobody Knows My Struggles by Future - Southside is currently unknown. Hopefully the album will prove to be a success. With all the buzz surrounding Travis Scott's latest LP and the release of Southside's 808 Mafia compilation, we're expecting a lot of fans will be flocking to the album's release date to check it out.


Throughout his storied career, Future has made it a point to constantly release new music. With 30 projects in his catalogue, the hip-hop star is never short on content. His latest album, Nobody Knows My Struggles, is a testament to the artist's passion for music. Aside from two songs that do not have production credits, the album features collaborations with Drake, Zaytoven, and Southside.

While this is not the first time Future has ventured into the realm of electronic music, it is his first solo release. His collaboration with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on "Lean On" has been a massive hit on Spotify with 526 million streams. While it is not a genre-defining song, the song certainly shows that Future is an innovator in the realm of electronic music.

The music industry is constantly changing, and Future has made it a point to keep up. His ability to flex his creative muscle is something that sets him apart from the competition. Aside from his solo work, Future has been releasing mixtapes since the beginning of his career. His first release, the 1000 mixtape, helped him find his unique sound. Although his rap career has flourished over the past decade, Future has never taken a break. His passion for music is clear, and he is committed to releasing music that is meaningful and relevant to fans. Whether he's releasing a slick mixtape or an album, Future always has something new to say. And if it's the right thing to say, it's likely to be the right thing to listen to.


Originally, Snow Tha Product was planning to release 40oz in First Class. However, Tech N9ne encouraged him to release the mixtape independently. He was able to secure a deal with Atlantic Records.

"Formation" was written in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. It's a song that highlights the cyclical nature of violence in communities. It also features Messy Mya from beyond the grave. It was uploaded to the internet on Trayvon Martin's birthday. It was also released by Beyonce. It's a song that changed the sound of music. It's a song that has the ability to inspire and motivate people to live a better life. Hopefully, it's also a song that will help the community get through this hard time. It's an important song that deserves more credit than it gets.

"Tucson Train" has the same sentiments as "Talk to Me" and it also has a punchy orchestral arrangement. It's a song that's been a part of the Western Stars album. It has a great vocal performance and a great slick arrangement. It also features Springsteen's manager, Jon Landau. It's a great song that should help Southside get the recognition he deserves.

Southside is in New York City on a press tour. He's expecting a call from Metro Boomin, who's a friend of his. He's also attending a concert by Audio Push and Travi$ Scott. If the song does well, it's expected that it will be featured on Southside's upcoming mixtape. The artist also expects to work with Metro Boomin again.

Offset Kiana Lede - Bouncin

Offset Kiana Lede  Bouncin

Having been in the music scene for over a decade, Offset Kiana Lede has released many albums and has recently collaborated with fellow artist Bouncin. This song is a fun, uplifting track that is sure to get you moving. Whether you are listening to it on your own or with your friends, it is a fun song to add to your playlist.

Music video

Touted as the new kid on the block, KIANA LEDE's (pronounced like an old lady with a sneeze) hit single "EX" has already racked up more than 30 million Spotify streams. But the eponymous star has some competition, not to mention the kinks. KIANA LEDE's newest and most ambitious project, the Myself (also known as the Myself or Myself), is currently on the fast track to release later this month. It features six tracks including the aforementioned "EX" and "Bouncin". This is complemented by an exciting live tour, which will see KIANA LEDE live on stage in the US and Australia. This is a worthy addition to her growing portfolio of music and video content. As you can imagine, her fans are thrilled to have the opportunity to see KIANA LEDE in action. The Myself tour kicks off in Sydney on Saturday, June 23. Those lucky enough to make it to Australia can look forward to the full itinerary, as well as an exclusive track at the Myself tour's finale.

Besides winning the KIDZ Star USA talent contest in 2011 at age 14, Kiana Lede has been involved in a number of projects with a number of notable musicians. In addition to her singing and songwriting chops, she has made an appearance in several TV shows, including All About the Washingtons and Scream. She is also preparing to take the stage for a headlining tour later this year.

As for her eponymous debut EP, it has been a work in progress for the last few months. The six-track ode to Lede's rapping chops is an enticing mashup of silky vocals and upbeat tempos. The six tracks, which were produced by the aforementioned Offset and others, have not only racked up the points, but have garnered attention from a number of aficionados and the media alike. While Lede may not be as well known as her rap peers, she has been a part of a number of notable events, including performing on The Today Show and at the 86th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She is also the brains behind several notable music initiatives including her collaborative project with DJ DjTesh and a flurry of collaborations with a host of songwriters, musicians and producers. Besides her music and film work, she has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including the All About the Washingtons movie and television series and the Scream television series. As for her rapping skills, she is currently signed to Republic Records. She has a number of upcoming projects in the works and plans to release a debut album in 2020. Besides her rapping and songwriting chops, Lede has also wowed the masses with her wit and charm, making it an obvious choice for many a record label. With a rapping and songwriting career in the books, Lede is about to take the stage for a headlining gig.

Release date

Whether or not you've heard of Offset Kiana Lede, you've likely heard of her song "Ex." The song reached number one in several countries and has already surpassed 900K YouTube streams. In fact, the song has been performed on The Today Show and is part of Miss Moxie's Holiday 2012 issue. It's also a featured track on Amazon Music's R&B Rotation playlist.

Offset Kiana Lede has a strong sense of self and isn't afraid to share her authentic voice. This is evident when she performs live. She is a multi-instrumentalist who was raised on the tough streets of Philadelphia. After a short stint at RCA Records, Lede signed with Republic Records. She's toured with Jessie J and is currently headlining shows. Lede has a YouTube channel that has racked up over 50 million views.

Lede hasn't always been a perfect singer. She struggled with mental health issues in her early years and was dropped by her record label when she was only 14 years old. Despite these problems, Lede refused to compromise and became an independent artist.

Her debut EP, Selfless, was released in July 2018. It features the singles "Ex" and "Bouncin." Both songs have reached number nine on the US R&B Songs chart. The EP also includes an appearance by Offset and Jenifer Lewis.

Kiana Lede has been working with Republic Records since she left RCA Records in 2015. She's been featured on several soundtracks, including the Sing 2 soundtrack and Blade Runner: Black Lotus soundtrack.

Lede is also a featured artist on Vevo's LIFT program. This program spotlights new and established R&B talent each week. She was named one of the top three LIFT acts for 2019 alongside AJ Mitchell and Kiana McDaniel. The program also includes a weekly rotation of new R&B tracks. The program is managed by JP Evangelista, Vevo's senior vice president of programming.

She has a lot of potential in the R&B scene. Her voice is powerful and her vulnerability is palpable when she performs live. She is destined to be a big star in Summer '19.


Originally born in Phoenix, Arizona, 22-year-old pop/R&B singer/songwriter Kiana Lede has been making her mark in the R&B scene since she was just fourteen years old. After winning Kidz Bop's KIDZ Star USA talent competition, Lede was signed by RCA Records. However, Lede was dropped from the record label three years later. She turned to acting instead. She appeared on shows like Scream and All About the Washingtons.

In July 2018, Lede released her debut EP, Selfless, which contains standout tracks like "Ex" and "I'm Not Sorry." In June 2020, Lede's EP is certified platinum by the RIAA. The six-track EP features silky vocals and touches on topics from a variety of emotions. It also features a cover of the '90s R&B classic "Weak" by SWV. The cover is available on Amazon Music's R&B Rotation playlist.

Lede's music is lighthearted and shows the fun in life. Her debut single, "Can I," is about wanting to be close to someone. The song features a laid back trap beat and buttery vocals. The song also features a verse from rapper Offset, a Georgia-based rapper. Adding Offset's presence to the track adds a new element to the dance track. It is a compelling addition to the EP.

Kiana Lede's music is a mix of pop and R&B sounds. She also cites Alicia Keys and Beyonce as her inspiration. Lede hopes her listeners take away that they are the most important person in their life. She has opened for Jessie J on her R.O.S.E.S.E.S.E. Tour and has played on the 86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Her song "I'm Not Sorry" was remixed by French Montana and Lil Baby. The song also reached number nine on the US R&B Songs chart.

She also appeared in the Netflix series All About the Washingtons, where she played Veronica Washington. She is currently preparing to head out on a headlining tour. The singer/songwriter's music is also featured on Amazon Music's new R&B Rotation playlist. The playlist is updated every Friday and features new artists and established stars.

French Montana - Unforgettable ft Swae Lee

French Montana  Unforgettable ft Swae Lee

Having just landed a major record deal with Columbia Records, French Montana has released a music video called Unforgettable. The video was filmed in Uganda and features the rapper and singer's friends and collaborators, including Swae Lee. Featuring a dance troupe and a band, this song is sure to be a hit.

'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has reached five years since it first hit the Billboard Hot 100. It has become one of the most streamed songs in the world, and has become one of the most influential Latin songs of all time.

"Despacito" is a hit from a Puerto Rican singer, Luis Fonsi. The song was originally released as a Spanish only track, but it quickly became a worldwide hit. Its original Spanish version topped the Hot Latin Songs chart, and its bilingual version featuring Justin Bieber reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Despacito" has received several Latin Grammy Awards, including Best Urban Fusion Performance and Song of the Year. It also received generally favorable reviews from music critics.

The song has become a global hit, with over 8 billion views on YouTube. The music video has become the most-viewed video on YouTube. "Despacito" has also reached number one on the Spotify Global Music chart.

"Despacito" has a song melody that is different from most other Latin pop songs. Its lyrics describe a desire for a sexual relationship. The song also features a guitar riff. It is a reggaeton song, which is popular in Latin America.

"Despacito" reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 56 weeks, which is the longest run for a Spanish-language song on the chart. It also remained at number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart for 16 weeks. It also became the third song to be predominantly Spanish on the Hot 100.

"Despacito" was released by Universal Music Latino in January. The song features Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The song is a reggaeton-pop fusion. It has a guitar riff and a boom-ch-boom-chick beat.

'Firework' by Katy Perry

'Firework' by Katy Perry and French Montana is the latest song to make it to the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The song is a dance-pop powerhouse and has sold over three million copies in the United States alone. The song also has had a huge impact in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The song was released as the third single from Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album, and it has become a smash hit. In fact, the song has been certified as a 12x platinum hit by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

"Firework" by Katy Perry and French Montana was a clever lyric that embodied the trifecta of fun, fitness and entertainment. In addition to the catchy lyric, the song was produced by Sandy Vee, and the video was directed by Dave Meyers. The song also received mixed to positive reviews when it was released, with some critics finding the lyrics clunky.

The song is also a funky-mash-up of the'shimmer' and'shine', and is also a great way to display Katy's playful side. In fact, the song is the star of a video game that has been released in conjunction with the game console.

In a nutshell, "Firework" is a fun, sexy dance-pop empowerment song that has had a big impact on the United States and around the world. It also has the 'best' and most 'important' (in a good way) video game to go along with it.

"Melt" by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry is the other'shiny', and it too was released in conjunction with the game console. The aforementioned "Teenage Dream" album was also released through Universal Music's Capitol Records.

'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran

'Shape of You' is a song by British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran. The song is from his third studio album, Divide. The song was released on January 6, 2017. It has also been featured in two remixes. One of these remixes was a collaboration with Major Lazer. Another featured Stormzy. "Shape of You" was a massive hit, with over 2400 million plays on Spotify during the year it was released. The song also set a record for the longest streak of weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. In its most recent incarnation, the track remained in the top 10 for 33 consecutive weeks.

A "Shape of You" music video was directed by Jason Koenig. The song was accompanied by a six-second teaser video. The song's main feature was a music video featuring Sheeran as a boxer. The song also has a sexy-looking video in which Sheeran trains a female boxer. The song was a hit in the UK and the US, with "Shape of You" scoring triple platinum status in both nations. The song also debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. It was also the most streamed song on Spotify in the second decade of the 21st century.

The song also received a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. The song was also featured on Billboard's 60th anniversary edition of the Hot 100. The song was also deemed the best-selling song of the year in the UK. In fact, it is the best-selling song of all time by the RIAA, and it also became the best-selling song digitally worldwide. In addition, the "Shape of You" was a hit in Indonesia, where it was dubbed the "sale-synonym" of the oh-so-popular "Castle on the Hill." Its most notable feat was the song's status as the most streamed song on Spotify in the second decade of the 21st century.

'Sicko Mode' by Travis Scott

'Sicko Mode' by Travis Scott is the title of a song and a music video by Travis Scott. The track features Drake, and was released as the second single off Scott's latest album Astroworld.

The song spent 30 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was the first hip-hop song to spend at least 30 weeks in the top ten region. It also became Scott's first number one single.

The song has received several nominations, including the Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. It was also certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The song features samples from old school hip-hop legends. The track begins with haunting synths and a cinematic organ intro. The song cuts to the next beat before Drake settles into his groove. The lyrics are hard to pin down, but they include the word "beast mode" in one lyric.

The song also features Big Hawk, a Houston hip-hop artist who was shot and killed in 2006. His vocals were sampled on the track.

The song's music video has received over 4 million YouTube views within the first 15 hours of its release. It was directed by Dave Meyers.

The video was nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video at the MTV VMAs. It also surpassed the one billion views mark on YouTube. In addition to the video's success, the song's audio-only version has garnered 250 million plays on Travis Scott's YouTube channel.

The song has become one of the most popular rap singles of all time. It has also been compared to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Rap Devil." It has been certified as a diamond single by the RIAA.

'Unforgettable' video filmed in Uganda

Several months ago, French Montana filmed a music video for his new single, "Unforgettable" in Uganda. He and Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee collaborated on the track. After the video's release, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has already sold over 7 million copies worldwide. It also recently made the ARIA Top 50 Singles, and has been translated into several languages.

French Montana grew up in Morocco until he was thirteen. His father left the family and moved back to Casablanca. After that, the family moved to The Bronx, New York. He was raised there until his father decided to return to Morocco.

French Montana, who is a rapper, recently received an honorary Global Citizen Ambassador title. This is the first time that a rapper has received this title. The rapper teamed up with the Mama Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that builds hospitals for women in Uganda. The Weeknd also donated $100k to the organization, and Diddy's Ciroc venture matched the donation. The two organizations worked together to fund the Mama Hope Foundation's Budondo Suubi "Hope" Maternity Center.

The video for "Unforgettable" was shot in Uganda, where French Montana met with the founders of the Suubi Health Center. The video features street dance scenes and dance-hall-inspired moves. The video was shot without airbrushing. The clip also includes footage of local children performing their dance moves.

The music video for "Unforgettable" features an uplifting story about the health of Ugandan kids. It also includes the talents of Ugandan dance troupe, the Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK). TGK was born in Africa, where they started dancing for food and money. They now have a professional management team and a sleek website. They recently performed at the 2017 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft J Davis & Spooks Dir Alex Vibe

Rob tone  Chill Bill ft JDavis  Spooks Dir Alex Vibe

Having just released his latest track, Rob $tone is back to give us another taste of his unique style of music. With a blend of hip hop, R&B and pop, he has managed to create a unique and refreshing sound that will have you grooving to the beat in no time. Check out the video below, and make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and updates.

SAN DIEGO HIP HOP is often underappreciated in comparison to its Bay Area or Los Angeles cousins. One of the reasons for this is the fact that many of the artists in this city have an undeniable sense of unity. Founded by rapper Rob $tone, the 1207 Collective is a group of rappers who grew up together in the same high school. Its members include Adam Twelve0, J Davis, Spooks, Malik Burgers, Thommed Cruz, and more.

Rob $tone has been making music for about two and a half years now. He started off at SXSW, where he performed his debut single, "Almost Ready." After releasing his debut mixtape Straight Bummin, he signed with Fader Fort and started touring around the country. In October, he will open up for A$AP Ferg on the Turnt & Burnt Tour. He has also released a single called "Chill Bill," which has been streamed over 13 million times on SoundCloud. It was influenced by his father's vintage music collection. In addition to his music, Rob has a hand-on experience in trap music from Atlanta. Whether he's spitting gangsta rap or combining his love of filmmaking with music, $tone has developed a unique style. His music video has already received over 223 million views on YouTube.

As of today, "Chill Bill" is still climbing the US Billboard Hot 100, and has entered the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart at number 97. It has also been streamed over 8 million times on YouTube.

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