Fraction Decimal Matching Game Printable

Fraction Decimal Matching Game Printable

Fraction Decimal Matching Game Printable

Algebra was never like this before! Have your students compete in this innovative fraction matching game.



Students are required to understand the notion of parts of numbers in the form of fractions and decimals, and to be able to compare numbers presented in these forms, order numbers presented in these forms and convert between fractions and decimals. This resource package contains a variety of games, investigations and activities designed to enable students to become fluent in these skills.I needed a fun review game for my 5th grade students that would solidify their knowledge of place value, and how to represent decimals to their equivalent base ten models, and fractions. I also wanted them to practice applying the idea that the value of the decimal doesn't change if zeros are added This Equivalent Fraction & Decimal Matching Game is a fully interactive and digital game designed for Google Drive and Google Classroom. This interactive math game includes 12 rounds where students drag and drop fraction and decimal cards to pair them up based on equivalency. The numbers are i

This is a matching/memory game for students to play to practice identifying equivalent fractions, decimals, and visuals. **NOW WITH NEW NEARPOD VERSION**Students must match all three in one turn in order to take the trio as their. The person with the most matches wins! This game includes only tenths This is a matching game where students are asked to match three equivalent cards; a fraction, decimal and base ten model. There are 8 sets of three cards for the game. This set also includes a recording sheet for the students to record and shade in their matches along with with their peers matches.This Fractions and Decimals Matching Game was designed to help students practice converting fractions to decimals and vice versa in a fun and engaging way. This set contains two different levels to help meet the needs of different learners in your classroom. Set A: Uses mostly benchmark fractions, w This is a game for older students to practice fraction and decimal conversions. This game can be played in partners or individually and can be used to review or give more practice to those students that need it. I hope that you can find a use for this in your classroom! If you purchase this game, p These games and activities for converting fractions, decimals, and percents are research-based. Middle school kids will be engaged as they match cards that show square models for fractions along with equivalent decimals and percents. Kids in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade will also like the 20-screen suppl (Source: www.teacherspayteachers.com)


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