Finance Manager Resume

Finance Manager Resume

Finance Manager Resume

Finance Manager Resume is a free and comprehensive resume template that's optimized for finance and accounting professionals. It contains a modern format with a solid focus on showcasing your work history and experience. Designed in a minimalistic and clean way, the resume includes contact information, a brand, a purpose statement, and profile photography. The template can be easily customized with a few clicks of your mouse.


A strong communicator who has a keen sense of fun, as well as the talent and drive to be the best. Karen has an excellent understanding of the latest accounting and financial concepts and possesses the ability to deal with ambiguity and changing business requirements. She has extensive commercial knowledge and experience of working in an international environment. She is comfortable with working away from home on a regular basis, and is someone who will always provide the required level of leadership and guidance needed to ensure that best practice is always followed. Her greatest strengths are her ability to meet all financial reporting deadlines and to ensure the highest levels of financial integrity in any management reporting. Right now she is looking for an exciting managerial opportunity with a rapidly expanding and dynamic company.

Summary : Finance Manager experienced in all levels of accounting, including financial management, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and auditing (not-for-profits, government entities, employee benefit plans, and health care). Able to prepare financial statements and utilize knowledge of cost accounting principles and compliance requirements for purposes of reporting in compliance with GAAP. Skilled in leading and motivating staff teams for superior customer service and smooth office operations. Effective in interacting with diverse groups and individuals while being recognized for consistently maintaining a positive and professional attitude. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


Headline : A decisive, action-oriented and results focused Assistant Finance Manager able to oversee an enterprise project life cycle through all phases. Ability to formally evaluate program specific processes, identifies deficiencies, and implement corrective action plans ensuring cost, schedule, and technical performance are maintained throughout the life cycle of the contract. Work and collaborate closely with all Customers to maintain full awareness of program and company needs.

Some companies like to conduct initial interviews over the phone before inviting you for the in-person interview. The first thing you need to acknowledge is the importance of this preliminary interview; if you do not ace this, you might not be given a chance to appear in person and dazzle your interviewer face to face. Once you have mulled this over, you can get started on the preparations. If you are planning to write out your responses to possible questions, do this in bullet points. You won’t have the time to scan through finely printed text for your answers. You might also want to wear an outfit that boosts your confidence. Sure, your phone interviewer won’t be able to see what you are wearing, but it will make a difference to how you feel. Lastly, plan on a location where you can take the call in peace, where there are no distractions. Your efforts will be a waste if you can’t hear each other. (Source: www.resumeok.com)


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