Facebook: Instagram & Google -3-way Social Media System

Facebook: Instagram & Google -3-way Social Media System


Facebook: Instagram & Google-3 way Social Media System

With three different social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and the Google+ app, the different options are endless for your content. With these platforms, you can post photos, links, or share your thoughts on the go. Each of the platforms also has a user base of over 1 billion people. This means you can reach your larger audience without leaving your preferred social media outlet. The seamless linking of the different apps makes it easier for users to switch between networks and find the content they need.

Facebook, Instagram, and Google are the backbone of social media.

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The three-way social media system is made up of these three entities. These three entities are linked together in many ways. For instance, people often post on one platform, like Facebook, then post that content on Instagram, then post that same content on Google.

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What Facebook, Instagram, and Google Have in Common

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All three are frequented by millions of people every day, yet all three are hugely important because of their reach. Facebook is the cause of generation echo chambers where there is no point in leaving the Facebook circle because everyone is in this ring. Posting baby pictures of their baby niece, witty “reactions,” and baby photos of places they’ve traveled to. Instagram is the main focus for teens and the millennial audience, who share tons of photos that they receive wide recognition for.

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Facebook, Instagram, and Google: A 3 Way Social Media System

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Facebook, Instagram, and Google are intertwined in the social media world. That it would be difficult to imagine the power of the combination without one of the three in it. However, when you look in more detail, they are in fact three separate. Yet related services in the eyes of many, with one in the background supporting the others.

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