Casio Scientific Calculator Help or

Casio Scientific Calculator Help or

Casio Scientific Calculator Help

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My thanks go to Musah Kofi Amissah (Wakito), ICT Tutor, Ekumfi T. I. Ahmadiyya SHS whose advice and motivation propelled me into writing this book. I am also grateful to Mr. Jebreel Odoom of Ekumfi T. I. Ahmadiyya SHS (Formerly of Adisadel Collage) who read through the manuscript and suggested improvement and to Nana Esi Bedua Taylor for her encouragement. Calculator Tutor Casio fx – 991ES/PLUS 4 I am also grateful to numerous colleagues and friends who made useful criticisms and comments during the writing of the manual. I am especially grateful to Obed Yankson (Mathematics Tutor, Kwagyery Aggrey SHS), Issach Egyir ( Head of Mathematics Department, Ekumfi T. I. Ahmadiyya SHS), Usman Kofi Mensah (Ezi Savings and Loans), George Bello, (Coordinator, CCE, UCC, Zenith Center), Edward Kweku Walker (Mathematics Tutor, University JHS, UCC) Sarah Ansah and Muzafar Ackonu for excellent typing work.

Along with efficiently performing basic arithmetic operations and simple calculations, scientific calculators offer you a myriad of additional built-in functions. These calculators are highly beneficial for students studying in science, commerce, engineering, and technological fields. These mathematical tools are reliable and ensure accurate results within a short span of time. You can use these devices to perform calculations on hyperbolic functions such as cos, sin, tan, along with inverse hyperbolic functions. Now you can quickly solve trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, cosecant, and secant. It supports operations of logarithms, factorials, permutations, and combinations. You can also use these calculators for inverse trigonometric functions. Using these calculators, you can solve a large number of problems related to the concepts of square roots, cube roots, logarithms, and binary functions, among many others. You can find the best scientific calculators in India by shopping for them across online stores. Here, you can find several options of calculators offered by top brands such as Flair, CASIO, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Oreva, etc. Select the variant that is best suited for your educational or professional needs from the extensive collection available online. You can buy scientific calculators online and get them delivered to your doorstep. (Source: www.flipkart.com)



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