Can you make money selling Art online?

Can you make money selling Art online?

Gone are the days when you have to stand by the corner of the bay to sell your Art to people and start Entertainment Careers. In Prague, people send their Art on roads, but things got changed due to the Pandemic. Artists are finding new ways to sell Art online. Some people are still in wonder can you make money selling Art online? Is it possible for a Guy to sell a drawing? Yes, it’s possible to establish and grow your career among the audience on online platforms. In this article, we will let you know all the possible ways to sell Art online.

 Every business needs a strategy, build your design and start selling Art online. Make money, team up with your fellows, and work together. You will have your own sales tools on different online platforms without even making one for yourself. These particular platforms will help you make money selling Art online.

Each one of these platforms are unique, and some of them might not be suitable for your art practice. We will mention some online platforms here for you to sell your Art. We will also guide you with how you can make money selling Art online on social media platforms.  IF you are good at making Art, and creating your business would be a great idea. There are many art galleries online where people made purchases and sell their favorite paintings, and the artists also give commissions to those websites. Some of them are painted on demand.

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We suggest you do some research before you start with any of the platforms mentioned below. It would help if you analyzed by yourself which one will fit best to your needs.

Remember two important things; if any buyer has made a purchase from your website and see the low price of that product on another website, they will feel betrayed. Obviously and they will not revisit your website. Another thing is that you should have an inventory sheet to keep track of your artwork.

Art is being sold online to meet the technology needs of humans. Back then, we had traditional galleries for in-person sales. Still, seeing more and more people coming on the online marketplace, everyone has started their own online business and selling Art online. Some of the galleries reported that half their sales come from online resources, which means they have never met their art collectors.

From high prices items to the regular stuff, everyone is selling online. More people are getting into purchasing arts. Many artists are skipping the process of exhibiting their Art in the galleries; they prefer showcasing their work directly online.

Here are some best places where you can showcase your Art online; yes, you can make money selling Art online! Scroll down to know more about how you can make money selling Art online—best places to sell your Art virtually.

Below are some of the best websites to make money selling Art online possible.

1.     Etsy                                          

Etsy is known for its power since the day to was launched.  It has helped many people establish their career in a whole new way. Although Etsy charges listing fees and Etsy have got a lot of competition in the market.  Etsy has got an engaged audience on its platform. Check Etsy out and start selling your Art online and make money through your Art.  Put your best foot forward and include High-Quality images of your Art on Etsy and make money as an artist. A picture speaks more than words. So post the best photos of your Art.

2.     ArtFire

Start by selling your Art at low prices. You can make up to $4 per month.  You can put your items for low prices along with a listing price of $0.233 per item. They have got $20-30 per month options as well. ArtFire has got plenty of things in the category of Art and collectibles. Visit ArtFire now and see if you find this website helpful or not. We recommend you to take a step forward to ArtFire if you are a beginner. On ArtFire you can Sell Tattoo designs online.

3. Big Cartel

Every website has got its fees. Big Cartel has price ranges from free to $29.99 per month. Big Cartel is a very user-friendly website, and as a matter of fact, Big Cartel Doesn't charge any percentage from your sales. A website worth checking out if you want to make money selling Art online possible. Big cartel serves the best services to its users and buyers as well.


4.     Storeenvy

Storeenvy connects all the brands, people, and products on one platform. On Storeenvy, you can sell your Art online for free without any listing fee or hidden charges. Sell Art and keep the profits. It’s effortless to use and make your purchase. Websites that are easy to sue and easy to serve are the best of them all.


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5. ArtPal

When in doubt, sell your Art for no cost on ArtPal. Keep all your profit by yourself. Sell your artwork. ArtPal gives you the freedom to sell your Art online on-demand service. People love customized items, make one and sell them online at ArtPal.

6.     Zibbet

Websites free of listing fees are the best websites that give the seller freedom to have all the profit by you. Zibbet has got monthly plans ranging from $4-$16 per month. Save your cash and sell your Art online.


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7.     Instagram

Instagram is becoming a new marketplace where you can sell your Art online. All you need to have is PayPal or Stripe account. Post pictures of your completed Digital Art, Sell your Photography Career Aspirations, and gather an audience. If people want to have something, they will message you directly on your Instagram account. You can shout out your product on your Instagram stories. The benefit of using Instagram is that you are the owner of your marketplace.


           8. Facebook

Facebook groups are getting wider. More and more people are coming on this platform to try their luck. Many art lovers create their own Facebook accounts and sell them online by doing live shows in groups and on their Facebook pages. Facebook is a marketplace where locals sell their products and where you can also Sell your Comedy Career Aspirations, Sell your Model Career Aspirations as well. If you already own a Facebook business page, set up your online shop and directly sell your product online.

    9.     Patreon

Artists are their boss, al they need to have some tactics to make money selling Art online. Sell your Art online on Patreon through a subscription. Create your Art and keep 90% of the profit.  Patreon supports s5% of the transitions and fees. There are a variety of ways you can earn from this website. Visit this website and look at the people's work as an example. Create your portfolio and make money from Patreon.

             10.  FutureStarr

FutureStarr is a platform where you can find unique talent. FutureStarr ensures direct engagement between talent and targeted audiences. At Future Starr, they provide promising talent from around the world with the opportunity to showcase their talent to the global audience, sponsors, and mentors.

FutureStarr serves as a link between authentic talent and potential fan communities. With Future Starr, you can immediately share and engage your audiences, which will help you become a promising star.



Making money is becoming easy. All you have to do is know the right road. The platforms mentioned above will work as your portfolio and a marketplace where you can sell your talent. Along with these marketplaces, we have a list of tactics that will make up your mind to be on the right track.

Tactics to Sell Art Online/ Secrets to selling Art:

Know Your Talent:

Artists are known for their divergent styles and creativity. But not every artist knows the style statement. They don’t know how to mark their name in the heart of people. So they tend to create simple designs. Always make unique content. Style differently. Know your talent and work differently from your competitors.  Sometimes artists may not have a suitable approach to sell Art online. Pick a style that you are passionate about and mark your name.  Always choose illustrations ad hand lettering styles when you start to sell Art online. You can also stay focused on working hard if you are an excellent calligrapher. If you are good at painting portraits, pencil sketches, you can also make a portfolio.

Open An E-Store/ Online Shop:

One of the best ways to sell your Art online is through an E-commerce store. If you have made up your mind to launch your e-commerce store, you need to know how it works and how you will serve your expertise in the following field and earn money selling Art online. The very first thing you need to do is hire someone to build a website for your e-store. Through you are your own, you will work according to your required timings you have to update your store on your own. Learn the Art of post selling and pre-selling. This will help in smoothly keeping your business run.


Gather Together Your Target Audience 

Look around; see if there are enough people who will like your artwork on the website. Gather target your target audience. Research about them. Work according to the need and demand on the trend. Research about how people will like your Art. But before you go out to sell your Art online, you should have an idea about how people will respond. Who will be the ideal customers of your artwork? Know about your potential buyer.  Because a customer’s interest values the most.  Know about which businesses use Art mostly.  Take an in-depth look around and point out the type of Art you will be creating. Identify your target demographics; know your audience by their age, gender and location.


Beware of your Competitors:

Every business is now or later has to meet their competitors.  Many artists compete hard to sell Art online. Many of the activities promoted companies sell their Art on websites, some of them have their e-store. Buyers compare and evaluate between two websites. The buyer will always choose between two or three websites and go for which ones best fit their needs. Indirect competition comes from companies, where they share similar types of content along with the same keywords. Try connecting with your audience digitally by coming in the search engines before any other website. Take the search ranking for relevant keywords and rise higher.



Set Suitable Prices:

When deciding about your art prices, always make sure that your art prices are lower than others and match according to your target audience's demand and rate for your prospective buyers. Make sure to price the art items rightly. Determine your price so that the buyer will feel comfortable while making a decision.  If you have an artist who has a famous name or brand, you can raise the price. But not everyone in the market will recognize you. So make your Art speak for its price itself. Try some price deduction tactics.

Create An Online Attractive Portfolio:

The first thing every buyer is going to look through is to explore your portfolio. Make it simple and precise. Do not let boring designs get in the Grid. You can make your portfolio by investing a small amount by creating your website. Your website will be your portfolio. If somehow, in the future, you make up your mind to work on any marketplace as a freelance artist, you can always show your portfolio website to your dedicated clients. Display your artwork and skills on your website.

Many artists have their website as portfolios. It's not that expensive, but somehow, if you want to go for a free portfolio option, the internet is filled with loads of websites that offer your portfolio for free. If you are a beginner, it's not essential to have your website. You can make your portfolio on open Art Portfolio marketplaces. You can also display your portfolio designs on reputed websites.

Make Contacts Grow your Network:

In this world full of Art, networking has been very well recognized by art people. Due to Covid-19, people got familiar with the e-market pretty fast. Whether you want to have a painting in your house or want a sketch or calligraphy, you can find anything online. It’s so easy. One of the best ways to connect with your target audience is through email. Grow your network. It’s not called socializing but having healthy communication between the seller and the buyer helps grow your audience. Share your artistic style and vision with the world. Be an expert. For a beginner, networking may be somehow intimidating due to less experience in the field. But by the passage of time, you learn from your past experiences.  Please share your experiences with other people so they can learn from your mistakes. Make contacts and grow your audience.

Grow your Email List to Drive Customers

Believe it or not, talking to your audience politely will leave you with the right customers. Talk to people about their interests and what they will like on your website. Send your customers an influencer’s email first. If they didn’t reply to you initially, try sending them a follow-up email to know more about your marketplace or e-store. Express their interest and how you will be able to force your audience to subscribe to your newsletter. But how will you lead them to this stage? The very first thing you need to have is to grow your email list. Get emails from your clients. Email marketing is known to be a worth proven way to drive the audience to your website. Business tends to connect with their customers through email. Create personalized email messages so that the reader will understand your Art and visit your website.

Use your Social Media Handles for Art Promotion

Capturing an audience through email and social media accounts have been the most popular ways to promote your Art. Instagram and Facebook are the best marketplaces. Use these platforms to promote your Art and start your career. Understand the social media marketing strategies and talk about your Art on these platforms.


Wrapping Up

In the end, we suggest you open your E-store or join any repute marketplace where you can sell your art online. Make a creative portfolio and utilize your social media handles to promote your Art. Drive your audience to your marketplace or online store by your social media accounts. If you like this article, feels free to share it with your friends and family.

We hope that this post will help you serve the best of you to the world and make money selling Art. Consider sharing this article with your friends and family, and leave additional ideas in the comment section below. We would love to hear them!




















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