Calculator With Tape Online Free

Calculator With Tape Online Free

Calculator With Tape Online Free


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‎Accountant Calculator is the perfect calculator for general everyday use. Use it for adding columns of numbers, invoicing, point-of-sale receipt generation, income taxes, VAT and percentages, and much more. Save & retrieve important paper tape files for later use. Review & edit numbers, add or del…

I have been using this app for quite a long time now. It has an easy and clear user interface. The paper tape is what makes this the best calculator; you can see everything that you’ve entered on the tape, you can even go back and correct anything that you entered incorrectly and it will update the calculation. I like to keep notes as to why I am making a calculation and this tape allows you to add text to the right of entries and even type in a title before you start a calculation. Another great feature is that the tape can be saved. Love this! If I need to go back and check how I calculated some accounting or budget entry, I can just find the tape that I saved for those entries (you choose how to name the file) and I can check how I came about the results. (Source: apps.apple.com)


App def recommended. The only issue I’m Having is not able to write text. next to my numbers in iOS13. I wrote support few weeks ago and they said it would be fixed but so far no fix and I am not able to add text next to the numbers I input. I tend to use this app for budgeting. As of right now it is a fail. It’s no different then any Calc atm. Once they fix the text issue next to the values, then it’ll be 5 stars...I don’t fully understand why it doesn’t work atm or why they can’t implement an easy fix. Idk... 5 stars once I can add text...

I just bought this app and it suits my needs but I have two observations. There is no option to change the stoage option location on the computer. It would be helpful to have an option of where on the computer a user may chose as a default stroage location/folder. I hope to see it in a future update. I also noticed that I cannot add a space between lines without the app making a subtotal. Is there a way to leave a space between a list of numbers being added, like to break into groups for easier viewing? I just noticed when I print a tape, it prints the date and time at the top. Is there an option to leave this area blank or have it print the name of the document instead? Thank you-A useful app (Source: apps.apple.com)



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