Calculator With Prb Button

Calculator With Prb Button

Calculator With Prb Button

We all know the frustration with why we use a calculator. You run out of digits, you get addends mixed up, you can’t find the decimal point. Having a calculator with a pop up button removed most of these problems. The plus is that you’re not losing your hand as you forget where the decimal is, and the prb button helps you skip to the step you’re looking for.



The calculator is used to calculate mathematical expressions online. Calculator visually displays the phrase entered and gives an answer to the increased accuracy. It performs complex mathematical operations using functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic, factorial, it performs calculations with complex numbers, vectors and matrices, and allows us to solve some simple equations (eg, square equation 3x^2-2x+1=0), for which a set of keys has a variable x. Let's give some important tips on using the calculator: To find the regression equation, first hit STAT, cursor right to CALC and select option 4:LinReg(ax+b). Now press 2nd 1 , 2nd 2 , to specify the x list and y list. (REMEMBER THE COMMAS! You do not have to specify the lists if you are using L1 and L2 for your x and y-values, respectively.) Hit VARS, cursor right to Y-VARS, select 1:Function... and Y1 (or whichever function you would like) to specify where the regession equation will be saved. You should now see the following on your home screen:

At first I thought this app was an amazing calculator and loved that it was customizable, I got a free trial and was unable to cancel when my phone stopped working for a week when I dropped it in water so I got charged. I wasn’t too upset that I accidentally bought it for a year until now. I used to use the graphing features for my math class but now that I’m using it for exponents it often gives me the wrong calculations. For my Chemistry class we need a calculator during class and for tests and my final calculations have been wrong. I’ve shown my teacher what I’m inputting and all my steps are correct and it’s the app that occasionally will give the wrong calculations. This doesn’t happen all the times, but it’s very upsetting to know I paid for a calculator that isn’t guaranteed to give me the proper accurate calculations all the time. I truly believed the calculator app was going to be a great substitute I would recommend, but it’s unreliable and for that reason I would not 100% suggest it to others.I paid 29 dollars to have this forever. And compared to playing 100$ for a real one that’s a pretty good deal. bUt, I’ve run into some issues with the calculator. Specifically when solving lengthy equations, it never carries the negative through the problem. For example, if I were to put in -3•4 I would get -12, but then I multiply my answer by 8, (-12•8) and it would give me positive 96, rather than -96. This has caused a few issues on some assignments for me but once I figured out what was happening it was pretty easy to continue. I also have a hard time looking at graphs when I graph them. I’ll put my equations into the Y= and it will graph fine, but I can never see the full graph, and because of that I can’t find the intersections and all that. Other than that it works pretty good, I just try to use it for the more basic stuff that my phone’s calculator can’t do. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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