Calculator for Math 2

Calculator for Math 2

Calculator for Math 2


Math 2 is a simple calculator with the ability to convert between variables. It was constructed using red, green, and blue images and is a good example of finding non-standard ways to implement design conventions.


The Texas Instruments TI-84 serves a great advantage on the SAT Level 2 Math Exam as it can perform a variety of functions both quickly and accurately. It aides in obtaining graphs of a wide variety of functions (linear, non-linear e.g. quadratic, trigonometric, parametric, etc.) for qualitative analysis. Note that many rough estimates or approximations can be made in seconds, as opposed to minutes, from graphs on the TI-84. This is of tremendous value on multiple choice exams, where deductive reasoning i key. This is of great value on the SAT, where time is often of the essence. For answers in more quantitatively-based questions, like the position of points on a function i.e. x-values vs. y-values and calculation of slope for instance, there are specific commands and programs as well. Through illustration of finding the roots of a quadratic equation, we will unveil quite a bit about the TI-84's capabilities specifically on a standardized exam. In being able to calculate roots of a function by these means, we must cover several of the calculator's operations. These functions will serve us well on a large portion of the SAT Level 2 Math Exam. We should note however that the test is not constrained to concepts in algebra, trigonometry and pre-calculus. The test can also cover operations in math involving data operations or statistics. It should be stressed again that we are only showing finding the roots of a quadratic function as a primary example, because it illustrates this calculator's usefulness over a variety of functions or commands. However, it is capable of much more with regards to the SAT.

A student having a scientific calculator with a graphing feature has a tremendous advantage on the SAT Math Level 2 exam over a student who does not. The scientific graphing calculator allows for a variety of math problems to be solved for quickly and with one hundred percent accuracy. Even if this calculator serves no other purpose then to check work done by hand, it is of tremendous value nonetheless. In this lesson, we will be using the Texas Instruments TI-84 graphing calculator to solve for the roots of a function. (Source: study.com)



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