Calculate Backsplash Square Feet

Calculate Backsplash Square Feet

Calculate Backsplash Square Feet

Although not everything starts with a number, square footage is in many ways one of the most valuable metrics when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.



In my case, this particular wall was 13 feet (156″) in length and 1 foot (12 inches) in width for a total of 1872 inches (156×12). Divide total inches 1872 by 144 (total square inches in a foot) = 13 (square feet). Math was not my strong suit in school so that little o’l “144” threw me off! ha. My dad said, “all that money I spent on college and you can’t remember how many square inches in a foot?”. Nope, I think I skipped that day. I am happy to say, I know how to determine square footage now.Measuring a Shower – Showers can be divided into rectangular sections (which is the easy part), but if you have a niche or a bench, that’s a few extra measurements to keep track of. Separate each section by the tiles you plan to use, grouping by material to calculate the square footage needed for all surfaces. Don’t forget to include the depth of the sides of niches and windows too! If you plan to have border tiles, calculate them the same way you measured for trim above, by measuring the perimeter of the shower area and dividing the number by 12 to determine the total linear feet of border tiles needed for your design!

You’ve reached a dilemma in your remodeling project: You want to estimate the material costs but can’t figure out how to calculate the amount of tile needed for the backsplash. Unlike flooring, which is calculated in square feet or square yards, tiles used for backsplashes are often less than a foot square. Calculating the amount of tile you'll need requires that you first determine the backsplash area and then figure how many tiles you will neeFind the total backsplash area in square inches. To find this number, multiply the height times the width of each section and add all wall totals together. For our example, we’ll use one wall that is 8 feet long by 22 inches high and a second wall that is 6 feet long by 22 inches high. Because we’re estimating, we’ll always round up to the next whole number: 8 feet X 12 inches = 96 inches. 96 inches X 22 inches = 2112 square inches. 6 feet X 12 inches = 72 inches. 72 inches X 22 inches = 1584 square inches. 2112 + 1584 = 3696 square inches total area to be covered. (Source:d for the job. Install ceramic mosaic tiles using a tile adhesive instead of mortar for a simple do-it-yourself backsplash. The project is easy enough to do in just one weekend, and the cheap backsplash tiles can cost as little as $5 per square foot. Mix them with glass or stone tiles for an upscale look for less. (Source: findanyanswer.co


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