Calculadora Normal Gratis

Calculadora Normal Gratis

Calculadora Normal Gratis

Calculadora Normal is a free app for mobile devices that helps calculate common financial, scientific and engineering formulas. The app was designed for anyone who wants to study math – professionals, students, and anyone else. Some features include calculating in a step-by-step process and a calculation history tab. This free app has been a game changer for people who are new to math.



I’ve been using this app for YEAAAARS.. it’s been so long I honestly can’t even remember how long it’s actually been. I use the calculator a fair amount of times but it’s not a super frequent occurrence and originally I wanted this calculator because the Apple calculator wouldn’t let me delete a typo without deleting the entire calculation and this also tracks calculation history. Anyway, I paid for the $2.99 ad free upgrade a few years ago and everything has been fine up until a few months ago I randomly had a $2.99 credit on my Apple account.At first I had no idea where it came from UNTIL I went to use the calculator and an annoying ad covered the entire screen. Apparently they changed things and instead of a one time $2.99 charge they want $1.49/mo to use the calculator ad free. The little ads at the bottom aren’t bad but the thing that makes it unbearable and the reason why I’m deleting the app after at the very least 5 years is the ads that popup while I’m in the middle if typing which ultimately lead to me clicking on the ad and opening up safari or app store. I don’t like the fact I’m forced to open unwanted ads to god knows what. I don’t want that on my phone. Such a shame. I might have failed math in high school but this calculator is not that important to me to have to deal click on ads because they pop up while I’m typing.

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