Atlanta to los angeles

Atlanta to los angeles

Atlanta to los angeles

I left Atlanta in January and ventured across the country. I spent four months in New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, and finally Los Angeles, before I began the long trek back to Atlanta. This interesting trip has been a personal and professional journey of sorts, and one I am still on. For the last mile, I’m sharing what it was like to hike cross-country-style, every step of the way. And to finally arrive back in Atlanta.


Cons: "This is a long list. The ridiculous amount of upsells, for things that absolutely should be included, and trying to pitch it like we're being done a favor. Not even being given water on a 4 hour flight?? Having to pay for coffee or tea? Having such a hefty price tag for a carry on?? Not being asked if I'd like to purchase any food - so I had to try to get the staffs attention myself? Least helpful or interactive in-flight staff. Thank for the safe flight and the three warm individuals. Suffice to say this was my first and last flight with Spirit."

Cons: "Your website is the worst airline website I've experienced and I travel 5-6 times per year on other airlines. Somehow the baggage choices I made at booking did not register and you made sure I paid double at check in. You crew member James in Atlanta was rude and unhelpful. We couldn't understand what he was saying to us and when we asked him a question he was obviously annoyed that we spoke and let us know it. I manage a company with 90 employees in a sales enviroment and he would not work for me 10 minutes. Your business model is disingenuous at best and ends up being a rip-off. You advertise low rates on Kayak and other sites that say nothing about your baggage fees and extra charges. Only after the flight is booked do you find out about the extra, and may I say ridiculous, baggage charges. When the final bill is tallied any other airline would have been cheaper and the service would have been better. This was my first and LAST Spirit flight." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Travelmath provides an online flight time calculator for all types of travel routes. You can enter airports, cities, states, countries, or zip codes to find the flying time between any two points. The database uses the great circle distance and the average airspeed of a commercial airliner to figure out how long a typical flight would take. Find your travel time to estimate the length of a flight between airports, or ask how long it takes to fly from one city to another. These are the major commercial airports we're currently monitoring in Atlanta and Los Angeles, California. If your route includes a city with multiple airports, you may be able to find substantial savings by choosing an alternate airport.

The top cities between Atlanta and Los Angeles are Las Vegas, Nashville, Branson, Memphis, Dallas, Sedona, Tucson, Grand Canyon National Park, Phoenix, and Santa Fe. Las Vegas is the most popular city on the route — it's 28 hours from Atlanta and 4 hours from Los Angeles. The quantity of flights from Atlanta to Los Angeles that take off on a given day of the week. Some routes only have enough demand to sustain a few trips a week, while others have many flights a day. This number is also an average across the year, and hence may not be a whole number. (Source:flightsphere.com)


Users have found that booking a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles at least 24 days early can save you up to 36% on average compared to booking a flight this week. If booking 24 days before your flight isn’t an option for you, users have found flights from Atlanta to Los Angeles for as little as $219 when booking for a departure date within the next two weeks. You can also check prices now. Some users have found airline tickets as low as $295 for flights departing within the next 3 days. Some of our airline partners flying from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Los Angeles have new flexible policies in place due to COVID-19. Spirit Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines are some of the carriers where you may find flexible cancellation policies. You can use our site to filter for airlines like Spirit Airlines with this kind of flexibility. Los Angeles is the airport most travelers will use when flying to Los Angeles from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. Booking flights from Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) to Los Angeles (LAX) should be relatively easy as there are 33 daily flights to Los Angeles from 10 different airlines. 4h 41m is how long a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles will take if you book a nonstop flight.

Airports that serve flights out from Atlanta to Los Angeles are limited to one each location. Atlanta has the busiest airport in the US available for flights, which is called the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is located in Atlanta, Georgia which is also one of the busiest cities in Georgia. Los Angeles also only has one airport which is Los Angeles International Airport, located in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the world. (Source: www.cheapflights.com)


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