All in One Calculator

All in One Calculator

All in One Calculator

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I was looking specifically for a RPN calculator that also has unit conversions. I use these functions daily. I downloaded and tried many calculators but something was always not right with them. Then I found this app, it works great! Absolutely the best I have used. And to make it even better there was a small annoyance I contacted the developer about. He agreed to fix it and the fix was in the next release. Just wow! Thanks for making this app available. Hi, sorry for the late reply. “Copied from Google” isn’t coming from the calculator. The version you’re using is a few months old but it should still work. Double tap on the answer area and you should see Apple’s common copy/paste feature. You can also download the latest version and get more features with a long press in the answer area. If you can help me identify a problem it should be corrected within days. You can email me directly via the email feature in Info. Apple doesn’t notify developers of reviews so I check them a couple of times a month; thus, the tardy reply. The app is free but it’s meant to be a tool so any issue is taken very seriously. Thanks! Ramon.

Using All-In-One Calculator is very intuitive as its different features are clearly distinguished. So, from the first time you open the app, you have buttons especially dedicated to providing you a different service. There are 75 unit, currency, health, algebra and geometry calculators and converters, among others. What's more, the conversion of 160 currencies is also available without an Internet connection. At the same time, the app makes solutions and step-by-step formulas easy, as well as giving you instant answers as you write.All-In-One Calculator also lets you carry out algebraic calculations with its percentage, proportion and average calculators, as well as a fraction reducer and prime number checker. In the geometry section, you have square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle, as well as prism, sphere and cone calculators. All-In-One Calculator also gives you the chance to convert units of energy, speed, time, cooking, volume, weight and Roman numerals, among others. Finally, there are also sections especially dedicated to currencies, health and even the possibility of calculating your age or time. (Source: mindbox-all-in-one-calculator.en.uptodown.com)



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