Adding Measurements

Adding Measurements

Adding Measurements

One of the best ways you can use metrics is to show that customer metrics are improving. Your customers can track metrics themselves on your site or with a reporting tool like MixPanel. Then they can see in real-time how their metrics are improving, and they can much more easily identify actions they were taking that are adding value.



When you need to perform your basic operations on your measurements, treat them like variables, a symbol for something we don't know. As we go in this video lesson, we will see how to subtract, add, multiply, and divide our measurements. You will see that it is a lot like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing variables. So, let's get going .We first talk about adding measurements. So, say you are a restaurant owner. You want to put two tables together to create a longer table. But, you need to add the lengths of the tables to make sure that you have enough room in your restaurant to do this. One table measures 3 feet and the other table measures 4 feet. How do you add them together?

I'm going to change our inches measurement into feet. How do you choose? If you are doing multiple choice problems, pick the unit that is in the answers. To change the inches measurement into feet, we need to use what we know about converting measurements. We know that there are 12 inches in a foot. So, I can divide my inches measurement by 12 to convert it into feet. Doing that, I get 36 inches / 12 = 3 feet. So, now I have 3 feet + 3 feet. My measurement units are the same so I can go ahead with the addition to get 6 feet. Well, we see that our measurement units are not the same so that tells us that we can't go ahead with addition. But we see that we can convert our measurement units. We need our measurement units to be the same before adding. We see that one measurement is in feet and the other is in inches. We can go about it two ways. We can either change our feet measurement into inches or our inches measurement into feet. (Source: study.com)


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