Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

Accounting Assistant Resume Sample

This Accounting Assistant Resume is designed to highlight skills and experience needed for this type of role. This template was created for an Accounting Assistant position but is useful for any job in accounting services and management.


Be strategic in your approach when writing a career summary by aligning your summary to the primary functions described in the job advertisement. For instance, if the role you are applying to highlights experience in accounts payable reconciliations or compiling trial balances use those similar phrases to align your career summary to the position at hand. Effectively this may entail more ‘’work’’ as you will be customizing your career summary to every role you are applying to, but at the end totally worth it when you end up with your dream job correct?

Display your work experience in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent position at the top of the section. Describe for each job your title, responsibilities, and accomplishments, with a focus on performance and results rather than duties. Use action words like ‘developed, ‘produced’, and ‘delivered’ when describing your work history to create compelling and impactful descriptions of your experience. Highlighting quantifiable information, like performance metrics and revenue, is a great way to demonstrate your abilities. (Source: www.visualcv.com)


Problem-solving is the ability to find solutions and overcome problems that may result from accounting errors or inaccuracy. This includes recognizing that a problem exists, identifying available solutions, evaluating options, then selecting and implementing the best solution to resolve the problem. Problem-solving is necessary for accounting to ensure accuracy, consistency and ethical practice. Examples of problem-solving in accounting may include identifying transactional errors that may cause accounts to be out of balance and resolving bank reconciliation errors

Computer Knowledge.MS Excel should not be the only software program in your skills list. You should be proficient in programs that are designed for Accounting. These programs include FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Since part of your job is administrative in nature, it would be good to learn these types of programs as well. Some of the best administrative programs are Asana and SalesForce. (Source: www.resumeok.com)



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