AA Detroit to Los Angeles

AA Detroit to Los Angeles

Detroit to Los Angeles

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Our company is about to move from Detroit to Los Angeles. So, our team is sharing what we’ve learned about how to pack, move, get supplies, and pack again.



Cons: "The plane was initially delayed from 8:15pm, indefinitely, only to be cancelled close to midnight after there were no more flights out for the evening. Not only this, but Spirit only offered to rebook flights for the next day with no reconciliation offered to those who lost time and money due Spirit's lack of transparency with their patrons. Furthermore, a representative at the gate informed us that the delay was due to a computer failure at the Spirit headquarters in Florida, but when I tried to address this with customer service they insisted the delay was due to issues with air traffic control, and therefore Spirit was not at fault and not obligated to reconcile. I was rebooked for he next day which had a layover, while my initial flight was non stop. The connecting flight has been delayed going on two hours, leaving a 6 hour layover. This experience has made clear to me that Spirit Airlines has no interest in customer satisfaction and instead relies on catering to patrons with financial limitations who are forced to choose the cheaper flight alternative. I have used Kayak repeatedly to book flights with United and American Airlines and have never encountered any kind of systemic failure on part of an airline as I have seen with Spirit"

Cons: "A. Late departure (50 minutes). Okay, it's Christmas. I get that. BUT, the fuel tank was overloaded so we had to wait on the tarmac to burn it off which caused most of the delay. Also, the plane had excessive weight which contributed to the latter. I NEVER had the problem with another airline. B. Baggage claim. It took forever to get my bag, both in Detroit and Los Angeles. Not helpful when you're tired, late, and want to get home. C. A minor thing. I saw the pilots get out of the cockpit at least 3 times during the flight (1 pilot twice, the other pilot once). The flight attendant always blocked the entrance to the galley and stood guard which is standard. Okay, so you gotta pee. I get that. But, it's a little disconcerting when this happens during turbulence and you know only 1 pilot is flying the plane. Granted, the auto pilot is really flying the plane at cruising altitude. But, it just made me nervous to know only 1 pilot was in the cockpit during these times. Also, the pilot that went to the bathroom twice ended up chatting with the flight attendant after for a 10 +/- minutes. Again, a little disconcerting and I NEVER saw that before. Just sayin."



Cons: "I was running behind schedule to the airport due to car troubles. I arrived 50 minutes prior to departure, to check my luggage so I could then run to my flight, only to be told by this very ungraceful lady that it was too late and I would have to go talk to some other worker to be put on another flight. I reluctantly walked over and had explained my situation, I thought things were going well, the man said he would put me on the next flight out, what I wasn't anticipating was him asking me for $385 and whether I would be using visa or master card. I pled with the man explaining that I had traveled all the way here from California to visit my family in Michigan and that there was no way I could afford that on such short notice. My round trip flight didn't even cost that much. Needless to say, after I refused to pay that and asked if there was anyway whatsoever he could help me, his response was no and that I was holding up his line, without anytime for me to respond he belts out "NEXT CUSTOMER!" I have never been treated so poorly by an airline, I get treated better at McDonalds than here. I vow from that day on I will never fly with spirit, nor will I use the DTW Detroit airport. Please BEWARE before you fly with spirit, ps. its $100 per bag to check luggage with them at the gate."

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