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The square root of a number is defined as the value, which gives the number when it is multiplied by itself. The radical symbol √ is used to indicate the square root. For example, √16 = 4. The radical symbol is also called a root symbol or surds. If a number is a perfect square, we can easily find the square root of the number. If the given number is not a perfect square number, the square root can be found using the long division method. So even though your math book may totally dismiss the topic of finding square roots without a calculator, consider letting students learn and practice at least the "guess and check" method. Since it actually deals with the CONCEPT of square root, I would consider it as essential for students to learn.

Most people in today's world feel that since calculators can find square roots, that children don't need to learn how to find square roots using any pencil-and-paper method. However, learning at least the "guess and check" method for finding the square root will actually help the students UNDERSTAND and remember the square root concept itself! (Source: www.homeschoolmath.net)


Then make a guess for √20; let's say for example that it is 4.5. Square that, see if the result is over or under 20, and improve your guess based on that. Repeat this process until you have the desired accuracy (amount of decimals). It's that simple and can be a nice experiment for students! (

To find a decimal approximation to, say √2, first make an initial guess, then square the guess, and depending how close you got, improve your guess. Since this method involves squaring the guess (multiplying the number times itself), it uses the actual definition of square root, and so can be very helpful in teaching the concept of square root. (Source: www.homeschoolmath.net)



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