A Scientific Calculator With Remainder

A Scientific Calculator With Remainder

Scientific Calculator With Remainder:

An online scientific calculator design to help students find the remainder. When the number is divided by two, the remainder is displayed in to two digits. It also gives the step-by-step method to find the remainder.


In Mathematics, the division process is the opposite of the multiplication process. The two main things which we need for division problems are dividend and divisor. The number which we want to divide up is known as the dividend, whereas the number which we use for dividing is known as the divisor. The result is called the quotient. The leftover number in the division process is called the remainder. For example, 11/2you work out a long division problem on your calculator, by default, it gives you the result as a whole number followed by a decimal with numbers after the decimal. But depending on the context for the division problem, you might require the answer as a whole number with a remainder instead. While most scientific calculators have a remainder function that you can locate either on the keyboard or by scrolling through their menus, this quick trick lets you calculate remainders with any calculator at all.

Before you figure out a division problem with a calculator, it helps to have some basic terms straight. The number divided into is the dividend, the number you're dividing it by is the divisor and the answer is the quotient. Often, you'll see division problems written like this: Dividend ÷ divisor = quotient. If you were to write your division problem out as a fraction, the number on top (also called the numerator) is the dividend, and the number on bottom (also called the denominator) is the divisor. Students at all levels will find their understanding of mathematics improves with the Casio's FX-55X solar scientific calculator. It's an indispensable tool for the leap to mathematics, lab classes, and exams. Students will depend upon the FX-55X's features like two-line display, complex number calculations, and fractional and pre-algebraic operations. The memory in this solar-powered calculator protects your entries. Always powered up, it's just as useful in any office for all your calculating needs, from finances to anything else you can think of when you wish you had a calculator at hand. (Source: sites.google.com)


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