A Scientific Calculator That Can Do Fractions

A Scientific Calculator That Can Do Fractions

Scientific Calculator That Can Do Fractions


The new scientific calculator from Olivetti adds fractions to its capabilities, but only fractional values up to one-third, producing a result that's rounded to the nearest hundredth.


TI-30Xa scientific calculator can also process fraction calculation. It can also add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions in numerator and denominator format. It is very advanced calculator that can perform a lot of operations such as trigonometric functions, powers, roots, logarithms, factorials, reciprocal, and many more. It can display up to digits. With all of its features, TI-30Xa calculator is very powerful but affordable. It is very helpful to students who are studying advanced mathematics. This Casio fx-115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator is boosting the power of its 280 functions including fraction calculations. It has also a unique functionality to backtrack step by step calculation so that you can make an immediate change to your previous equation. The rich features such as base arithmetic, statistics, linear regression, complex number calculations, standard deviation, polar-rectangular conversions, and computer science are making this calculator all powerful. It is also powered with 1 LR44 battery which means it can be charged with solar panels. This calculator is suited to all types of user. Whether you are a beginner in mathematics or you are an advanced learner, this calculator can tackle most of you needs.

This is another quality calculator from Casio which has a very good fraction capability. It is solar powered so it reduces your worries from low battery situation. It is still required 1 LR44 battery where solar energy is stored. It can also perform logarithms, exponents, and trigonometric functions. It is not as powerful as the other scientific calculator but its 140 functions are enough for you to solve most advance mathematical problems. It is still able to solve most mathematical and science formula. It is suitable for all students of science and mathematics.You can't convert a decimal to a fraction on the calculator, but the calculator can help you do it with a pencil and paper. Suppose you want to express 0.7143 as a fraction. You could write it as 7143/10,000, but maybe you want to reduce this to something a lot more simple, such as a denominator that's a single digit. To do this, enter the original number as decimal, and then multiply by the desired denominator. This gives you the numerator of the fraction. For example, if you want a fraction with 7 in the denominator, multiply 0.7143 by 7. The calculator will display the numerator, which in this case is 5.0001, which is close enough to 5 to be equal. You can then write the fraction 5/7 on a piece of paper. (Source: sciencing.com)



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