A Percentage to Rupees Converter

A Percentage to Rupees Converter

Percentage to Rupees Converter

This online tool allows you to convert an amount from a percentage or other value, to Rupees.


The percentage formula can be written in various ways, basically, it is an algebraic equation that uses values. For instance, if we take X, Y and Z; where X is the percentage, Y is the first number that the percentage will modify, and Z is the result, it tells you how number X relates to number Y. The calculator computes the values that have been inputted and shows the results, the value is shown in percentage and not decimals. However, percentages can very easily be converted to decimals, all you need to do is divide the percentage by 100, and the result is on your screen, for example, 40% is equal to the decimal 0.40, or the fraction. If done manually, it can be calculated by dividing a given number by the actual number and then multiplying by 100.

Percentage calculator helps you to calculate the percentage between given numbers by using formulas, in arithmetic, a percentage is a ratio or a number that is a fraction of a hundred. It is denoted by the symbol '%' or percent or per cent, basically, 10% is the same as 10 percent or 10 per cent. The word percent has its origin in Europe and Latin America where it was used as Per Centum and Per Cento. With the introduction of the decimal system in the early twentieth century, the usage of percent became the norm; per cent means per hundred. Very often there is a debate on how it is written, whether it is percent or per cent? Well in American English it is percent whereas the British use per cent. (Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com)


A percentage is a number or ratio that is expressed as a fraction of 100. Percentages have no dimensions. This is a fraction or ratio in which the value of the whole is depicted as 100. The percentage can be calculated by dividing the given value by actual value and multiplying with 100. The formula to calculate percentage is [(value given/total value)×100]. Percentage calculation is one of the important topics that have to be taught to students from the beginning as this topic is directly or indirectly involved in different chapters. This helps students in calculating the overall percentage of marks.

But you do not need to calculate every time with pen and paper. You can memorize the percentage formula in your mind and insert values to calculate mentally. For 2/5, you can take the denominator i.e. 5, and divide 100% into 5 parts, you will get 20% each. That means 1/5 is 20% or the value of a single part from 5 equal parts is 20%. So, 2/5 or the value of the two parts will be twice 20% i.e. 40%. (Source: www.embibe.com)




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