A Online Calculator for Kids

A Online Calculator for Kids

Online Calculator for Kids

This online calculator was designed with kids in just a few science and simple math concepts. It is aimed at teaching kids in grades 1-8 how to use date, time and percentage formulas with easy-to-understand prompts. It offers grade-specific methods to demonstrate how to properly answer questions on financial math, percentages, quotients and division. Stop by for a visit today!


A calculator is any electronic gadget that allows you to solve math problems easily. It comes with a keyboard and a small visual display to input numbers. Most calculators can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers. More complex calculators allow you to compute fractions, square roots, and exponents. They allow you to solve calculus, trigonometry, and logarithmic equations. With general purpose computing calculators can be represented using software like the below JavaScript calculator.

Programmers have developed all kinds of calculators with the help of modern technology. And thanks to the internet, many of them are available online. Today, you’ll find calculators that can count calories and measure your body fat. You’ll find apps that help estimate arrival time. There are even calculators to help you manage your budget. (Source: pigly.com)


Health calculators can tell a lot about your body based on weight and other physical data. For anyone who wants to be fit, it helps monitor your diet and fitness levels. There’s a wide range of fitness calculators. Some measure your maximum heart rate for exercise. Others estimate optimum workout times, and even calculate your macronutrient intake for a leaner body. To know how much calories you can burn with exercise, use a calories burned calculator.

Scientific calculators give you more time to focus on concepts to solve problems. It’s the same skill that allows engineers, physicists, and all scientists to solve practical problems in the modern age. Math requires application of basic arithmetic. But once this skill is in place, math problems require more understanding of concepts. Students who use scientific calculators develop more detailed knowledge of mathematical theory behind their results. (Source: pigly.com)


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